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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sevastopol Greeted Returning Berkut Soldiers as Heroes with Flowers and a Band

00 Sevastopol. Spetsnaz. 25.02.14


On 22 February, Berkut spetsnaz MVDU troops returned from Kiev to Sevastopol. That morning, thousands waited on Nakhimov Square for the buses carrying the soldiers from Kiev. At 11.00, they were on the square to greet the MVDU soldiers; they waited a long time for them to return. However, the PPS (traffic patrol) reported that a bus broke down in Simferopol. Whilst they waited, they held a meeting, at which their leaders read out the decisions of the provisional council in Kharkov, and the crowd endorsed them. Then, some of the people went to the Black Sea Fleet HQ, and handed over petitions with thousands of signatures, asking for aid to set up roadblocks at all access points to the city.

Finally, the buses arrived. The officers couldn’t line up the troops because family and strangers rushed to embrace the fighters. The women said, “Thanks for coming back. We won’t let you go back there for more!” The crowd shouted, “Thank you!” The enthused crowd saved its best for the arrival of the Berkut troopers. The crowd didn’t let them move away from buses. They gave them flowers and sweets, telling them, “We’re proud of you!” Then, they sang the Sevastopol anthem. This moved the soldiers to tears. At last, the officers lined up the troops and marched them to the Nakhimov monument. The crowd parted to let them pass. The commander informed the people, “Our unit carried out its duties of maintaining public order in Kiev; our personnel return to our base without reproach”. The people present greeted the fighters with great emotion; one man even fell to his knees in front of them.

24 February 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


Editor’s Note:

Do see how the Western media won’t tell you the whole story. The junta in Kiev are lying sacks o’ shit. They don’t control the East and South… and that’s that. It’s so bad that Yuliya‘s preparing to hustle herself out of Kiev, using medical care in Germany as an excuse. The junta is a troika, which makes it inherently unstable… all three have to agree on all matters, or they’re in gridlock. What makes it worse is that although Yuliya’s the supposed head of the junta, she’s only a chairman, not a leader. That makes things worse, for she doesn’t have a vetoTyagnibok’s a brute… Klichko’s a naïf… Yatsenyuk’s a clueless puppet… Yuliya’s preoccupied with getting out of Dodge… what a buncha maroons!

In short, anarchy reigns… and the West cackles in glee. Catherine Ashton, kiss my ass! You’ve no right to lecture anyone after what the West did in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.  John McCain, you can go to hell! You claimed that there was no money to extend UIBs, but you have money to throw at kleptocrats in Kiev. That makes you a liar in my book. All Orthodox who supported (or support) Republicans should hang your head in shame. John McCain is typical… they have money to cause destabilisation and mayhem in the Orthosphere, but they claim that they have no money to help distressed Americans. I’ll be blunt… any Orthodox Christian who supports the GOP after this, supports evil, and we should hold them to account.

Only the gullible take the Timoshenko junta at face value. One of my Russian friends thinks that Yanukovich did this deliberately, to fuck up the opposition. Trust me, in less than a week, they made Yanukovich look good (their vengeful vapourings are only the cherry on the sundae)… they’re MORE corrupt than Viktor Fyodorovich is. Yanukovich is no prize, but he’s head n’ shoulders above the junta. In the real world, you never have “perfect” as a choice. Looked at that way, Viktor Fyodorovich isn’t all that bad… after all, he doesn’t steal as much as the typical US Congressman does nor is he as spectacularly corrupt as a Rick Perry is. Do keep a sense of proportion…


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