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Monday, 17 February 2014

17 February 2014. This Smelt Like a Goof… But What the Hell… It’s a Good Smile…

00 Roskosmos Priest Spacesuit. 17.02.14


Supposedly, Roskosmos developed a special spacesuit for priests, and will develop a “cosmo-church”. That smelled more than a little fishy to me (it seemed just a tad too Kashchenist to be real). So, I did a little research… and, sure enough, it’s a padonki goof (one wonders if a couple of fun-loving priests like Charlie weren’t in on it, too). EARLY APRIL FOOL! Hey, it’s a good laugh… and we all need those, don’t we, kids? Pop a cork and smile… the world’s being its usual irascible self. Aren’t you glad that not everything’s serious?


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