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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Can YOU Do Anything to Stop the Madness? Take a Look…

00 Lyudmila Tarasova. If Not Me and You, Then, Who. (English).1987


00 Riots in Kiev. 06.02.14

THIS is why you should care… this is what the neofascists do every day in Kiev... and they’re getting nastier by the day…


00 Crimea. 10.03.14

Stand with the free people of the Ukraine! NOT with fascist crapitalist pigs!


00 Crisis. 01 Odessa. We're not giraffe meat for the EU! .3

Do YOU care? DO SOMETHING! These folks in Odessa are standing tall… and they’re facing down Svoboda thugs! We don’t have to worry about that, do we? Oh, the sign… “We’re not giraffe meat for the EU!”


No new US war! Stop media lies about the Ukraine

March from CNN to Fox News

Friday, 14 March, 5 pm to 6 pm:

Rally at CNN

10 Columbus Circle (Broadway & 59th St)

6 pm:

March down Broadway to FOX News

49th St & Sixth Ave

Facebook event: facebook.com/events/226160010906938


Here’s a link with more.

If you’re in town, do show up. After all, the Svoboda pigs showed up in Kiev (betcha that some of their American diaspora cousins may try a provocation… do be careful), didn’t they? It’s time to speak up… the folks in the Ukraine are standing tall, and they’re facing REAL repression. Do you want the Republicans to do the same here in the USA (McCain, Cruz, and Rubio just slobber over the Timoshenko junta and its “reforms”)? DO SOMETHING…


Who, indeed?


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History Repeats Itself: Russia Faces Off with Nazis in the Ukraine

00 Pavel Sokolov-Skalia. The Mother of All Russian Cities... Kiev is Free! 1943

The Mother of All Russian Cities… Kiev is Free! 

Pavel Sokolov-Skalia


Shall we have to liberate Kiev once again from the Nazis? 


With ultra-nationalism and anti-Jewish sentiment rife in the Western Ukraine, it looks like history is repeating itself, this time with the West trying to pit the Ukraine against Russia, just as it did back in the days when Nazism was on the rise in Germany. In the 1930s, the Third Reich was all the rage in Europe and in the USA, with the Anglo-American élites pinning their hopes on Hitler, who they believed could end the Soviet menace. They reviled Russia… but not Nazi Germany. In fact, American corporations and banks supported and financed the Nazis, whilst their officials and businesses respected the Nazi régime. Mackenzie King, the union-busting advisor of the Rockefeller family and tenth prime minister of Canada, even admired Hitler openly, as did Edward VIII, who abdicated from the British throne in favour of his brother. However, of course, the goal was to get Berlin and Moscow to destroy one another. Washington used this same strategy against Baghdad and Tehran when it encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and launch the Iran-Iraq War.

Now, the West compares President Putin with Adolf Hitler, with Hillary Clinton and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird drawing parallels between the supposed deployment of Russian troops in the Crimea and the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia’s Sudetenland. The propaganda war is in full swing as the media are doing their best to demonise Russians and to pave the way for the USA’s long-term objective of isolating and neutralising Russia as an international rival and Eurasian actor. They turn the truth on its head. Now, they vilify the heirs of the Soviets, who defeated the Nazis and liberated Europe at a great price, whilst fascist forces and Western militarism are on the march again. Nevertheless, the neoliberals and organised capital stand behind the fascists; they really pull the strings, just as they did before World War II.

It should come as no surprise that Arseny Yatsenyuk, the Wall Street-supported coup-imposed “Prime Minister” of the Ukraine, collaborates with ultra-nationalist admirers of Nazi collaborators in the Ukraine. In a twist of fate, Russia again stands against a fledgling Nazi state. The events in the Ukraine are not just mere media spin… they have deep links to the past and to the future. George Orwell said the following about the discursive process tied to the way that we frame history, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past”. As it was in the Western Ukraine that collaborated with the Nazis in the Second World War, extreme Russophobic neofascists overrun Kiev, manipulated by the USA and the EU in trying to bring down Russia.

13 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service



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The New Ukraine: Woe to the Vanquished

00 ukrainian rioter 02. 31.01.14


President Yanukovich lost and the situation in the Ukraine is developing according to the old rule known to the ancient Romans… “Woe to the Vanquished”. During the first day of its work, the Rada replaced a dozen ministers with Ukrainian nationalists, cancelled the regional status for the Russian language, even in areas where Russians are a majority, and declared the still legal President Viktor Yanukovich a criminal. This revolutionary logic makes current events very different from the so-called Orange Revolution of 2005. Then, the events weren’t entirely peaceful either, but at least no one died, and the victors didn’t talk of revenge from the first day of their rule. In fact, that revolution ultimately had two victors… Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovich, both of whom later had a turn at trying the president’s wheel.

