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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Uniate Thugs Desecrate Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Užgorod

uzhgorod church of christ the saviour


I’ve received sad news about Carpatho-Russia. Yesterday, nationalist thugs violently broke into Užgorod‘s local and oblast offices and set up a carpetbagger junta. These sleazeballs are almost all alien outsiders from the Lvovshchina; they’ve slithered in since December. These vermin set off firecrackers in altar of the Russian Orthodox cathedral and urinated on the amvon. American Republican neocons and Democratic “humanitarian” interventionists slobber over this sort of shit.

Most of our people in the OCA hail from this region. That is, the Uniate thugs spat on all of us, even those of us from other parts of the Orthosphere. It’s high time that we broke ALL relations with the Uniates. They support such shit… full stop. We should remove people like John Jillions… he was a paid hireling of the Uniates; let him crawl back to his papist paymasters. What we have now is an open attack on our Orthodox faith by Uniate attack dogs. Sadly, this means that we’re “at war”, and we must act accordingly. To begin with, let’s remember our history… 2014 is the centennial anniversary of the first manifestation of “Ukrainian” Nationalism… TALERHOF. Let’s also remember WHY so many po-nashemu people came back to the Church… the papists haven’t changed one bit… oh, they smile more and they’re not so open in their pretensions, but one can see that they’re still papal supremacists and that the Apostolic Church must stay aloof from such.

Yet, bear in mind that individual Uniates (and papists, in general) didn’t make this policy… most are unaware of most of it. Reserve your efforts for the Orthodox slimeballs who’ve sold out. Leave the papists alone… don’t go after those who didn’t make a decision… DO go after those who were quislings to Christ’s Church. Save your ammo for Jillions, Freddy M-G, Reardon, and Hatfield (and those like them). DO have a care around former Episkies… most of them NEVER abandon the Branch Theory.

We live in “interesting times”… may they pass, and soon…



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