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Saturday, 15 March 2014

NY Times Posts Langley Provocation… There’s Been NO Attack on the Ukraine by Russia

01 Today's Special Lies!


The NY Times claims that Russian forces attacked the Ukraine. I just checked RT, Nakanune.ru, Lenta.ru, RIA-Novosti, and VOR… nothing of the sort is found there. NOTHING. In short, the NYT lies like a rug. It’s reporting fantasy. It’s dezinformatsiya; it’s black propaganda of the most blatant sort. If you believe their rubbish, you should be put in a rubber room with no access to anything sharp or noisy. I repeat, there is NOTHING on the supposed “incursion” in the Russian media, it’s a chimera that exists solely in the disordered minds of the Timoshenko junta and Langley. However, it IS true that Yatsenyuk stole Scythian gold and took it to the USA… fancy that. Note the silence of the western media on that little act of theft…

Be careful… the West is doing its best to fuck up the all-Crimea referendum. Langley isn’t known for its devotion to the truth or to justice. Stay focused…


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