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Thursday, 13 March 2014

13 March 20014. Some TRUTH about Uniatism in the Crimea… An Antidote to Recent Papist/Langley Propaganda

00 KPRF. Red Fist Smashes Nazi Swastika. 02.03.14

Give Uniate lies the old “one-two”… don’t let their bald-faced fibs and distortions go unchallenged!


Recently, there was an egregiously false article in the National Catholic Reporter. It was utter bullshit from top to bottom. However, you need FACTS to counter Uniate lies in public (and this one was a WHOPPER, kids). Firstly, there’s no major Uniate concentration in the Crimea, never has been, never will be. Why? Uniates are mostly concentrated in lands that were under the political control of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Habsburgs, and the Second Polish Republic. The Crimea was NEVER under such rule. It’s part of Novorossiya, which the Empire conquered in the 18th century from the Ottomans. That is, Uniates are found were Catholics conquered Orthodox lands. As that was NEVER true of the Crimea, there are no native Uniates there. NONE. It NEVER fell under the purview of the notorious Union of Brest. Furthermore, Uniatism in the Empire was only tolerated in lands of the Polish Partitions, and only until 1830. That is, no Uniatism existed in the Crimea before 1991… all the present miniscule congregations are Galician carpetbaggers. Uniates are NOT 20 percent of the Crimea’s population… they’re not even ONE PERCENT, kids.

Not to put too fine a face on it, the Uniates and Langley are telling colossal whoppers, knowing that they’re talking to ignorant audiences who don’t know enough to counter their lies. This is why all Orthodox have to break ALL contact with ALL Uniate institutions and break off ALL “dialogue”. They’re thrusting a knife into the back of the Mother Church… we shouldn’t help them by schmoozing with them.

It’s serious… it’s a matter of life and death for our coreligionists in the motherland… stand up! Don’t let the papist lies pass without opposition. Don’t hate… don’t take it out on rank n’ filers… but do oppose them with all your talents. It’s put up or shut up time, kids…

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V R Legoida: “It’s not Correct nor Acceptable to Call It an Ecumenical Council”

17-Alfons Maria Mucha. Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain. The Orthodox Vatican (from the Slavonic Epic, nr 17). 1926

Mount Athos, The Holy Mountain: The Orthodox Vatican (from the Slavonic Epic, nr 17)

Alfons Maria Mucha



Vladimir Legoida, head of the MP Synodal Information Department (SINFO), expanded on what came about at the meeting of the First Hierarchs and representatives of the Local Churches held last week at the HQ of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Phanar in Istanbul. The main purpose of the meeting was to prepare for an all-Orthodox Sobor. Legoida related that the Church reached consensus on convening a Sobor in spring 2016, saying, “The MP delegation, headed by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundayev, played a crucial role in this. The meeting decided to increase preparations for holding a Sobor. This autumn, a special commission composed of one bishop and one advisor from each autocephalous Local Church will begin work. By the spring of next year, the commission will pave the way for the opening of an all-Orthodox Pre-Sobor Conference. It’ll agree upon the final issues to be addressed and be the final step towards an all-Orthodox Sobor”.

“One should note that the First Hierarchs and representatives of the Local Churches unequivocally supported the MP’s position that we should reach all decisions at any future all-Orthodox Sobor by consensus only. This means that if a decision lacks the support of even one Local Church, the Sobor won’t accept it; all decisions must have unanimity to be valid. This is according to ancient Church tradition, this characterises and distinguishes catholicity from recent parliamentary democracy, where decision-making is through the principle of majority. What’s more, this Sobor is important as a living example of how to restore inter-Orthodox communication, long complicated by various factors”. Answering a question whether the upcoming Sobor is an Ecumenical Council, Legoida explained, “Some call the upcoming Sobor a Holy and Great Council; some call it an all-Orthodox Sobor. It’s not correct nor acceptable to call it an Ecumenical Council. The last Ecumenical Council was in Nicaea in 787, and there’s been no more Ecumenical Councils since then. After the schism of 1054, the Latins continued to hold councils, which they called ‘ecumenical’. However, the Church doesn’t recognise them. We expect that the future all-Orthodox Sobor in 2016 would include the First Hierarchs and representatives of all recognised autocephalous Orthodox Local Churches“.

