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Friday, 28 February 2014

VTsIOM: Many Russians Believe that there was a Putsch in the Ukraine, Most Russians Think that the Berkut Acted Correctly

01 do you hear what i hear


On its website, the all-Russian Public Opinion Research Centre (VTsIOM) presented data on how Russians view the current events in the Ukraine. Today, about three-quarters (74 percent) of Russians are following the situation in the Ukraine. As a whole, Russians are more interested in current events in the Ukraine and not events that occurred in the past. Particularly, residents of Moscow and St Petersburg (84 percent), people over 60 (83 percent), and KPRF supporters (84 percent) closely watch the unfolding news. One in four (25 percent) believed that there was a putsch in the Ukraine, resulting in a seizure of power. 29 percent said that there’s rampant anarchy and banditry, and 27 percent called the developing situation the beginning of a civil war. Half of the respondents (50 percent) didn’t like any of the sides in the political conflict. One-third backed the legitimate Yanukovich government, with higher percentages amongst residents of medium-sized cities and those with moderate incomes (37 percent). Only 8 percent were in favour of the Timoshenko junta.

One-fifth (21 percent) thought that Yanukovich should resign and call early elections. On the other hand, 31 percent took the opposite POV, believing that Yanukovich had to suppress the rioters using police action. In turn, 26 percent believed that the authorities should enter into negotiations with the oppositionists and form a coalition government, but the percentage of those who gave this response decreased significantly compared to the beginning of February (when 37 percent said so). Most refused to condemn the actions of the Berkut spetsnaz troops (88 percent); 56 percent said that they were just doing their duty, and 32 percent believed that they saved their country from falling to pieces and sinking into chaos. Only 6 percent thought that the Berkut beat ordinary people with no cause, that they protected a criminal régime. According to 40 percent, the Ukrainian protest movement will morph into disorder, threatening a collapse of the country. Another 22 percent believed that the protests would continue, but that their popularity and scale would decrease. Only 17 percent think that there’s going to be an imminent end to the current discontent and protest actions.

28 February 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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Orthodox Automobile Procession in Sevastopol with Icons

00 Holy Mother of God of Smolensk


For several days now, believers held automobile processions in Sevastopol with the icons of the Holy Mother of GodJoy of All who Sorrow” and “of Chenstokhov“. The Diocese of Simferopol and the Crimea asked for popular support of this event “for the spiritual protection of Sevastopol”, saying, “We need transportation and fuel, we need your personal involvement and your prayers”. The evening before they began, the Dean of Sevastopol Okrug, Archpriest Sergei Khalyuta, led a molieben for peace at St Vladimir Cathedral in Khersones. After the service, a bus went from the cathedral with clergy and believers. Throughout its route, the bus broadcast the Akafist to the Mother of God and offered prayers asking for the reconciliation between the warring parties and for the gift of peace. At the checkpoints established at the city entrances, the clergy served a molieben and read the Gospel. After each service, the clergy sprinkled the checkpoints and their guards with holy water and blessed them with the icon of the Guardian Angel.

27 February 2014




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Bill in RF Gosduma Aims to Simplify Annexing New Territories

00 Viktor Ivanov. Glory to the Russian People! A Nation of Epic Heroism... A Nation of Inventive Creativity! 1946

Glory to the Russian People! A Nation of Epic Heroism… A Nation of Inventive Creativity! 

