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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Schedule of Services for Fr Alexander Atty… Вечная ему память

00 Fr Alexander Atty. 23.03.14


Do remember to pray for the repose of the soul of the newly departed Servant of God, Archpriest Alexander Atty. Fr Alexander, former Dean of St Tikhon Seminary in South Canaan PA, and before that, priest at St Michael Antiochian Orthodox Church in Louisville KY, died early Sunday morning, 23 March.

Вечная ему память!

Services for Fr Alexander

(all times are EDT)

Tuesday 25 March
10.30-19.00: Visitation, at St Michael Antiochian Orthodox Church, 3701 St Michael Church Drive, Louisville KY
19.00: Funeral of a priest

Wednesday 26 March  
11.00: Funeral Service for Fr Alexander (following the 09.00 Presanctified Liturgy)

Friday 28 March
Time TBD: Prayers/service at St John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Cathedral (ROCOR), 706 Hill Street, Mayfield PA, and burial at St Tikhon Orthodox Cemetery, South Canaan PA

That’s all that there is now. If you need info for the services in Louisville KY, click here for Fr Alexis Kouri, the local pastor. If you need info for the services in Mayfield PA, click here for Fr John Sorochka, the local dean. Any future adjustments and announcements will be here.



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Rusins in the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus Don’t Want to be Part of a Neo-Nazi Ukraine

00 flag of Podkarpatskaya Rus. 23.03


Open Letter to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, President of the Russian Federation 

Most Honourable President of the Russian Federation!

We appeal to you… the President of a Great Country… a country that has traditional ties with our country, which wasn’t and isn’t unmoved by our colonial subjugation by the Ukraine, which wishes for our recovery, stability, and unity. We always appreciated the very high level of civilisational values ​​(education, science, employment, stability, and social benefits for Rusins) that the fraternal Russian people brought to Podkarpatskaya Rus starting in autumn 1944, which deteriorated and rotted under Ukraine rule over the past 22 years.

An illegal seizure of power by Galician nationalists in Zakarpatya Oblast motivates us to issue this urgent appeal to you. At present, the menace of lawless Galician nationalism hangs over Podkarpatskaya Rus, the farthest Western outpost of the Russian World. On 29 January 2014, the pro-Galician neo-Nazi Balogh pressured the Deputies of the Zakarpatya Oblast Soviet to overturn the legitimate government in the region. The official Ukrainian government and the Constitution of Ukraine ceased to exist in Podkarpatskaya Rus with this vote on 29 January 2014, which means that the timeless autonomous status of the region came back into force. It’s clear that outsiders seized power in our region, under the guise of “integrating democratic European values ​​and reforms”. This began a humanitarian catastrophe for the Rusin people, indeed, for everyone living in Podkarpatskaya Rus, at the hands of Galician neo-Nazis and their local collaborators. Officially, the junta and its law enforcement agencies are subject to a so-called Zakarpatya People’s Rada, which is unconstitutional. It’s possible that a massive new persecution of Rusins will begin, as it did 100 years ago in 1914 in the Austrian death camps of Terezín and Talerhof, in 1939 in the Dumen camp near Rakhova. Today, Clan Balogh and its Galician stooges seized control of the energy transportation systems owned by the Russian Federation and the Ukraine throughout Podkarpatskaya Rus.

In this situation, the People’s Government of Podkarpatskaya Rus and all the Rusin people ask the President of the Russian Federation, in the spirit of fraternal agreements with the Ukraine, (which is almost a nonentity today because of its destruction by Galician neo-Nazis), to undertake a peacekeeping operation for a brief period, to allow the resumption of the pre-Soviet Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. The Ukrainian SSR renamed us Transcarpathian Ukraine on 26 November 1944. The results of the 1 December 1991 referendum show that our people desire the political restoration of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus. We appeal to you, Mr President. We base our appeal on the decisions of the 2nd European National Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins from 25 October 2008, the Act of Recreating the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, the election of the national government of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the decisions of the First World Congress of Podkarpatsky Rusins on 25 April 2009 in Pardubice in Czechia.

