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Monday, 17 March 2014

Ukrainian Junta to Seize Privately-Held Weapons… American Republicans Slobber Over Them… What’s Wrong with that Picture?

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On Sunday, 16 March, the MVDU and SBU posted demands on their websites ordering that all citizens immediately surrender “unregistered” weapons. Junta “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov and SBU chieftain Valentin Nalivaichenko demanded “the surrender of illegal weapons because of the emergency sociopolitical situation in the country, the worsening crime situation, and systemic provocations on the part of foreign citizens in the Crimea and in the Southeastern Ukraine” {sounds a lot like how the Euromaidan thugs grabbed power… they don’t like it when a more competent party turns the tables on them: editor}. Both agencies emphasised that the requirement applies to all, regardless of political affiliation and participation in lawful social groups. They ordered the police ordered to immediately start searching for illegal weapons, to get them out of circulation, and hold all those who refuse to hand over their arms liable under the law.

Avakov and Nalivaichenko claimed, “We must immediately stop the violence in our streets and protect the lives and health of our people”. They added that they knew that all “true patriots” would understand and support them. On 15 March, Konstantin Dolgov, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, called on the Ukraine to mount a “massive effort” against extremists. He also emphasised that they should outlaw “Banderovtsy” for inciting ethnic hatred. In early March, the MVDU announced that citizens who voluntarily surrender illegal firearms until 21 March would be exempt from criminal liability. In addition, the ministry urged the police to find the ammunition, explosives, and special equipment confiscated from security forces during the Kiev riots.

16 March 2014




The junta wants to confiscate guns. The US Republican Party slobbers over the junta. Someone better tell the NRA! Y’ see, if they support gun confiscation in the Ukraine, they’ll support it here, too, if we gave ’em a chance. Ain’t hypocrisy grand? Perhaps, the NRA oughta reconsider its political strategy! Pass the jug… the world hasn’t gotten any less wacky in the last 24…

In any case, to be fair, I’d observe that they’d only confiscate some guns… they’ll take guns from ethnic Russians and give them to Galician Svoboda stormtroopers. Don’t forget… their grandpas willingly helped the Nazis at Babi Yar… the apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree, did it?



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