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Saturday, 8 March 2014

KPU First Secretary Pyotr Simonenko Gives His Greetings for the 8 March Holiday

00 Gena and Cheburashka. 8 March holiday


00c KPU May Day 2012


02c 8 March International Women's Day


00d KPU May Day 2012


Our dear beautiful women!

I greet all women on the 8 March holiday… you who have loved, do love, and will keep on loving us. You love your children; you laugh and cry with us from birth, you protect the love and hope in our souls. All the languages of the world have the same word for you… “MAMA”. I hope that the tragedy that our political situation dragged our country into will dissipate quickly… so that you’d feel relaxed and confident at work and in your home, so that you’re not afraid to go out, and so you’re not anxious for the future of your children and grandchildren, the whole country, and all our people. Let the start of spring bring you peace and rest, joy and luck, and hope for good fortune… and may your feminine charm never leave you.

You love us… and we love you back!

7 March 2014

Pyotr Simonenko

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the KPU (TsK KPU)

Chairman of the KPU faction in the Verkhovnaya Rada of the Ukraine   



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