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Thursday, 16 January 2014

16 January 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Where was Vova on Orthodox Christmas?

00 Putin. Christmas 2014. Church of the Icon of Christ 'Not Made by Hands'. Sochi RF. 14.01.14


Correction from the Cabinet 17.01.14:

Got this from a Cabineteer:

No, she’s wrong.  I watched the 3 hour video at Christ the Saviour in Moscow. Medvedev was there up front with family and other girls. Putin was more in centre of church. By himself, it seemed. This was Moscow.  Check the vid.

My info followed my source, which is usually reliable. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong; if it’s wrong, I’m wrong. God willing, the above is the righteous intel. I don’t have the time to vet everything… it’s why you rely on GOOD solid sources (such as RIA, VOR, patriarchia.ru, and RT), and not patently crank iffy sources (such as Portal-Credo, OrthoDixie, Byzantine Texas, Whiteford, or oca.org). Even then, errors creep in via the sources. Nevertheless, if my source is wrong, I’m wrong, and I apologise to youse guys. Be good…



Where was President Putin on Orthodox Christmas? Where he was supposed to be, kids, at services. He attended the Church of the Icon of Christ “Not Made by Hands” in Sochi… no doubt, he was overseeing last-minute preparations for the Winter Olympics. Note well that Vova doesn’t hold himself aloof from his people. Of course, he does discount neoliberal elements, but they’re found only in Piter and at the Centre, besides, they’re not overly many, so, he easily avoids them.

Vova’s hated by all the right people… do note how some in the West try to claim that they have influence over him, especially, a loud arrogant Born Again sectarian shit named Lively (I kid you NOT). Pay such black propaganda no heed… it’s not true. Vladimir Vladimirovich is what he is, and, at least, he knows his limitations and his mortality. Don’t you wish that all leaders were as wise and prudent as he is? May God grant this decent man another ten good years…


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Kalashnikov Asked for Absolution in Regards to Deaths Caused by the AK Rifle in Letter to Patriarch Kirill

00 Mikhail Kalashnikov. Russian,Soviet inventor. 16.12.13


On Monday, Izvestia reported that Mikhail Kalashnikov, the late designer of the AK-47 assault rifle, said in a letter to Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev that he felt sorry that the weapon that he created killed millions of people, saying, “My spiritual pain is unbearable. There’s one insoluble matter… since my rifle killed people, am I… an Orthodox Christian… responsible for these deaths, even if they were enemies?”

The AK-47, designed in 1947, became the world’s most popular assault rifle, used by governments, rebels, terrorists, and civilians. According to the World Bank, out of the 500 million total firearms available worldwide, 100 million are from the Kalashnikov family, and 75 million are AK-47s. Another question that deeply troubled Kalashnikov was the USSR’s military failure in 1941, during the VOV, when he was a tank commander. He said, “My spiritual wound of 1941 haunts me day and night. Why, living in such a great power with a massive defence industry and a strong gun design school, couldn’t I and my fellow soldiers defend ourselves?” Commenting on the Cold War, Kalashnikov, who died in December, said that he’d considered Americans “friends”, despite tense relations between the two countries.

Some commentators questioned the letter’s authenticity, drawing parallels with a message allegedly written by exiled oligarch Boris Berezovsky to President Vladimir Putin before his death last March, which some believe a fake. However, Kirill’s spokesman Aleksandr Volkov confirmed that Patriarch Kirill received the letter, where the gun designer praised him, and wrote a reply, thanking Kalashnikov for his “patriotism”. He added that the letter was “very relevant amidst attacks against the Church“. In recent years, the Church and Patriarch Kirill came under fire for alleged corruption and close ties with the Kremlin.

