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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sevastopol Elected a Russian Citizen as Mayor

Vasili Nesterenko. We Stand for Sevastopol! 2005

We Stand for Sevastopol!

Vasili Nesterenko



00 Aleksandr Deyneka. The Defence of Sevastopol. 1950s

The Defence of Sevastopol

Aleksandr Deyneka



A “Meeting of the People’s Will” in the central square of Sevastopol gathered 20,000 people. The city chose Aleksei Chaly, a citizen of the Russian Federation, as mayor. Olga Timofeyeva, the leader of the human rights group “Ravelin”, said, “We want to deliver our administration from submitting to rats; we’re willing to go to the limit”. Before the demonstration, the executive committee of the Sevastopol Gorsoviet was afraid to act; they only decided to hold a referendum on  whether the city should form a special committee. Outraged citizens blockaded the Gorsoviet; they wouldn’t allow the deputies to leave the building.  Mayor Chaly said that his appointment reminded him of how the Red Army promoted generals during the crisis of 1942. He promised to attend to Sevastopol’s troubles in this difficult political time. At the rally, no one flew the “Ukrainian” flag… one saw only Russian tricolours, St Andrew ensigns, communist symbols, and the Belarusian flag. Sevastopol will hold a rally, “Forever with Russia”. Vladimir Yatsuba, Chairman of the Sevastopol Municipal Administration (GGA), initially didn’t want to make a public statement. However, he relented, and tried to appeal to Sevastopol citizens. He urged people to stay calm, not to succumb to provocateurs, and to stay united with the Ukraine. The outraged demonstrators shouted down this statement. The meeting voted to refuse to pay taxes to the junta in Kiev and subordinated all security forces to the city authorities.

24 February 2014


KPRF official website


Editor’s Note:

Neither CNN nor Fox reported this… if you wanted proof that they’re nothing but running dogs for the neoliberal establishment, this is it. BOTH are equally guilty. This proves that the kleptocratic Timoshenko junta in Kiev has no control over the country, but that it has American support. Is this Act One of the Ukraine’s dissolution into a Russian South/East and an American lickspittle client state in the West (the Centre is still up for grabs)? No one knows. However, do note that the pro-Russian faction upholds the real Church; the Uniates and schismatical Orthodox uphold the greedster pro-American lackeys. If you’re Orthodox… you have only one option… support the pro-Russian side and oppose the upstart Kiev junta with all your might. Also, note how the konvertsy loudmouths support the American subversion of the Ukraine… they’re not of us; they’re not bone of our bone, flesh of our flesh, soul of our soul. They’re ignorant loudmouths; we should press them to stand and deliver… otherwise, they’re traitors to the Orthosphere, simply put.

Please, pass this report on to as many people as you can… it’s how you can oppose the American-fomented putsch in the Ukraine.    

By the way… both artists of the paintings I used as illustrations were committed men of the left… both are (or were) sincere communists. I’d say that fact should tell you which folks are more worthy of credence. You can stand with leftists, who DO care for their fellow-man, or, with crapitalists, with their “Me First” selfishness (the worst of this lot are the greedy and self-righteousEvangelicals”, with their smarmy pseudo-religious veneer). That’s the only choice on offer… choose well…



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