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Monday, 3 March 2014

The “Russian Spring” Spreads… Why is CNN Silent?

00 Dirty Money Breeds Dirty Politics. 09.12


On Monday, RF Permanent Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said at an open meeting of the UN Security Council that the Russian government received an appeal from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich requesting that the RF armed forces restore constitutional order in his country, saying, “The Russian President received an appeal from Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich”. He quoted a letter in which Yanukovich stated, “The events on the Maidan and the illegal seizure of power in Kiev put the Ukraine on the threshold of a civil war.  In this connection, I turn to Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin with a request to use the armed forces of the Russian Federation to restore the rule of law, peace, law and order, stability and to protect the Ukrainian population”. Churkin read the letter dated 1 March aloud. After that, he showed UN Security Council members a photocopy of the original of Yanukovich’s appeal. Concluding his speech, Churkin said that Russia’s actions in Ukraine were “fully adequate and legitimate“.


Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), the chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said that his committee is preparing legislation to give support to the Ukraine and is consulting with the Obama administration on possible sanctions against individual Russians, and Ukrainians cooperating with them, saying, “Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine is a clear violation of international law and demands a swift and coördinated response from the international community to support the Ukraine and counter Russian efforts to annex Ukrainian territory by force”.

Menendez said that the Senate panel is developing a legislative package, supported by both Democrats and Republicans, to authorise funds to give at least 1 billion USD in loan guarantees to give structural support to Ukraine’s economy. It would also authorise technical assistance for energy reforms and to offer election support, strengthen civil society, fight corruption and help the Ukraine recover stolen assets {are they going to help recover assets stolen by Timoshenko, Turchinov, Porsoshenko, and Avakov, amongst others in the kleptocratic junta? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…: editor}. Menendez said the committee was also consulting with the Obama administration on possible sanctions against people ranging from visa bans and asset freezes to suspending military coöperation and sales, as well as economic sanctions {note well that they don’t want to penalise the racist anti-Semites Tyagnibok and Yarosh… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together: editor}. Menendez said that William Burns, a Deputy US Secretary of State, is due to testify before the Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday; he’s expected to give his assessment of the situation in Ukraine.


The Timoshenko junta is recruiting oligarchs to (mis-) govern the country. One of the promises made by the coup plotters on the Maidan was that they’d fight dubiously acquired capital. Meanwhile, they appointed billionaire Igor Kolomoisky as Governor of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast, who previously faced charges in several criminal cases. They appointed Sergei Taruta, CEO of IUD Corporation as Governor of Donetsk Oblast. “Prime Minister” Yatsenuk understands that without the money and power of these people, it’s impossible for him to control the Ukrainian economy, which is the reason for his friendliness.

Igor Kolomoisky, oligarch number 2 according to Forbes, is the junta’s choice for Governor of Dnepropetrovsk Oblast {the area is in effectual revolt against the junta… this appointment is bootless, now: editor}. He supposedly has a good sense of humour, yet, he managed to “earn” four billion USD. He was studying to become an engineer, but he started showing his “business” skills during perestroĭka. As student friends remember, he was always “inventing and trading something”. Avigdor Eskin, a writer and social activist explained, “He’s a very big businessman, who began his career along with partners from Lvov. One of them is known as Vova Morda, the other one as Pups”. They resold computers, phones, and fax machines brought from Moscow. Later on, they switched to sport shoes and sport uniforms until they switched to petrol. That’s how the “Privat” group grew until it became a financial empire. Amongst other things, they’re involved in oil recycling, media (one of their channels is 1+1), FC Dnepr, and well-known Ukrainian banks. That’s how Kolomoisky came to power in Kiev and, then, in other cities. Starting from 2000, he simply took over the local authorities.

Another of the newly appointed oligarch governors is the new Governor of neighbouring Donetsk Oblast, Sergei Taruta {this area is also in virtual revolt… this appointment is fruitless, as well: editor}. His takes in 2.5 billion USD, which gives him the eighth position in the Ukrainian Forbes. All his life, he’s been involved in the metals industry; he founded Industrial Union of Donbas (IUD) and bought FC Metallurg. He had been cosy with the Orangies; he and Yuliya Timoshenko had (shady) business deals in common. Then, he suddenly dropped from sight. Now, the junta named him a governor… but the people in Donetsk aren’t eager to follow him. During protests in the city centre, people shouted, “Out with Taruta!”

Tatyana Gromova, a Donetsk Oblast Soviet People’s Deputy from the KPU, said, “Firstly, we believe that it’s illegitimate. Secondly, we believe that you can’t combine government and capital, as no good can come out of such a government. Every single person has to work for his own capital”. It’s clear why the Timoshenko junta appoints oligarchs as governors… to put the business élite on their side. The junta sees this as a way to consolidate their power in the end. However, political analysts saw in this an opportunity for revenge by the businessmen concerned. They constantly fought with Viktor Yanukovich, but now they’re the ones in power. Political analyst Konstantin Bondarenko said, “Kolomoisky has excellent relations with Turchinov. Taruta has excellent relations with Turchinov. Now, they’re in a great position to grab new assets”.

4 March 2014

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Editor’s Note:

China and Russia still recognise Viktor Yanukovich as the legitimate President of the Ukraine. That means that anything in the UN will go nowhere… China and Russia would veto anything in the Security Council, and they’ve always had a General Assembly majority. The American fulminations only nail the Russian-Chinese alliance down more firmly. The Amerikantsy (especially, the neocons and business élite) are famously stupid; they don’t realise that their own klutzy and greedy actions brought the Russians and Chinese together, keep them together, and will keep them together until the USA stops its drive for global hegemony. The Russians can deal with the putschists in the Ukraine knowing that China has their back and that the UN won’t approve any action that they don’t sign off on.

Menendez is Cuban-American… that says it all. He’s fanatically anti-Castro and he voted for the PATRIOT Act and its extension. He’s John Kerry’s handpicked successor as head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, so, his ass-kissing of the Timoshenko junta should surprise no one. He’s also close to Jon Corzine, who was a Pooh-Bah for Goldman Sachs, so, that means he has no complaints against the junta’s corruption. He’s definitely on the rightwing of the Democratic Party… he combines acridly neocon foreign policy stances with “liberal” social and domestic stances. Everybody knows that he’s the “boss” of Hudson County (that’s Jersey City and Hoboken for them not in the know), and that says it all, too (Menendez denies it… but they all do, don’t they? You can see why he defends the junta… like does call unto like). Burns was a protégé of Madeleine Albright and a crony of Condoleezza Rice… and Bush the Simple’s ambassador in Moscow. He’s a neocon POS from way back… and one can predict what he’s going to say. He’s one of the major running dogs in the District; he’ll never be a Number One, so, he’s chosen to be the Establishment’s lapdog… they reward him handsomely for such. Not all prostitutes hang out on street corners…

The Timoshenko junta brought the most corrupt oligarchs in the Ukraine to the fore. You see, they were never “anti-corruption”, not one little bit, as they were MORE corrupt than Yanukovich ever was. I think that Viktor Fyodorovich has a bad rap in the media. After all, Turchinov destroyed government records, Avakov is a known criminal, and Timoshenko is the most spectacularly corrupt politician on the post-Soviet space (she makes Yuri Luzhkov look like a beginner). THIS is what Obama, the “humanitarian interventionists”, and the neocons slobber over. In short, the USA endorses a shameless criminal gang intent on raping the Ukraine for their personal profit and skunking the West out of more money for their boodle bags. It makes Obama and all the rest in the West look like lying sacks o’ shit. God preserve the Little Russian people and may Russia resolve the situation and put it right.


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