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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Can YOU Do Anything to Stop the Madness? Take a Look…

00 Lyudmila Tarasova. If Not Me and You, Then, Who. (English).1987


00 Riots in Kiev. 06.02.14

THIS is why you should care… this is what the neofascists do every day in Kiev... and they’re getting nastier by the day…


00 Crimea. 10.03.14

Stand with the free people of the Ukraine! NOT with fascist crapitalist pigs!


00 Crisis. 01 Odessa. We're not giraffe meat for the EU! .3

Do YOU care? DO SOMETHING! These folks in Odessa are standing tall… and they’re facing down Svoboda thugs! We don’t have to worry about that, do we? Oh, the sign… “We’re not giraffe meat for the EU!”


No new US war! Stop media lies about the Ukraine

March from CNN to Fox News

Friday, 14 March, 5 pm to 6 pm:

Rally at CNN

10 Columbus Circle (Broadway & 59th St)

6 pm:

March down Broadway to FOX News

49th St & Sixth Ave

Facebook event: facebook.com/events/226160010906938


Here’s a link with more.

If you’re in town, do show up. After all, the Svoboda pigs showed up in Kiev (betcha that some of their American diaspora cousins may try a provocation… do be careful), didn’t they? It’s time to speak up… the folks in the Ukraine are standing tall, and they’re facing REAL repression. Do you want the Republicans to do the same here in the USA (McCain, Cruz, and Rubio just slobber over the Timoshenko junta and its “reforms”)? DO SOMETHING…


Who, indeed?


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