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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stalin Will Continue His Struggle Against the Martians

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Russian-based game developers from Dreamlore Studios are going to release Stalin vs Martians 3, a glorious follow-up to one of the most ridiculous games of all times. If you liked Grand Theft Auto, you’ll have no problem with Stalin vs Martians 3. In a way, it’s like a crossover between GTA, Red Alert, and Postal, with a pinch of Toxic Avenger on the top. Essentially, it’s an action/strategy hybrid. Do you remember Battletech for Sega Genesis or MechWarrior 3050? You know, that action game, Desert Strike clone, with some nice strategic elements? This is what the skeleton of the SvM3 gameplay looks like. It isn’t really a Battletech clone. It just gives you the main idea. Now, add the incredible weirdness of the missions on top of that, and elements of classic titles like Cannon Fodder.

The developers explained, “We wanted an action-oriented game, whilst retaining some vestiges of the strategy genre. We wanted Stalin as the lead character, so you could control this beast directly, which gives us some great flexibility”. The development team included people who worked on titles like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars, Alexander, Frontline: Fields of Thunder, CrimeCraft, and many others. They added, “Kickstarter is a great option for us, because, with proper funding, we’ll be able to make things right. We’ll be able to create an inhumanly atrocious trash icon, but at the same time it’ll be playable and enjoyable”.

Stalin vs Martians 3 isn’t about the core gameplay and stuff. It’s about the package. You have main missions and a crazy storyline. Then, you have videos… and mini-games… and music. The sum of all the parts is what matters. The “Dancing Stalin” video was something you wouldn’t expect. It was one of the most memorable and brain-melting things from the original SvM. Obviously, SvM3 follows in those footsteps… in-game videos are integral to the game. SvM3 promises to have a lot more features like that. Of course, suggesting Stalin as a great character for a videogame is quite doubtful at some point. Nevertheless, look at a successful release of something like GTA V. Everybody enjoys playing Trevor in GTA V. Stalin is basically Trevor, but on a greater scale. It’s like… Imagine Trevor becoming the leader of the state somehow.

That’s the story of Iosif Stalin. Everybody likes controversial charismatic characters, and there’s one like that in Russia (in fact, Russians have more than one). Arguably, the soundtrack was the best part of the original Stalin vs Martians game (apart from the title and the concept, obviously). Therefore, we hope that the sound for the new version of the game will be just as attractive. Ilya Orange, who wrote most of the original score (the song about the dickless robot particularly), might return to the project and give more tunes. However, he won’t be the only person who’ll contribute to SvM3’s musical landscape. The developers promised to invite Jennifer Lopez if they could gather 2 million USD (66 million Roubles. million 2.18 million CAD. 2.23 million AUD. 1.47 million Euros. 1.22 million UK Pounds). The team also wants to release a full-length movie based on the story of Iosif Stalin fighting the Martian army if they could get some 1.5 million USD (49.5 million Roubles. 1.64 million CAD. 1.67 million AUD. 1.1 million Euros. 910,000 UK Pounds). So far, they’ve gathered around 13,000 USD (429,000 Roubles. 14,200 CAD. 14,500 AUD. 9,500 Euros. 7,900 UK Pounds).

10 January 2014

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