This time, the revenge is swift and cruel… not only Yanukovich, but also the Minister of Internal Affairs and the General Procurator could face criminal charges in the near future. Already, half of the oblast governors in the Ukraine tendered their resignations, fearing for their safety after rioters ransacked many government buildings and publicly humiliated many officials. What‘s especially worrying is that the so-called EU “mediators” seemed to be very untroubled by this development. In fact, the foreign ministers of France, Germany, and Poland forced on Yanukovich a deal that they formally guaranteed. When the opposition failed to fulfil its part of the deal and took control of government buildings, we didn’t hear a single word of reproach from France or from Germany. As for Poland, its Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski {he’s affiliated with the extremist Hard Right American Enterprise Institute in the USA: editor}, went even further, defining the events in Ukraine as “something that isn’t a coup d’état”, Well, what can you expect from a man who continued talking about some mythical “peaceful protests” even when tweeting his reports about “black smoke” and explosions near the presidential administration in Kiev? If anyone disgraced himself on these three days that changed the Ukraine, it was these three ministers… even to a greater degree than Yanukovich did. After these three high EU officials guaranteed this agreement, which lasted less than 10 minutes, who’ll view the EU as a reliable intermediary, a guarantor of anything, or, indeed, even a reliable partner?

Meanwhile, the Ukraine needs partners now. The country is in desperate need of money, and if Yanukovich talked about 20 billion dollars, the new rulers want 35 billion. The EU is nodding at the IMF and the IMF is nodding at the European banks. Formally, Russia could help, as it did many times before, but why should Russia bail out a country where an active anti-Russian minority forces its will on the majority? In addition, private investors may find it hard to trust a country where several hundred determined people with gasoline, stones, and small arms can bring the government to its knees. Therefore, the Ukraine will now spend a lot of time looking for willing capitalists to invest in it. Interestingly, the Western media suddenly developed a liking for old Bolshevik tricks… instead of seriously analysing whether the new “leadership” of the Ukraine was legal or not, it savoured the luxuries of Yanukovich’s presidential residence, now open to the public. Well, after 1917 the Bolsheviks also opened the Winter Palace to public as a “visible justification” for their coup. History didn’t justify it, though. It won’t justify this new Ukrainian coup either.

25 February 2014

Dmitri Babich

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Babich wrote this two weeks ago, and things worsen every day. Why did the USA and the EU pull the pin out of this particular hand grenade? It ain’t over ‘till it’s over, and I fear that much bloodshed and devastation will come because of the West’s juvenile perfidiousness. Vladimir Putin did NOT set this up… Barack Obama, John Kerry, and Victoria Nuland did… they deserve to be in prison orange for this aggression… but they won’t be. One can only hope that their plans will be as fruitless as GWB’s were in South Ossetia.

We can only pray, pass the jug, and wait… and stay away from the elephant’s feet. God do preserve us…


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Junta to Create “National Guard” Out of Euromaidan Toughs… Conducting NKVD-Style Purge of MVDU

00 Ukrainian rioter 01. 31.01.14


An anonymous source in the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine told RIA-Novosti that the junta would create a new armed body… the “National Guard”… out of Euromaidan rioters, as the junta mistrusts the Ukrainian armed forces. The junta believes that the forces lack combat readiness and that they lack the will to defend the junta and its “reforms”. Our source told us, “It (the National Guard) will be a loyal internal force for the new junta made up of Euromaidan vigilantes”. Besides, the new junta wants to put into the force structure a unit that will do anything that it orders it to. Our source said, “Some say that the National Guard will have over 20,000 personnel”. They went on to explain that this move was part of a junta decision to purge the MVDU of all elements that it suspects of harbouring disloyalty to them.

12 March 2014



Editor’s Note:

If this doesn’t prove to you that the junta is a bunch of neo-Nazis, nothing will. They’re going to put rioters in uniform, give them guns, and give them police powers. That’s a sure recipe for the Night of the Long Knives and Kristallnacht all rolled up into one noxious little package. This National Guard will lack training… it will lack discipline… it will lack a coherent force structure… but it will have weapons… it will have “loyalty”… it will do anything that the junta orders it to, including mowing down dissidents.

Their grandfathers helped the Einsatzkommando at Babi Yar… the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree…


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