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Saturday, 25 January 2014

25 January 2014. From the Russian Web… Something Light and Insubstantial to Take Our Minds Off the Present Shit

00 Naked Cowboy. Times Square. 22.01.14. New York NY. 25.01.14


VOR ran a “Photo of the Week” post… I liked this one. It’s the Original No-Bullshit “Naked Cowboy” in Times Square in Manhattan in New York City. We all need a break from the Storheim fiasco and the Kievan riots (the violence isn’t as widespread as Western media outlets would have it… hell, most of Kiev is peaceful, as is most of the country).  The shit’s out there… we’re going to have to cover it, but for now, let’s have a laugh, let’s connect with the real life out there. Life isn’t all “The News”, “Politics”, and “l’Comédie Inhumaine”… aren’t you glad of that?

Pass the jug…



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25 January 2014. Why Won’t the OCA Apologise Openly and Fully to Storheim’s Victims?

00 I are with youse guys... 25.01.14


I’m still too pissed off to comment straight on the Storheim affair (rather, on the OCA‘s outrageous and smarmy coverup of it all). It’s clear that Syosset doesn’t give a fig for the victims… Stroheim’s lawyer did his best to portray them as unbelievable mental wrecks (and succeeded in regards to one of them). What’s needed? Let’s keep it simple. What would’ve gone a long way to put things right would’ve been:

“The Orthodox Church in America apologises for the actions of one of its clergymen. We’re sorry for having dragged it out so long. We’re willing to discuss with the victims’ counsel an appropriate compensation for what they suffered at our hands. We’re guilty and we take full responsibility for what we did”.

That’s not going to happen (“We admit no wrongdoing…”). I’m glad that I’m nowhere near Lyonyo, Jillions, any other First Family leading light, or Storheim’s lawyer. My fingers itch too much for the nagaika, now… that’s why I’ll not say anything more about these esteemed gentlemen and their oh-so-lawyerly statements. To the victims of Storheim, I’ll say:

I’m with you guys. I’ve got your back; I’ll let no one criticise you in my presence. I bow before you and ask your forgiveness for it all. When the OCA did this to you, we all did it to you, for they did it in our name. It was wrong, and that’s that.

As I said yesterday, this is too much of a muchness…


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