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Friday, 14 February 2014

Gallup Sez Americans’ Opinions of Russia and Putin Hit 20-Year Low

00 Putin at Sochi. Olympic Village. 14.02.14


According to a survey released by Gallup on Thursday, with the eyes of the world trained on the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Americans’ opinions of Russia and its leader Vladimir Putin reached their lowest point in 20 years. According to the poll, both Putin and Russia registered their highest “unfavourable” ratings… 63 percent and 60 percent, respectively… since Gallup began surveying Americans about Russia in 1994. The results follow a Gallup poll in September showing that, for the first time in 15 years, more Americans view Russia as an unfriendly or enemy nation than as an ally or friend of the USA. Washington and Moscow sparred over a range of bilateral and global issues during the past two years, including the Syrian Civil Wargay rights and freedom of speech, American support for anti-government protests in the Ukraine, and Russia’s decision to grant asylum to American intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

Gallup Managing Editor Art Swift wrote, “Whilst American sentiments were mostly favourable over the past 20 years, it’s obvious that Americans will react strongly at moments when Russia clashes with the USA”. Thirty-four percent of the respondents in the Gallup poll, conducted February 6 to February 9, had a favourable opinion of Russia, whilst 19 percent had a favourable opinion of Putin, who rose to power in 1999. Those numbers are down from 2002 highs of 66 percent and 41 percent, respectively. Swift noted, “Over the past year, Russia’s pursued a much more aggressive stance on the world stage than at any time in the new millennium. In his first term in office, the American public viewed Putin more favourably than unfavourably, but Americans now see him in a clearly unfavourable light”.

13 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

The above doesn’t surprise me… the CNN/Fox dezinformatsiya media duopoly give the American public almost no real news on Russia. In fact, they often used faked footage… Fox tried to pass off vid of Athens protests as Moscow… there aren’t any palm trees in Moscow in December! Furthermore, recently, Medvedev made Christiane Amanpour look like a fool on-air… that’s a cardinal sin! The “news machine” poorly serves Americans. In particular, Fox News is off-kilterRoger Ailes lies about the Rodina for TWO reasons:

  • He hates what Vladimir Putin stands for… after all, VVP put Khodorkovsky in the slam, which is verboten in Ailes’ book… Ailes is a big pal of Wee Willy Romney… whose actions in re the American people, economy, and government were IDENTICAL to those of Khodorkovsky in re Russia. Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…
  • Ailes uses any stick to beat Barack Obama. He lies about VVP to make President Obama look stupid. That is, it has nothing to do with Vladimir Vladimirovich, it has everything to do with the desire of the Republican Party to unseat President Obama and rape the American land and people.

Goebbels (and here) was right in many ways. He served evil… he was evil himself… however, his observations on propaganda and the moulding of public opinion are valid and merit attention. The CNN/Fox duopoly use his playbook… it works. Do recall that Goebbels DID lead the German public astray… not everyone sardonically mocked “Meyer’s Hunting Horns”*.

Yet, Ailes didn’t succeed in pushing the Koch Brothers’ agenda. See the anti-Putin/anti-Russian propaganda campaign in that light. The truth WILL set you free… aren’t you ashamed to have listened to such arrant shit? Well, we’ve all been gulled at one time or another… pass the jug… the world hasn’t got less crank in the last 24…


*Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring said, “If enemy bombers fly over Berlin, you can call me Meyer (a common Jewish name)”. In the later stages of the war, sardonic Berliners called air-raid sirens “Meyer’s hunting horns” (the Berlin sense of humour, irony, and satire is quite like that found in Brooklyn).


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14 February 2014. oca.org Marks Anniversary of Mollard’s Consecration… But Has NO Word on the Holy Synod’s Decision in re Storheim Nor Did It Issue Condolences to the Sakhalin Shooting Victims

00 Syosset First Commandment. 14.02.14


Talk about misplaced priorities! The layabouts at oca.org promptly posted a fluff piece on Mollard’s tenth anniversary of his consecration… but are SILENT on what the Holy Synod decided in re the convicted perv Storheim (if they decided anything at all) and REFUSED to give condolences to the families of the victims of the recent tragedy in Sakhalin.

