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Monday, 3 February 2014

KPU Proposes Federalisation of the Ukraine… Yanukovich Slams Growth of Extremism in the Country

00.0a Pyotr Simonenko. KPU. 30.09.12


Pyotr Simonenko, the head of the KPU, stated during discussions on the upcoming agenda of the Rada that his party intends to start hearings on the federalisation of the Ukraine to prevent its division, saying, “We believe that we should very seriously consider the federalisation of the Ukraine. We need to go into it in some detail to protect the ethos and traditions common to all parts of our country. We must give any regional soviet the power necessary to carry out the functions necessary to govern its area. The Rada has to start this itself; it must hold all necessary hearings in committee and in general session. We must bring this up in the media; it’s imperative to have a fundamental discussion on the federalisation of the Ukraine, as this would prevent a civil schism (раскола) in our country”.

3 February 2014


On Monday, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich participated in an international roundtable in Kiev, The Democratic Process and the Threat of Radicalism in the Ukraine. He pointed up that the growing extremism in the country was disquieting, noting, “We should say ‘no’ to extremism, radicalism, and provocations in society… they come from the present struggle for political power”. In his view, what we saw recently was manifest extremism, “Unfortunately, that’s what happened here. There was vandalism in the capture of state institutions, and the calls on the streets were reminiscent of ancient history lessons. God forbid, we don’t want that to ever happen again”.

Viktor Avdeyenko

3 February 2014




Editor’s Note:

Neither of these stories got “play” in the Western media. The KPU is valiantly trying to keep the ship of state afloat, and Viktor Fyodorovich states bluntly that the present riots are a replay of the Orangie coup. “We don’t want that to ever happen again”… it’s clear that he’s not going to give in to the West. They’d best back off, or, they’ll find themselves locked out for good. When will they ever learn?


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