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Sunday, 12 January 2014

12 January 2014. Maymon for Bishop of Eastern PA? I Think NOT…

00 Why they They Talk the Talk... and Don't Walk the Walk. 15.09.12


There’s much noise about certain factions wanting Mark Maymon as Bishop of Eastern Pennsylvania of the OCA. That’s barmy and crackbrained to the max. Firstly, Mark Maymon is DISOBEDIENT… he refused to follow a direct order from Philip Saliba (his then-canonical superior). No diocese needs a rebel as its archpastor. Secondly, he’s a bad fit for the diocese involved… Eastern PA is one of the most “ethnic” dioceses of the OCA, and to put a squiffy konvertsy in as ruling bishop is unwise at best, lunatic at worst. Maymon is a crank legacy of Fathausen. He deserves a place in a monastery far from believers. Let’s not be coy… how can a disobedient man preach obedience? I rest my case…

KAUFFT NICHT BEI MAYMON… or you’ll be sorry…


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