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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

21 January 2014. Now, For Something Entirely Different… It Was Epiphany in Tver

00 Epiphany in Tver. Orthodoxy's for EVERYBODY... 21.01.14


The above isn’t Photoshop… it’s an actual Epiphany (and here) icehole in Tver. The only question for me is, “Is the coloured guy an African convert or is he a lifelong Ethiopian Orthodox in Russia for university studies or military training (they be part of the Orthosphere, dontcha know!)?” If the latter, it’s proof of the ties that bind Eastern and Oriental Orthodox, despite the lack of communion (we Russians are close to our Oriental brethren, much more so than the Greeks are… we’re particularly chummy with the ArmeniansHH and Catholicos Karekin are big-time pals). Remember, Orthodoxy‘s the “Party for Everybody“.

The Orthosphere is REAL…


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More Fighting in Kiev… New Anti-Protest Laws Take Effect… Lavrov Tells EU to Butt Out of Ukrainian Affairs

00 Kiev. riots 01. 21.01.14


On Tuesday, fighting between rioters and police in the centre of Kiev continued as the worst street violence in the Ukraine since anti-government demonstrations began in November stretched into a second night. Rioters threw Molotov cocktailsfirecrackers, and other projectiles at police lines, and the cops responded with rubber bullets, stun grenades, and arrests. Rioters set vehicles alight during the clashes, which took place in temperatures of -10 degrees (14 degrees Fahrenheit). Police destroyed a wooden catapult built to bombard police lines in an operation early Tuesday morning during which cops hurled stones at rioters to force them back. On Tuesday, the MVDU said that the clashes wounded 119 police, with injuries including broken bones, burns, and poisoning. Besides this, police sources reported that they arrested 32 people on rioting charges. On Monday, municipal officials said that 104 protesters were hurt, with 44 in hospital.

The latest violence, at a previously unseen level of intensity, broke out Sunday evening after a rally in downtown Kiev. Last week, the Rada passed a series of anti-protest laws, which angered the opposition and their foreign sponsors. Clashes restarted on Monday, continuing into Tuesday morning despite an appeal for calm and an offer of negotiations from Ukrainian President Yanukovich. Opposition leader Vitaly Klichko called for Ukrainians to come to Kiev to oust Yanukovich {Klichko’s a traitor and deserves shooting after a trial by a court-martial. He called for rebellion against the established authority, which is a crime in all decent and civilised states: editor}. Police formed lines by Valery Lobanovsky Dinamo Stadium to block mobs from reaching the government quarter. They built large bonfires, apparently, to keep warm in the freezing weather. Meanwhile, rioters appeared to have control of parts of central Kiev during the fighting.


On Tuesday, new Ukrainian legislation reining in protestors became official, as clashes continued between anti-government rioters and police in Kiev. Under the new legislation, the authorities can detain protestors for 15 days for taking part in unapproved demonstrations or wearing helmets or masks during rallies. The law takes full effect one day after its publication in the Rada journal, which took place Tuesday. Blocking entrances to government buildings… a goal of recent street riots in Kiev… is punishable by imprisonment. The laws went through the Rada on 16 January, approved by the ruling Party of Regions/KPU coalition, as opposition deputies staged unseemly antics, including occupying the speaker’s rostrum, in a bid to stop the bill’s passage. Ukrainian President Yanukovich signed the legislation the next day, but the American and EU {that is, Germany: editor} sponsors of the opposition condemned him {oppo leader Klichko was long resident in Germany and holds the highest German civilian award… follow the trail, kids: editor}. The laws clamp down on street demonstrations sparked by Yanukovich’s decision to back off from signing key integration agreements with the EU in November. The legislation itself sparked riots on Sunday, the violence between police and rioters continued through Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused some EU elements of “indecent” interference in the political crisis in the Ukraine. He urged European politicians to stop interfering in Ukrainian internal affairs, as it fans the worsening confrontation between the government and opposition rioters. Lavrov told reporters at a news conference, “We’d prefer that some of our European colleagues wouldn’t act so unceremoniously over the Ukrainian crisis, when, without any invitations, members of some European governments hurried to the Maidan and took part in anti-government demonstrations. It was just indecent”. Numerous foreign officials, who denounced the Ukrainian government’s policy, including EU High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton, visited the opposition protests. Lavrov said that the situation in Kiev was “spinning out of control” as fierce fighting between rioters and police continued for a third day on Tuesday. He suggested that there was some foreign sponsorship for the riots, which began after the Rada passed legislation last week to impose limits on protestors.

21 January 2014





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21 January 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Where Was President Yanukovich During the Riot?

00 Viktor Yanukovich at Liturgy. Kiev. the Ukraine. 21.01.14


Where was Ukrainian President Yanukovich during the riot? Look at the above image. That answers your question. He was where an Orthodox Christian should be on Epiphany (and here), at services. Don’t forget, Viktor Fyodorovich’s elder was Elder Zosima Sokur (a REAL starets, not a jumped-up self-proclaimed sort like Podmoshensky, Reardon, Paffso, or Whiteford). Fr Zosima helped Viktor Fyodorovich to conversion and married him to his long-time partner. Here’s a caption I put to an image of him:

SchemaArchimandrite Zosima Sokur (1944-2002), a REAL elder… and he WASN’T noted for goofy “obediences” or overly strict penances. He said, “Mysticism is harmful to the soul. Our main miracles are the liturgyrepentance, and prayer. … Avoid extremes… extremes aren’t from God. Take the middle path. Don’t despair… there’s no sin that can’t be healed by repentance. God is merciful. … Be in a hurry to do good deeds, life is so short. May your guardian angel watch over you”.

Is God on Viktor Fyodorovich’s side? I’d say, at least, that he has his priorities straight. Reflect on this… the oppos are mostly schismatic “Orthodox”Uniates, and loopy Proddies. Real Orthodox are behind the government (just like in the Syrian Civil War!). If you’re Orthodox, that should tell you where you should stand, too… support the Ukrainian government against the godless oppos. It’s your Christian duty…

I’ve heard that’s there much Sturm und Drang on the Orthodox Forum on this and on the supposed persecution of gays in Russia (didn’t they see that Russia just had an anti-gay extremist nicked in Cuba? What a buncha maroons!). Well, what can I say? Fuckwits do post the most ridiculous notions and expect the rest of us to take them at face value. Poor Bill and Fr Mike! They have to shovel through all the flapdoodle to try to keep things on an even keel. Some of it I wouldn’t wish on a sworn enemy… I give youse guys a kind word, you need it, its heartfelt… it comes from another labourer in the Orthodox cyber-vineyard (who KNOWS what you’re going through… cross yourself and down a shot… Tyota Vara sez so… repeat as necessary)…


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