The last international legal act of the will of our people in the USSR/Ukrainian SSR… legal under the “Law of the Ukrainian SSR on national and local referendums” passed in 1991… was a local referendum/plebiscite in Podkarpatskaya Rus held on 1 December 1991. That was 22 years ago, but this referendum and its results remain a legitimate and legal expression of the will of the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus. A majority of the people (76.8 percent) supported the legal stipulation, “Zakarpatya is a special self-governing territory, as a subject under international law not included in other territorial-administrative units”, that is, autonomy within the Ukraine. Today, those in the Rusin lands don’t want to part of a Ukraine where Galician neo-Nazi rioters threaten Rusins with ethnic cleansing.

We, Rusins, and all other residents of Podkarpatskaya Rus, have grounds under international law to appeal to you, Mr President, for the recognition of the restoration of the statehood of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, and to call upon you to mount a peacekeeping operation to neutralise Galician neo-Nazism in Podkarpatskaya Rus. The successful resolution of the Syrian Chemical Weapons Crisis clearly showed Russia’s peacekeeping ability in world affairs. We believe that a peacekeeping operation of the Russian Federation in the Ukraine would be successful and in the best interests of the country.

With respect,

Pyotr Getsko

Prime Minister of the Republic of Podkarpatskaya Rus, Coordinator of the Rusin Network


01 Podkarpatska Rus


Pyotr Getsko appealed to Russian communities in the Ukraine

The Rusin Network appeals to all Russian and pro-Russian associations and organizations in the Ukraine… let’s coöperate, otherwise the vicious neo-Nazis will crush us one by one. To start, we must nurture resistance to any manifestation of Galician fascism in any form, whether it’s physical, or in the media, or within the family, or in the work collective, or amongst our neighbours, or out on the streets. The time for passive indifference is over; we need to become active participants. We need to create a network of resistance and coördinate it; that’s the only way that we can keep the contagion from spreading across the Ukraine like a metastasising cancer.



17 March 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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Odessa and Donetsk See Protests… More Ukie Grunts Rally to Russia… The Ukraine May Introduce New Currency to Enrich the Fatcats and Fuck the People

00 Donetsk. Ukraine. 23.03.14


Republic of Crimea (RK) cops inspected a Ukrainian military base due to reports of unidentified intruders from outside the area being there. A police source said that they received intel from various sources that a group of unidentified people arrived from the Ukraine to a Ukrainian military base in Belbek. To check this information, RK cops searched the grounds of the base for intruders and unauthorised weapons. Afterwards, the cops attempted to contact the base command, but it provoked a conflict. However, there were no injuries. During the scuffle, some unidentified intruders hiding on the base left the grounds by a side checkpoint. Cops are trying to find out how many intruders there were and where they came from.


This smells like an attempted infiltration of Galician Uniate terrorists. The history of the Banderovtsy proves that one has to take such a threat seriously. You can’t negotiate with such bandits… you have to kill them on sight. Otherwise, they cause untold damage and mayhem.



On Saturday night, traffic from the RK to the Ukraine re-opened, but vehicles moved slowly through the border due to gruelling inspections by Ukrainian border officials. The queue stretched for more than half a kilometre (0.3 miles) from a checkpoint near Armyansk on the Perekop Isthmus of, a narrow strip of land that connects the Crimean peninsula to the Ukraine. Early on Saturday, the Ukrainians closed their border with the RK. The commander of an RK Berkut unit guarding the border said, “Traffic was blocked for several hours by the Ukrainians for unknown reasons. It re-opened on Saturday evening”.


Public organisations in Odessa shall hold a march titled “Not a Step Back!” against political repression in the Ukraine and against the illegal putsch against President Yanukovich on Sunday. A main demand of the protesters is the release of Anton Davidchenko, the leader of Narodnaya Alternativa (People’s Alternative), a coordinating body of local groups against the junta. The SBU arrested him; the protestors demand not only his release, but also that the junta end its repression of other activists charged with working against the Ukrainian state {actually, they’re against a Galician Uniate/schismatic Orthodox takeover of the central state apparat, with a consequent repression of the Russian Orthodox population: editor}.

