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Sunday, 2 March 2014

2 March 2014. Orthodox People Gotta Choose… Do We Side With the Church and Russia… Or, Do We Side with Evil and the USA/EU?

00 Ortodox priest. Simferopol. patriotic forces. 02.03.14

A scene in the Crimea… these are our people… we should stand WITH them… NOT against them!


I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. It’s put up or shut up time. We can stand with Fr Vsevolod Chaplin… or we can stand with John Kerry. We can stand with the brave people of Sevastopol… or we can stand with the Washington Times. We can stand with the druzhinniki who’re putting their lives where their opinions are… or we can stand with fatcat American corporate buccaneers who’re trying to protect their Ukrainian analogues (and fatten their already-swollen boodle bags into the bargain). We can’t stand for the crimes of the CIA. We can’t stand for the lies of Radio Liberty. We can’t stand for the lies of the K Street crowd. Most of all, we can’t stand for those who urge aggressive war in yet another place not in the American interest. They can’t thow us in prison for opposing them… they can’t imprison us for speaking our minds out… but they can imprison us if we call for the overthrow of the government (which I’m NOT doing, by the way). It’s time to CHOOSE, Orthodox people… to one priest in particular, shame on you! You’ve grown grey in the service of those who hate our Rodina and hate our civilisation. If you don’t renounce your past service to the CIA Moloch openly… I (and many others) oppose you. NEVER hate… but you can oppose, and you CAN oppose clergy when they’re wrong (just be aware that nasty sorts can hurt you). It’s crunch time, kids…


Choose well…


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BBC Reports about Nazi Militants in Kiev

00 Svoboda pig in Kiev. 02.03.14



The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that the radical group Right Sector organised the most violent protest rallies in the Ukraine. On Saturday, 1 March, it posted a video report on its website from the centre of Kiev, where militants in military uniform with SS symbols patrol the streets. According to the BBC correspondent, thousands of students and workers took to the streets in the Ukrainian capital Kiev with a demand for reforms. However, militants of the ultra-right Right Sector, who wear clothes with Nazi symbols without any fear today and who like to pose with guns in their hands near government buildings, were spotted amongst the ordinary people. The BBC report managed to interview one of the activists, who said that the he liked the ideology of national-socialism, but that it didn’t serve as a basis for the ideology of the Right Sector. He said, “It’s my ideology. Let all those who like Russia go to Russia. The Ukraine is only for Ukrainians”.

The day before, Dmitri Yarosh, a leader of the Right Sector, announced general mobilisation in view of the RF Federation Council’s decision to deploy troops in the Ukraine. On the same day, it also became common knowledge that he’d asked a Chechen terrorist, Doku Umarov, to carry out terakts in Russia. Besides this, militants, calling themselves “freedom fighters” in social networks urged “the peoples enslaved by Moscow to fight against the Chekist regime of President Putin”.

3 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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2 March 2014. THIS is What We Support When We Support the Timoshenko Junta… WHY, MR PRESIDENT?!

00 Ukrainian racist poster. 28.02.14

Demotivational popular amongst Svoboda sorts: “Moskali… Not only sinking into drunkenness and degradation. They also have niggerness”.


Bull Connor lives… and he prowls the Maidan with the Right Sector! The above is the sort of thing one finds on their websites.

Mr President Obama… withdraw your support from such racist filth… or, you give aid and comfort to American racists. It’s quite that simple. Cancel Kerry’s trip to Kiev… if he goes, you cover yourself with the racist muck that oozes out from the kleptocratic junta’s most fervid supporters. If you care about being anti-racist, you’ll end all support for the Timoshenko junta and let nature take its course. Otherwise, you, a black man, prove yourself an enemy to the cause of racial justice.

I doubt that they’ll listen… but I did have to say it. Pass it on, complain to your congressman, and don’t be silent. Otherwise, you side with the soulless bastards. ‘Nuff said…



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In the Kiev Hospital Masked Guys Who Called Themselves the “Heavenly Hundreds” Ordered the Docs to Stop Caring for “Enemies of the Nation”

00 Riots in Kiev. 06.02.14


Sergei Lukyanenko reported in his blog, quoting a doctor in Kiev, that representatives of the junta denied Injured Berkutovtsy in a Kiev hospital food and medicine, calling them enemies of the people.  “I just talked to an old friend from Kiev, a doctor. She’s in shock. Indeed, these guys in masks came into the hospital, calling themselves the Heavenly Hundreds (Небесной сотни); they ordered all care stopped for “enemies of the nation (врагов нации)”. According to an order from Parubiya, the head of the SNBOU (they presented a paper, but where it came from, no one knows), supposedly signed by “President” Turchinov (they presented nothing; it was just an oral assertion). They stated their reason as, ’This is war, there’ll be famine; we’ll need food and medicine for our army, not for murderers’”. This happened at the MVDU Hospital in Berdichevskaya Street, where 74 Berkutovtsy were in hospital for burns and gunshot wounds. Lukyanenko went on to say, “In my opinion, it’d be good to send stuff to feed and care for these guys, the staff’s willing to do it, but they’re afraid of  it would be worth something to feed the kids, and maybe change the bandages, and the staff would be willing to do it, but they’re afraid (there are “tattletales”). However, maybe, they’d somehow persuade them to do what’s right. Those who wish to shout ‘not true’… yesterday, people who came from Kiev told me the same thing. They were Ukrainians… Ukrainian citizens… they told it to me with horror and disgust”.

1 March 2014

Sergei Lukyanenko



Editor’s Note:

THIS is what the West giggles at. If this is “democracy” at work, I think that I’ll pass. Those who support this shit are evil to the bone. It tells you much about neocons and “humanitarian interventionists”… and about those who support them (those amongst us who supported such positions in the past, should renounce such PUBLICLY). America isn’t a “special” country… it’s an ordinary country full of sinful ginfuls like all the rest. The sooner that we realise that, the better off we all shall be…


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