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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

14 January 2014. A Tale of Two Images… oca.org Fumbles the Ball… Did You Expect Otherwise?

00 Metropolitan Rostislav Gont of Prešov PCČKS. lowres. 14.01.14


Look at the above image. It’s the usual low-res shit that oca.org posts. Now, look at the image posted below.


00 Metropolitan Rastislav Gont of Prešov PCČKS. 14.01.14 – Resized


Through the magic of knowing how to actually use the computer, I found a larger image than that posted by oca.org. The above image’s original was 773 pixels in width, the oca.org rubbish was only 217 pixels in width. Then, I used the “rule of thirds” to recast the orientation of the main figure, recomposing the image to balance the light and dark areas, and did a little image cleanup to make Vladyki Rаstislav the main figure. With a little help from Photoshop, I spiffed everything up, and it didn’t take long at all! I’ll tell the doofuses at oca.org that they can use the above image if they want to… in fact, they could step it down to 600 pixels from its present 800 pixels, and it’d still be three times the size of their pathetic piss-poor effort.

In fact, compare these two posts (here and here)… which one told you more about Vladyki Rastislav and the PCČZS/PCČKS? Which one had links for you to follow to find out more, if you wanted to? There’s no doubt… oca.org’s staff is lazy, bone-idle, and incompetent; they’re running dogs waiting to hear Their Master’s Voice (Lyonyo keeps them on a tight leash, no doubt), probably overeducated nudniks, terribly-uninterested in informing their public. I understand that most of the OCA‘s following in the Lower 48 are Carpatho ethnics… ergo, anything about the PCČZS/PCČKS is of great interest to them. Since oca.org didn’t pick up on that, not only now, but in the past as well, one has to conclude that they’re clueless on the one hand, and arrogant konvertsy on the other.

Shame on them… they all deserve the boot. Reflect on this… such arrogant condescension is “business as usual” from the First Families. That does need to change… and, yes, we CAN do it…

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