In recent days, the junta increased reprisals and provocations against protest leaders in Odessa. Therefore, the people of Odessa believed that they must take to the streets and show that Odessa isn’t going to surrender. Their aim is to prove that arrests won’t stop the people of Odessa from fighting for their lawful rights. Key demands are that the authorities hold a referendum on federalising the Ukraine, give the Russian language official status, and change the course of the Ukraine’s foreign policy away from the EU and NATO. Local Euromaidan supporters asked a court to forbid the march, but the court rejected the demands of pro-junta pro-Western elements. Thousands of people gather in Odessa every weekend to support the above-mentioned demands. More than 10,000 people took to the streets last Sunday, 16 March. They carried huge flags of the Ukraine, Russia, and Crimea chanting, “Referendum! Ukraine and Russia Together! Fascism Will Not Pass! Odessa is a Russian City!” They demanded that the junta stop its misinformation campaign in the local press, end pressure on television channels supporting pro-Russian patriot elements, and allow the rebroadcast of Russian TV programmes.


Odessa isn’t the only place where the junta practises repression worse than that found in later Sov times. One of the worst places is Carpatho-Russia, where no news comes out except pro-junta pabulum, which isn’t good. Fr Dmitri Sidor, the most outspoken Rusin leader, dropped out of sight after a kangaroo court trial by the junta. No one knows anything about his whereabouts. I fear the worst… the best is that the Svoboda pigs only tortured him… the worst is that they killed him for courageously standing against Galician Uniatism.

By the way, most nationally conscious Rusin people resent the label “Ukrainian”. This is a good time for an excursus into “Carpatho-Russian”… I needed a plausible reason to bring it up. “Rusin” is the correct transliteration of Русин, not “Rusyn”; the latter is a backwoods Uniate innovation. Rusins are a separate, distinct, yet united part of the all-Russian nationality. They are plankowners of Holy Rus along with Great Russians, Little Russians, White Russians, and all the other Russian Orthodox peoples. They go back to the beginning; they were part of the Kievan Rus proto-Russian state. They are NOT “non-Russian”. To be RUSSIAN, one needn’t be Great Russian only. The Uniates and their Western backers dismiss and denigrate Rusin Russophiles by claiming that the term “Russky” applies ONLY to Great Russians.

In the American diaspora, Schmemann introduced the Uniate/papist label of “Rusyn” for Carpatho-Russians. Thus, in his eyes (and in the eyes of his besotted acolytes), they weren’t RUSSIAN. This flies in the face of history, Rusin self-identity, and reality. Look at the older OCA church cornerstones and tombstones… they show an all-Russian consciousness… certainly not “Moskal”, Byelorussian, Siberian, or Ukrainian… but Carpatho-RUSSIAN. Unfortunately, one sees the offensive and incorrect term “Rusyn” in ROCOR websites and articles. This may be a result of sucking up to SVS… one of the negative results of the ’07 reconciliation. We need to support our Orthodox brethren in Podkarpatskaya Rus… we shouldn’t give aid and comfort to their Uniate repressors (who are fanatical supporters of the putschist junta in Kiev). Pass the word about Fr Dmitri’s disappearance… it puts the lie to all the junta’s claims of normality and legitimacy.



00 ukrainian grynia. 23.03.14


An interesting letter appeared on the internet the other day, it was a private letter from an employee with Giesecke und Devrient, a München-based banknote printing firm. They warned their Ukrainian relatives about the impending collapse of the Ukrainian financial system. It seems that the National Bank of Ukraine, following Arseny Yatsenyuk’s “government” into a radiant future, decided to do away with the Ukrainian national currency, the gryvnia.

Translation of the letter:

Dear Emma,

Mother and I are very worried about you. Is your family all right? How are the kids? Why are you staying away from Skype contacts? Here, the media are saying awful things about the Ukraine, we don’t understand anything, and the future is vague. We know that you have a business there, but please, for our sake, try to persuade your husband to come and stay with us in München, at least for a short time. We can send the boys to a local school, fortunately, Martha is still teaching, so we won’t have to worry about you. Let us know as soon as you make up your minds. Please, don’t play a waiting game. In any case, be sure to get rid of grynias in cash and convert your bank accounts to euros, it looks like Yatsenyuk will soon make gryvnias useless paper. We had an urgent commission at Giesecke und Devrient from the National Bank of the Ukraine to develop a design for a new currency unit. It’d have the same name, gryvnia, but on a different standard. Actually, it’s an imitation euro. We’re working at full speed because they want sketches of the notes in a week. I’m afraid that you’ll soon be able to send your current money to a museum.