14 January 2014

Oleg Sukhov

St Petersburg Times



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Heritage Foundation Buzzards Down Russia… That’s a GOOD Sign, Kids

00 Lenin and Red Banner. 16.11.13

This is why the Heritage Foundation hates RussiaVVP hates the oligarchs and he intends handing power to the commies when he leaves the scene. Ergo, they hate him, they hate Russia, and they hate all of us who applaud that. Remember… you gauge someone not only by the company that they keep, but also by the opposition that they draw. If you attract the rage of loud rightwing shitbirds for advocating justice… rest easy, it means that your path is god-pleasing and virtuous…  


Editor’s Note:

Boo-hoo! The Heritage Foundation castigated Russia for lack of “economic freedom”. What righties mean by that is simple. “Economic Freedom” means that the oligarch class stamps on everyone else to fatten their boodle bags, whilst a feeble and denutted government slobbers its bootless approval. That’s wrong and totally against the fundamental Orthodox teaching of Symphonia (the Church is FOR a strong state). I applaud VVP for standing up to such febrile and vacuous shit. Reflect on this… most of those urging such godless anarchy call themselves “Christians” (actually, virtually all of them aren’t real Christians at all; they’re Born Agains, Pentecostalists, and Mormons). It tells you much about the Orthodox who want to ally us with such rubbishy elements. After all, birds of a feather…



On Wednesday, the Heritage Foundation {a Far Right advocacy group: editor} released its 2014 “Index of Economic Freedom (sic)”; Russia ranked 140th out of 186 countries, placing it between Tajikistan and Burundi. The country scored 51.9 economic freedom points, which is 0.8 points higher than 2013, but still below the global average. Heritage Foundation noted improvements in four out of 10 economic freedoms (sic), including control of government spending, but reported declines in trade freedom, freedom from corruption, and fiscal freedom. Over the two decade history of the index, generally, Russia’s results were poor, with the score over that period only ever improving by less than one point in any given year {consider the source… if the righties hate you…: editor}. The Heritage Foundation stated, “Overall, notable improvements in trade freedom and monetary freedom (sic) were largely offset by substantial declines in investment freedom (sic), financial freedom (sic), business freedom (sic) {“business freedom”: a business’ ability to stamp on its staff and screw the public with impunity: editor}, and property rights, and Russia’s economy remains ‘mostly unfree’” {which means that things in Russia are better than they seem to be: editor}. The Heritage Foundation also attacked “fragile” foundations for sustainable development, “endemic” corruption, and the state’s overbearing role in the economy.

16 January 2014



Editor’s Postscript:

Fathausen, Potapov, Webster, and Dreher (along with their fevered followers) all sucked up (and still suck up) to the Heritage Foundation (and the equally evil American Enterprise Institute). That tells you much about them, doesn’t it? You can stand with HH or you can stand with the rightwing jabronies… that’s what on offer. I stand with HH… after all, he just put on a dynamite yolka for poor kids along with the good folks from the Moscow Profsoyuz (that’s the trades-union people)… he doesn’t suck up to oligarchs… so, neither should we. Mark down who does, don’t argue with them, but oppose them, for they go against the social teaching of our Patriarch (who agrees with Pope Francisco completely on economic equity and social justice). ‘Nuff said…

Oh, yes… isn’t it amusing to see certain rightwing sorts amongst us say that they’ve “always supported” His Holiness, when everything that HH says on politics and society contradicts and condemns their Hard Right Republican notions? If it weren’t so serious, it’d be ROFL… we live in a passing strange world, don’t we? Do pass the jug, if you please…

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16 January 2014. From the Russian Web… The Truth Will Set You Free… Niagara Falls DIDN’T Freeze Solid, Virginia

00 Niagara Falls 01. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 02. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 03. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 04. 16.01.14


00 Niagara Falls 05. 16.01.14


The above images tell the truth of the matter. Niagara Falls DIDN’T freeze over this year. It got plenty cold, colder than usual, in fact, but the Falls didn’t freeze solid… no way, no how. People will believe anything, especially, internet stories, which go viral in minutes and take DAYS to refute. The above pics tell me that Niagara Falls roared away as usual, a bit frosty around the edges, and the Niagara River had beaucoup ice, like nothing in recent memory, but there was no frozen cataract.

People do believe the most outrageous falsehoods, don’t they? It’s why Rush Limbaugh signed a 400-mill (13.38 billion Roubles. 438 million CAD. 455 million AUD. 294 million Euros. 245 million UK Pounds) contract… people do believe the most outrageous falsehoods. Think on it…

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