This gives us three takeaways… firstly, it proves that oca.org is full of obsequious running dogs. Their attitude is, “Let’s all clap in unison, and let’s make sure that we mark down who stops applauding or (worse yet) those who’re only pretending to applaud!” (That is, they and their ROCOR analogues are Stalinist toadies of the most foul sort… Potapov included.) The most important thing in that piece of fluff was that Mollard became a “professor” at STS immediately upon graduation. There are interesting rumours about Mollard and Herman… this only deepens them. You don’t make an immature smarkacz of 27 as a professor at a seminary forming clergy… it’s irresponsible and reckless. Mollard was no expert in ANYTHING. Indeed, the only reason he got the white hat is that he’s so bovine that he won’t rock the boat (things will get worse due to his inattention and incompetence, but it still won’t get as bad as it could be if Fatso were still at the helm).

Secondly, the OCA isn’t “transparent” (why are you quiet, Gregory Nescott? Does power mean so much to you that you’ll do anything to keep it?). Justice Mainella threw the book at Storheim on 24 January… THREE WEEKS AGO. The OCA has done NOTHING. NOTHING… they’ve done NOTHING. The Canadian Press wrote:

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Christopher Mainella said in an oral decision that lasted for two hours, “I don’t believe the testimony of the accused. The accused wasn’t credible about his behaviour. He … provided nonsensical answers and wasn’t consistent in his version of events”.

That’s strong medicine and big juju coming from a judge speaking on the record. In short, Judge Mainella expected the OCA to get its justice mojo going… but the OCA did NOTHING to discipline this convicted perv. It hasn’t even issued a reprimand or real statement of its intentions in re Mr Storheim… no doubt, on the advice of their shyster lawyers. It’s been THREE WEEKS, kids… you can’t say that I didn’t give ‘em enough time. Then again, they just issued personnel notices that were six- and five-months-old. In an age of smartphones, e-mail, and internet websites… it took SIX MONTHS. That’s irresponsibility and incompetence writ large… and no one dares “bell” Lyonyo or his stooge Jillions. Trust me, one could post such things in five minutes… we should post such things (at least) monthly, and we should post about ordinations BEFORE they happen, so that objections (if any) can reach the bishop BEFORE he makes a foolish mistake.

Thirdly, oca.org doesn’t acknowledge the shooting incident in Sakhalin. HH acknowledged it… his condolences were on the homepage of patriarchia.ru. Sakhalin is MUCH closer to the Diocese of Alaska than Syosset is (this diocese has the largest number of OCA parishes in any given US state), and many Alaska Native people have contacts in the Russian Far East (especially, with other indigenous folks). The OCA is a semi-autocephalous dependency of the MP… no way is it a full autocephalous Local Church… without the Centre’s imprimatur, the OCA would be a fringe group (just like the Paris Jurisdiction is). The shooting is BIG NEWS… indeed, if we believed in the catholicity of the Church, such condolences would’ve been up that very Sunday, just as HH’s condolences were. All that we needed to say was:

The Orthodox Church in America extends its condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the recent shooting in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. We ask all believers to pray for the repose of the dead and for the swift healing of those wounded. We ask all clergy to mention the victim’s names during the Proskomidi next week. The OCA shares the grief of its co-religionists in Sakhalin Oblast, which is so near to our own Diocese of Alaska.

Eternal be their memory…

That’s all that was necessary. It tells you something about Lyonyo… it tells you something about Jillions… it tells you something about Mollard… it tells you something about Lil’ Mizz Ginny… none of it good. God willing, we’ll begin to act as Christians should, for we’re not doing such now. As Archbishop Tikhon Dorovskikh said at the victims’ funeral:

May God grant that we’ve learned the right lessons from this tragedy. We shouldn’t cultivate hatred, nor should we curse the killer, for we learned a lesson about ourselves and about our society. We thought that we knew how to behave with others, that we were with Christ, that we were righteous, that we were trying to keep the commandments, that we were trying to see each person as an image and likeness of God, and that we were trying to love every person, no matter how unpleasant it seemed. Then, this love appeared… we must take it to ourselves, to place it in our hearts, only that will bring upon us God’s blessing and abundance. Then, and only then, will we have anything to give, and everyone around us will see that we’re really Christians.