Your Albert

Incidentally, Giesecke und Devrient is rather well-known for developing banknote designs and putting them into production. This wasn’t the end of it, the woman’s husband appealed to the Rada for explanations. Moreover, in addition to his e-mail letter, the man posted sketches of new banknotes that his German relative had sent to his wife. Of course, the Rump Rada ignored the awkward question. However, the website of the Lvov Bank posted a warning. Starting with 1 June 2014, due to changing monetary policy of the National Bank of the Ukraine, bank departments won’t accept gryvnia banknotes of older design. Sometime later, they deleted the notification, but a bad aftertaste remained.

To sum up, one could say that the latest national revolution successfully ended with a huge bonanza for the oligarchs achieved through a straightforward robbery of ordinary people. We have a feeling that the gryvnia will die quietly. At least, there’s not a word of it in the media, so it’s reasonable to suppose that people would face the need to exchange their gryvnias for the new currency at an extortionate rate, suddenly, without warning. In this way, the junta will try to erase their domestic debt. We know at whose expense.


Sources at Simferopol airport told Kryminform that passenger flights between Moscow and Simferopol are longer, given adjustments in the flight route. Previously, a flight from Moscow to Simferopol took about 90 minutes; now, flight time may exceed 2.5 hours. Our source said, “Passenger planes no longer enter Ukrainian airspace; they fly via Rostov-on-Don and Anapa, over the Black Sea”. Previously, flights between Moscow and Simferopol would proceed via Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov. On Saturday, a flight attendant on a Russian airliner that carried Moscow reporters said, “Now, we brief passengers before the flight on how to use lifejackets, given that the planes fly over the sea”. Sources in air traffic control services confirmed reports that passenger flight routes to Simferopol use different paths. Our source noted, “Now, Moscow airliners are guided by air traffic controllers of the Rostov-on-Don air zone”, adding that the flight time increased. He said that after the RK rejoined Russia, the authorities reclassified flights between Moscow and the RK as domestic routes.


MasterCard and Visa reversed their decision to cut off online services for payment transactions for clients of SMP Bank, controlled by brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, both of whom are on the list of Russian officials subjected to American sanctions over the Crimea. SMP Bank’s co-owner Yuri Kovalchuk is also on the American sanctions list of 20 Russians announced on Thursday. The same day, Visa and MasterCard stopped serving clients of SMP Bank and another Russian bank, Rossiya. MasterCard reversed this decision in the late hours of Saturday and Visa made the decision on Sunday morning. On Sunday, a SMP Bank statement by CEO Dmitri Kalantyrsky said, “By now, card serviceability for the bank’s MasterCard holders is fully restored. Transactions for Visa card holders will resume within hours. We’re glad that the world’s largest international payment networks heeded our arguments and reversed their decision to suspend transactions”. After the cards were blocked, holders couldn‘t use them to pay for goods and services and withdraw cash abroad. Card holders could only receive cash on their cards in the bank’s offices and ATMs and in the ATMs of the Unified Settlement System. The bank said, “Thus, the payment systems admitted their wrong actions about SMP Bank, whose cards were blocked after the USA imposed sanctions on the main shareholders of the bank”.


The Slavutich, a Crimea-based Ukrainian Navy command and control ship, raised the Russian flag following talks on Saturday night. An ITAR-TASS correspondent reported from Sevastopol, “There wasn’t any attack. The Slavutich raised the [Russian] flag and the crew came ashore”. There’s a special centre in Sevastopol where Ukrainian servicemen can register, receive 2,000 gryvnias in cash, and then choose whether they want to leave for the Ukraine, join the Russian Armed Forces, or quit military service altogether. Earlier, the anti-submarine ships Ternopol and Khmelnitsky and a number of light missile attack craft and support vessels raised the Russian flag. There are no-Ukrainian-flagged warships in Sevastopol now. On Sunday, a Minoborony source told Interfax that, as of 22 March, 189 Ukrainian military units, bases, and naval craft deployed in the Crimea raised the Russian flag, saying, “Solemn Russian flag-raising ceremonies with the Russian national anthem were held in those army garrisons”.


Russia said, “Do youse guys want a four-fold increase in pay?” Ura! Russia said, “Do youse guys actually want to get your pay, not have it stolen by oligarchs and their toadies?” URA! Russia said, “Do youse guys want to be free of threats of violence and worse from the thuggish minions of the junta?” URA!