12 March 2014


MP official website


Editor’s Note:

I left “Sobor” in the original Russian for a reason. Firstly, all Russian Orthodox in the diaspora know what a “sobor” is… it’s a meeting held to thrash out matters of Church governance, not doctrinal issues. That’s true of this meeting, as well. There’s MUCH less to it than what EP and papist sources are trumpeting in various fora and media. GIVE HEED TO THE SECTIONS IN BOLDFACE. Read them with care… there be plenty of fresh and steaming cowpats in that there field. When one adds to that Balashov’s recent comment on the number of autocephalous Churches, one can realise that this Sobor is far from a done deal.

One last thing, Antioch and Czechia/Slovakia weren’t at the late meeting… y’know, we need CONSENSUS for ANYTHING to fly… can you catch my drift?


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Junta Slimers want to Shitcan Provisions Mandating Free Medical Care in Ukrainian Constitution

01c Patriarchal Yolka 2011

HH with kids at his New Year’s Yolka at the State Kremlin Palace… he cosponsors it with the Profsoyuz (Trades-Union Federation) NOT with greedster crapitalist oligarch filth. He SUPPORTS a full social safety net. That’s why the Timoshenko junta’s attempt to destroy state-mandated healthcare is evil and why all decent people must oppose them for it.


Irina Spirina, Rada People’s Deputy of the KPU faction, and First Deputy Head of the Rada Health Committee, told GolosUA that the Health Committee of the Rump Rada proposed to destroy free healthcare in the Ukraine by amending the Constitution, saying, “In parallel with their grasp for political ‘reforms’, we see attempts by extremist neoliberal oligarchic factions to change the social foundation of the Ukraine by removing social guarantees from the Constitution”. At the same time, she explained that a bill came to her Rada committee amending Article 49 of the Constitution, which guarantees free medical care in the Ukraine, noting, “Today (12 March), we held a meeting of the Rada Health Committee. At the meeting, we discussed proposed changes to Article 49 of the Constitution. How could the Committee propose that? The law sets the norms for state guarantees of free medical care for citizens and their regulation. Today, the Constitution guarantees free basic medical care. The proposed amendment would allow the government to decide the volume and qualities of healthcare arbitrarily”. She added that each new government “rewrites” laws and regulations. Spirina thinks that we shouldn’t remove provision of free medical care from the Constitution. She told us that almost all the members of the Committee voted for the proposal, except for one abstention. Spirina said, “I voted against it”.

13 March 2014


KPU official website


Editor’s Note:

Can you see why the Weekly Standard and all the neocons are creaming their jeans over the junta, even more so than Democratic “humanitarian interventionists” are? This should prove to all concerned that the Republican Party’s stance on social welfare is evil and that all decent people should oppose it. The GOP and the junta agree… “Money makes the world go around… it’s more important than people are”… if you can’t see that, you’re blind (especially, in light of Paul Ryan’s recent acrid remarks).

Orthodox people… the Church condemns the junta’s stance (and that of the GOP)… if you support Justin Amash, Gus Bilirakis, or Darrell Issa, you set yourself up against the best elements in Christ’s Church. HH is FOR single-payer healthcare and a well-financed FULL social safety net… so, get your minds right and oppose all pseudo-religious poseurs, both in the USA and in the Ukraine.



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Two-thirds of Russians Believe “Crimea and the Eastern Ukraine are Essentially Russian Territory; Russia has the Right to Use Military Force to Protect their People”

00 Ukraine map of unrest. 10.03.14


On 7-10 March, Levada Centre did a survey analysing public reaction to recent events in the Ukraine. Most respondents (53 percent) admit that they’re “not too well-versed” on the Ukrainian events, whilst another 15 percent said that they don’t know what to believe. 47 percent of Russians believe that our domestic media coverage on the Ukraine is “mostly objective” and 16 percent believe that the information supplied by the media is “fair overall”. The overwhelming majority of respondents (67 percent) blame the worsening situation in the Crimea on “radical Ukrainian nationalists”. Another 16 percent of Russians fingered “mafia groups”, and 9 percent fault Crimean Tatar nationalists. Half of Russians… 49 percent… wholeheartedly support the Crimea’s annexation to Russia, another 30 percent “mostly support” this step. Those advising that we should refrain from such an action are 12 percent. In response to a question about why they’d consider sending Russian forces to the Crimea and to other Ukrainian areas legitimate, the majority of Russians (65 percent) stated, “Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are essentially Russian territory; Russia has the right to use military force to protect their people”.

According to another poll conducted by VTsIOM, the approval rating of President Vladimir Putin reached its maximum point over the last three years at 71.6 percent. A VTsIOM statement said, “The previous maximum value of this index was in May 2012 (68.8 percent), immediately after Putin’s inauguration as head of state”.

13 March 2014




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