You can heed this god-pleasing admonition, or you can follow the goofy arrant shit peddled over the years by Syosset, SVS, the HOOMies, and Platina (Rose and his “toll houses“… Bah! Humbug!)… that’s all that’s on offer. It’s up to you…


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Chechen Leader Offers Shelter to Second Doomed Danish Giraffe

00 happy giraffe. 14.02.14


Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov offered a home in Chechnya to another zoo giraffe facing death in Denmark. The Guardian reported this week that the Jyllands Park Zoo in Videbæk is preparing to kill a healthy young giraffe named Marius to prevent inbreeding. On Sunday, the København Zoo killed another giraffe… also named Marius… with shot from a bolt gun to the head after the zoo deemed him genetically superfluous. About 27,000 people signed an online petition to keep the first Marius alive, and several other zoos offered him a home, but the zoo went ahead with the killing.

On Thursday, Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account, “I’m worried by reports that another giraffe is about to be slaughtered in Denmark. I’m ready to accept Marius for humanitarian reasons. We guarantee him proper living conditions and will take care of his health”. Kadyrov described Sunday’s killing, billed as an educational event and attended by dozens of children, as a “savage show”. The zoo dissected the giraffe’s corpse in public view and it fed the meat to its lions, tigers, and leopards. Kadyrov, repeatedly accused by human rights groups of human rights violations in Chechnya, has his own private zoo with lions, tigers, and bears on the grounds of his official residence outside Grozny.

14 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

Ramzan Akhmadovich shows the good side of the Caucasian character. If he gives his word… that’s it. He’ll go through hell itself to keep it. When he outlawed casinos in Chechnya, he told all the owners to come to him if they needed help in transitioning to another line of endeavour. He kept his word. He’s a Caucasian chieftain, in all senses… that is, when he pledges his word, that’s it. To tell only the “bad side” of the Caucasian character isn’t fair at all…

Did you note that Ramzan Akhmadovich “has his own private zoo with lions, tigers, and bears on the grounds of his official residence outside Grozny”… lions, and tigers, and bears… oh, my!


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14 February 2014. Two Maps to Help You Understand the Unfolding Ukrainian Crisis

00 Ukraine 01. ethnolinguistic map. 13.02.14


00 Ukraine 02. Per Capita Income map. 13.02.14


These two maps will clear away a few of the cobwebs laid by the Western media. Note how the east and south are HEAVILY Russian… these areas would NEVER join the EU. Also notice how the “Ukrainian” areas are poorer than the Russian areas are… that is, the loudmouthed ultra-nationalists depend on money from the Russian areas… fancy that! 

The Ukrainian SSR was the jewel in the crown of the USSR… its wealth and per capita income were ABOVE those of the RSFSR. Today, it’s turned on its head, they’ve flipped positions. Why? You must understand that Western corporations raped the Ukraine, using diaspora Ukrainians (mainly Uniates) as their willing agents. These greedster outsiders came in and gathered up the profits made in the Ukraine and took it all abroad. They bought off the local politicos… so, the Ukrainian economy‘s lifeblood flowed out of the country, impoverishing it (much as godless greedy pigs like Wee Willy Romney rape the USA). After a generation of such legalised theft, the Ukraine is an economic basket-case… it needs either Russian or EU aid to survive, let alone thrive. The Little Russian people don’t deserve this. However, it’s what the West wants… they’re cheap wetback labour for the West, dontcha know. In fact, most of the recent ethnic Russian immigrants here in the USA came from the Ukraine, not the Russian Federation… the economy there collapsed, so, they had to find work SOMEWHERE. Interestingly enough, most of the new immigrants aren’t Uniates or schismatic Orthodox… they’re either legit Orthodox  or sectarians.

The Ukraine is trembling on the brink of a breakup. The Supreme Soviet of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea (VS ARK) secured the Perekop, and has all entry points guarded. You don’t hear about it in the Western media, but the Russian East will NOT take part in an oppo government that wants to lie down and be fucked by the West. The Soviet Ukraine was never an ethnographic reality… it was a composite of several nationalities, which made it easier to rule. After 1991, this meant that no serious “nation-building” was possible. The Ukraine is going to disintegrate along linguistic and confessional lines. The Russian and Orthodox East shall go to Russia, whilst the Uniate and Ukrainian West will go to the EU. The present imbroglio is over who gets the central Ukraine.

RIP Ukraine… it’s sad… Western businessmen never gave them a real fighting chance (they stole away their substance and treasure, giving them NOTHING in return). They’re real victims of the crapitalist delusion…


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