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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Viktor Baranets: Junta Wants to Storm the Crimea and Sweep the South-East

00 Russian priest blessing soldiers in Crimea. 04.03.14


KP military observer Viktor Baranets answers five naïve questions about whether a real war will break out over the Crimea

1. Where are the tanks going?

On the internet, a video showed Ukrainian army elements on the move from their places of permanent deployment. Where is all this equipment going? Are they going south to the border with the Crimea? Not if you believe so-called “Defence Minister” Igor Tenyukh’s statement, “They’re not going towards the Crimea”. According Tenyukh, it’s just normal exercises, “To carry this out, some units may leave their places of permanent deployment to move to training areas”. However, it’s more possible that these statements are a ruse to cover the plans of the Ukrainian junta. Especially, just before this meeting at the Minoborony Ukrainy, Tenyukh insisted, “Whack these bitches from the Crimea” (direct quote). It’s curious that Ukrainian troops moved mainly to the southern bases… closer to the Crimea. The Ukrainian borders stand undefended.

2. What are American advisors doing in the Ukraine?

What are the American military advisors and intelligence officers doing in the Ukraine? Observers have seen them; they seem to be in control of the situation. Reports tell us that the Americans delivered equipment to the US Embassy in Kiev to deploy a state-of-the-art command and control centre. US Army liaison officers disguised in Ukrainian uniform are at the Minoborony Ukrainy and the General Staff, and one finds them within manoeuvre formations as well. Simultaneously, a group of American advisers are actively involved in “informational warfare”… they’re undercover in the Ukrainian media… they’re spreading black propaganda about an alleged impending landing of Russian forces in Kherson.

3. Can the Kiev junta seize the Crimea?

One of the possible options is dropping Ukrainian troops in the rear of the Crimean defences on the isthmus. Simultaneously, they could support these landings with artillery fire and airstrikes. Their objective would be to ensure movement of mechanised infantry, tank, and other formations of the Ukrainian army into the Crimea. Chances are, they’d infiltrate spetsnaz into the Crimea Ukrainian to blockade the units of the Black Sea Fleet. Judging by the fact that ARK intelligence agencies and police increasingly detain infiltrators from the Ukraine, it means that there’s been active scouting of the situation on the peninsula. The Russian General Staff, the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, and military intelligence are ready for this; they’ve developed several possible scenarios of an attack.

4. Do the Ukrainian forces have any real combat capability?

There’s a common “armchair strategist” opinion saying, “In effect, there isn’t a Ukrainian Army”. This is a fallacy. The Ukraine has combat-ready units. Yes, their military equipment is largely outdated (Soviet), but there’s some new stuff too, as one can see in the Oplot MBTs sold on the world market. It’d be dangerous to sneeze at it all. However, the morale of the Ukrainian troops is low. Very few want conflict with the Russians over the Crimea. Yet, there’s an ultra-rabid minority (mainly from the Western Ukraine). To get around the problem of minimal motivation and questionable loyalty, the junta replaced most of the commanders in the south-east with fanatics from the Western Ukraine. There are other details… Tenyukh instructed the General Staff to develop a plan of repression for the south-eastern Ukraine, as it resists the legitimacy of the Kiev junta. They want to use the Army for police purposes, to send it against its own people.

5. Would the Ukrainians be able to inflict losses on the Russian forces?

A Ukrainian military expert put it thusly, “Even though the Russian forces received new weapons over the past five years, enough to give them an edge compared to the Ukrainian forces’ equipment, the latter still retains some combat capability”.

11 March 2014

Viktor Baranets

Komsomolskaya Pravda


Editor’s Note:

Pass this on to as many people as you can… the Timoshenko junta “Prime Minister” Yatsenyuk is due in Washington on Wednesday; it’s probably to announce the beginning of a joint American-junta attack on the Crimea. This article means that the Russian special services caught the Yanks and their oligarch buddies in the act. The USA is using diaspora Ukrainians to carry out its evil intentions. That has “internal” ramifications, by the way, that’s the topic of another post. The USA is using fanatical rightwing diaspora Galician elements to strike at Russia. This is Zbig’s ultimate wet dream… it’s what he’s wanted all his life. Pigs like Nuland, Herbst, and Kerry are unfit company for any decent person… they’ve planned an underhanded assault on a free people.

Pass this on… pass on the warning…

We might avert a war if enough people get the news and act upon it (at least, pass the link on to others)…


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