Viktor Ivanov



On Friday, A Just Russia introduced a bill in the RF Gosduma to simplify the procedure for incorporating new territories into the Russian Federation. Some interpret this as a signal that Moscow plans to take control of the mainly ethnic Russian Crimea. The bill came as acting Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arseny Avakov alleged that Russian troops blockaded an airport in Sevastopol, calling it an armed invasion. The bill provides for a territory to join the Russian Federation via the means of a popular referendum. Its sponsors said, “There’ve been cases when part of a state joined another state without an international treaty being signed. Moreover, international law doesn’t require the conclusion of such a treaty with a foreign state”. Its authors said that the impetus for the bill is Russia’s obligations under a friendship agreement signed in 1997. Under the deal, Russia and the Ukraine agreed to take measures to prevent actions inciting violence against people based on national, ethnic, or religious intolerance. A Just Russia also introduced another bill easing the procedure for granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainian citizens. Vladimir Pligin, chairman of the Gosduma Constitution and State Affairs Committee, said that the Gosduma would consider the bills on 11 March.

In recent days, a series of pro-Russia rallies took place across the Crimea. At those gatherings, Crimean citizens said that they don’t recognise the Timoshenko junta, and they called for Russian intervention. Crimea was part of the RSFSR until 1954, when Khrushchyov transferred it to the Ukrainian SSR within the USSR. Russia has a large naval base there; recently, it extended its lease until 2042.

28 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

The Black Sea Fleet denied that any of its units blockaded the airport. This is belly talk of the highest (and best) order. The spokesman WAS telling the truth. Of course, Russian “volunteers” could be blocking the airport… who aren’t part of the Black Sea Fleet… so, the Russian statement wasn’t only truthful, it was faultless (you can hear Vova telling America, “Assume the position!” Delicious, ain’t it?).

There was nothing new of interest in Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich‘s press conference, but there are two important takeaways from it. Firstly, Russia isn’t handing over Yanukovich to anyone, least of all, the impudent Timoshenko junta in Kiev. Secondly, Russia blames the USA for the putsch in Kiev and puts the Americans on notice that they’re going to follow their national interest, and that the Americans don’t have the oomph or cred to intervene. In addition, Yanukovich’s presence in Russia is a not-so-subtle hint that the Timoshenko putschists don’t control their own country… popular scuttlebutt has it, “Vova will ride into Kiev on a white horse after Easter, to be greeted as a liberator by all decent people”.

Do note that Avakov makes his announcements via his Facebook page. You see, the governmental apparat in Kiev is in a shambles, as the junta kicked out many of the career bureaucrats. Like ‘em or love ‘em, modern society needs ‘em… and the junta plotters now have to try to improvise a working state apparat without adequate funds. This is where their disunity is mucking up the gears. The junta isn’t united… it has three or four major factions, and no decision can move forward without complex parleys. On top of that, their ill-conceived grandstand move to abolish the Berkut means that they lack a trained and disciplined anti-coup force. They’ll have to rely on Svoboda bravos for muscle… and being undisciplined louts, it’ll lead to REAL bloodshed.

In short, Vova’s taking the classic patient Russian approach. Withdraw, conserve one’s forces, build up for a counterpunch, and, at the proper time, strike with overwhelming force. It worked in 1812… it worked in 1941… it’ll work now. Vova will “eat bear gall” for the moment… he’ll make the West “eat crow” soon enough…



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28 February 2014. Crosses for the Pro-Yanukovich People… Swastikas for the Pro-American People… Any Questions?

00 Sevastopol. Roadblocks 01. 28.02.14


00 Sevastopol. Roadblocks 02. 28.02.14


The banner reads “Bamderlogs won’t pass!”, a phrase based on a Hindi word for Rhesus macaque monkeys, characterising the supporters of the Timoshenko junta as vacuous chattering dweebs (Banderlogs are also gross humanoids in role-playing games… I just thought that you’d like to know that). There are many such roadblocks throughout the Crimea to deny passage to pro-American fascist terrorists. Ukrainian patriots carry icons… fascist pro-American louts daub swastikas on buildings and rip down monuments to the victors of the Great Patriotic War… indeed, they glorify those who murdered thousands of Poles in Volynia and who helped stuff Jews into the ovens. One of these things is not like the other!

You can choose whom to support… you can support these people or you can support the neo-Nazi terrorism backed by Washington. It’s your choice… choose well…


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