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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Banderovtsy Tortured Lvov KPU Cadre Rostislav Vasilko in Kiev: “They Drove Needles under My Fingernails, Beat Me with Clubs”

00 Rostislav Vasilko. KPU. Communist. 26.02.14

“They all had faces… they all had names”…”Nothing is forgotten…no one is forgotten”


Communist blogger ColonelCassad posted this message from a KPU cadre from Lvov, “Comrades, I’m Rostislav Stepanovich Vasilko, First Secretary of the KPU Gorkom in Lvov; the Banderovtsy beat me up badly in Kiev. They stalk my mom; they put out death threats against my children. They threatened to kill my common-law wife and me. Help me to find political asylum in another country. On 22 February, from 11.00 to 23.00, Euromaidan ruffians tortured me in Mariinsky Park; they drove needles under my fingernails and beat me with clubs and fists. They punctured my right lung; they broke three ribs, my nasal septum, and a facial cyst. They cracked my skull and I have a second-degree concussion. I got bruises all over me. Tomorrow, the doctors will do a spinal tap. I’m in the deep doo-doo! The Banderovtsy cleaned me out! They took my documents, my money, and my cross on a gold chain”. At the end of the post, ColonelCassad challenged his readers to verify his report.

Darya Mitina, one of the leaders of the Left Front, posted, “One of my friends, a communist from Lvov, is now in hospital with a cracked skull, ruptured kidneys, torn nails, punctured right lung, broken ribs, his nose broken in three places. For hours, they beat him in one of the most beautiful parks in Kiev; then, they made sure to threaten his common-law wife, telling her that the same fate awaited her. It’s impossible to get him out of there now, as he’s just out of surgery and he’s still on the mend; besides which, ‘guards’ from the new junta secured the hospital… they patrol all the floors, they dump together Euromaidan activists, anti-Maidan patriots, and ordinary citizens, all in one common batch {that means that the Banderovtsy in hospital would rat out anyone trying to rescue anti-Maidan patriots: editor}. How do we get him out of there? Where do we take him and how do we get him there? It’s a devilish pickle”.

Further on, in the commboxes, she noted that she discussed it with KPRF RF Gosduma deputies… the main question is how to help others who find themselves in the same situation. Mitina observed, “[The Banderovtsy] are already doing it, there’s a whole list of others… unfortunately, he’s not alone in this situation. Specifically, about Rostislav…we have a problem with getting him out of there to safety, the main difficulty is getting him out of the hospital as he’s not on his feet, and there’s a triple cordon of thugs outside the hospital”.

Mark it down that the KPU is going through a very hard time. Earlier this week, media reports appeared about pogroms against KPU Obkoms in the Ukraine. Former KPU Rada People’s Deputies told nakanune.ru that they had to go underground to save themselves. At the same time, Ukrainskaya Pravda has an article on Vasilko’s beating. According to “whistle-blowers”, the modest politician from Lvov was the one who exposed the “peaceful Maidan protestors” for what they really were.

26 February 2014


KPRF official website


Editor’s Note:

If you support the USA and its stooge junta in Kiev, you support evil. The above post proves that. That means that both American political parties support evil (but the Republicans are the more culpable as they support ravening unfettered crapitalism as well as grasping for global hegemony). This means that the Uniates support evil… however, the people are repeating lies fed them by their pro-Vatican clergy, so be careful and be focused. That means that you can’t support the American Ukrainian policy, in any way, shape, or form. For people, it’s a tough call, one best made case-by-case… I don’t advise open rebellion against the American government, as Gitmo and “extraordinary rendition” prove that they’re nasty, pitiless, without scruple, and lawless. Those in the forces can cite that their conscience forbids them to take part in actions against their co-religionists. However, NEVER EVER use language that even implies in the slightest way open rebellion against the American authorities. PRISM showed us what they think of us… it’s not pretty, is it? Take a care; you’re dealing with power-hungry control freaks and self-important self-inflated “important people”. They can’t imprison you for expressing your POV… they CAN imprison you for “advocating the overthrow of the government”… BE CAREFUL… the McCarthy era proved how nasty the American government can be.

For us Orthodox, it’s time to make Potapov take a public stance (he really should renounce his ties to Langley openly). We can’t allow a priest of the Church to be associated with such an evil and theomachistic government agency. He should denounce his earlier service to the American government (that includes his ties with rightwing K Street sorts and the Moonie Washington Times, too)… that isn’t illegal; it’s protected Free Speech (castigating the government and advocating rebellion are two very different things).

We’ve deteriorated badly since 1991… we’re drunk on cheap spiritual vodka. Remember… a hangover ALWAYS follows a toot…


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