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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Judge Who Sentenced Protesters Shot Dead in the Ukraine

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On Wednesday, the MVDU reported that unknown attackers killed a Ukrainian judge who recently sentenced several political protesters to house arrest. Late Tuesday night, two assailants shot 34-year-old District Court Judge Aleksandr Lobodenko several times in the back on a street near his home in the central Ukraine. According to a statement on the Kremenchug Raion website, one of the bullets grazed his spine; Lobodenko died in the ICU at about 02.00 Wednesday. Police opened a criminal case into the death and said that the perps most likely killed Lobodenko because of his judicial work. They didn’t speculate about which of his decisions might have motivated the attack. According to Telegraf, on 28 January, Lobodenko sentenced two pro-EU activists to two months of house arrest. The defendants tried to break into the city hall building during a rally in Kremenchug days before, during an anti-government protest. In the wake of the killing, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich issued a decree to amend legislation to “protect judges and their family members better”.

12 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

Look at the brave Svoboda fighters! They shoot people in the back and run. That gives you the measure of the pro-EU shits. That’s what the EU and the USA support… worthless shits who shoot people in the back. Excuse me whilst I hurl


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