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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pete Seeger: His Leftism and the Revival of Folk Music (Link to VOR podcast)

00 Pete Seeger in Moscow. 29.01.14

Pete Seeger in Moscow in 1965




You can measure impact in many ways. Sometimes, it’s in language… do people adopt your idioms or phrases? Other times, it’s economic… do your ideas generate money for yourself or others? Still, for others there are subtler ways of feeling the presence of someone in our lives and in our culture. Pete Seeger passed at the age of 94 on Monday. He leaves behind a legacy of music, social activism, and a collection of songs cultivated from years in the field. He’s credited with helping to revive the genre of folk music and to popularise it. With hits ranging from If I Had a Hammer to Turn, Turn, Turn, he brought anthems that resonate still.

Click here to save this 5:51 podcast in English… to listen to the rest, click on the link below and click on the audio link on the page

29 January 2014

Andrew Hiller

Voice of Russia World Service


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