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Friday, 17 January 2014

17 January 2014. Maymon is WRONG for Eastern PA… He’s Disobedient… He Belongs in a Monastery, NOT as a Ruling Bishop

01 Wolf In Sheeps Clothing


Fr John Kowalczyk just sent a letter dated 10 January 2014, stating that there’s only one “candidate” for the vacant Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania. Mark Maymon is the wrong man for the job. He’s nothing but a crank legacy of Paffso, and we should send him to a far-off monastery to work his repentance… he openly defied and disobeyed Philip Saliba, his then-ruling ordinary. All things being equal, if he did such once, he’ll do it again, especially, as he suffered no adverse consequences from the first instance. We all know what happened in the MidwestMoriak was sweetness and light until he took power… then, he placed his son in a parish instead of several priests more fitted for the post, and he caused such a ruckus that the OCA had to shitcan him (the newspaper article makes it clear that he wasn’t sorry for any of the mess that he made in the real parishes). Right now, Alexander Golitzin has the unenviable task of cleaning up after Moriak’s toot. Let’s not be coy… Maymon’s a Moriak… he’d push policies that wouldn’t “fit” his diocese… like all konvertsy, he’s bull-headed, and he’s an over-literal rigourist. He’d smash down people who’ve been acceptable in their parishes for years. He has a place… but NOT in Eastern PA… and NOT near any decent human beings.

Paffso was a disaster… Moriak was a disgrace… Peterson shamed the Church… Fitzgerald was a character… Soraich roiled the waters… we all know what’s “out there” on the late Dmitri Royster. In short, there’s been a lot of shenanigans going on. Do we need more of the same? Maymon’s a piss-poor fit for Eastern PA, and there’s still time to stop the train before it hurtles into the abyss. Shall they stop it, though? That’s the question…


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