In short, Russia’s offer was one that nearly all normal people would respond to with alacrity. No… Russian army pay ain’t princely… but it’s a hell of a lot more than what the junta’s offering (and that’s gonna go down if the IMF has its way). Furthermore, the authorities actually pay it out… Russian corruption is only a “number 4” in comparison to Ukrainian corruption, which is a perfect “number 10” (right up there with the US Congress, I might add). The Ukie grunts thought it a good deal… and it was. Betcha that they passed the jug for an old school “smoke n’ joke” afterwards. Gotta wet down a deal, dontcha know, or it won’t stay stuck…



About 1,500 people with Russian flags lowered the Ukrainian flag from the flagpole near the Donetsk Gorsoviet building and raised the Russian flag instead, chanting “Russia” and “Berkut”. Police cordoned off the building itself. Previously, the same protesters picketed the Donetsk Oblast administration building, demanding the release of “Peoples’ Governor” Pavel Gubaryov.


Thousands of Odessans protested today against the Ukrainian coup d’état and the political repression that followed. They brought Ukrainian, Russian, and Crimean flags, chanting “Ukraine and Russia stand together”, “Odessa is a Russian city”, “Odessa is against Nazis and oligarchs”, “Odessa, give Banderovtsy the bum’s rush”, “Referendum”. Davidchenko’s mother spoke at the rally and urged Ukrainian mothers not to let their sons “join the criminal war that the nationalists and oligarchs who seized power in Kiev are trying to unleash upon the fraternal Slavic peoples in the interests of their Western backers”. Odessa Gorsoviet member Sergei Bovbolan said, “The authorities in Kiev shout about war with Russia, but in fact they’re at war with their own people. The majority of Ukrainians don’t support their policies, but Kiev prefers to ignore the opinion of the people, resorting to repression instead”. Odessa Gorsoviet member Grigori Kvasnyuk said, “Bandits came to power in the Ukraine. It’s useless to complain to the Genprokurator, he’s from the Svoboda party, even the European Parliament says not to coöperate with them. I blame what happened in the Crimea on the present authorities in Kiev, who continue to do everything possible to split the Ukraine”.

Rostislav Barda, the leader of the Soprotivlenie (Resistance) faction, said, “We’ll conduct marches every Sunday to remind people about our constitutional right to peaceful assembly and local referendums. We don’t organize clashes; we don’t kill policemen and government officials, as the Nazis did in the western regions and in Kiev. Nevertheless, those who usurped power in the Ukraine unleashed repressions against us, with the tacit approval of Western politicians. If they don’t release our colleagues and if repressions continue, we’ll keep picketing and holding peaceful protests. We’ll not use extremist methods, so as not to give them the opportunity to strike at us”.

At that moment, a column of thousands of demonstrators went through the main streets of the city. They picketed the Polish consulate, to remind them of the Volyn massacre, during which the Banderovtsy murdered tens of thousands of Poles. The procession also intends to picket the Oblast Genprokuratura, to give a petition with their demands. The demonstration was peaceful, despite accusations by the junta that the organisers allegedly intended to attack military units and raise a rebellion. To counteract this, more roadblocks appeared on the border with Moldova and Transnistria, with armed police and Euromaidan militants. Euromaidan militants in Odessa held their own rally today, attended only by 200 people, giving the Oblast Genprokuratura “blacklist”. It had the names of those the terrorists wanted arrested, including a former Oblast governor, his deputies and assistants, and the chairman of the local journalists’ union. It also included the names of those who organised the Kulikovo Field Square gathering, to gain signatures for a referendum on federalisation of the Ukraine, the official status of the Russian language, and steering Ukrainian foreign policy away from NATO and the EU. Rallies in support of this occur in Odessa every weekend.


Right now, the Russian-speaking population (the majority in the Ukraine) asks for federalisation of authority. If that doesn’t happen, well, there’s always Russia, if the government won’t stop pandering to Galician Uniate extremist terrorists. After all, normal people don’t put up terrorists as exemplars and role models as the Galicians do.


23 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service










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23 March 2014. Sad News for Orthodox People… Fr Alexander Atty of St T’s Just Died…

00 Fr Alexander Atty. 24.12.12


I just got the word that Fr Alexander Atty, the former dean of STS, died. Ask your priest to remember him at the Proskomidi for the next 40 days. Light a candle, have pannikhida said for him, and remember him in our prayers. We’re Christians… that’s what we do.

Вечная ему память!



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