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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

25 March 2014. Langley Pumps Up Statement of Unrepresentative MP Bishop

00 Metropolitan Sofrony of Cherkassy. 26.03.14


Firstly, Metropolitan Sofrony Dmitruk of Cherkassy and Kanev is the only known advocate of an “autocephalous Ukrainian Local Church” in the MP episcopate. However, Langley’s blowing that out of proportion, claiming that MP bishops are attacking Russia again. See this unsigned AsiaNews article. Read it… read it all. It’s false and mendacious black propaganda, but you need to know what some of the papists are saying about us. Note well that there’s no material on patriarchia.ru backing up this Langley assertion. There’s also nothing on the Cherkassy Diocese website to back up this assertion. So, I googled “Metropolitan Sofrony Dmitruk of Cherkassy and Kanev” (in Russian), and found this article on Foma, a Russian online magazine. Here’s a quote from it:

May the Lord bring together the hearts of all who quarrel, those blinded by revenge and enmity. Let the wise word of the Apostle lead us to public peace and harmony, If possible, on your part, be at peace with all men (Epistle of St Paul to the Romans 12.18). Only we can choose to live in peace in this difficult time… no one else. May the Lord give us the strength and wisdom to defeat the evil in our hearts and put us on the path of the devout Christian life. I call on the God-loving flock in Cherkassy to fervent prayer and fasting. I urge you to bear the lofty mission bestowed upon Christians to be peacemakers with all restraint, not to succumb to outbreaks of negative emotions, and always remember that God calls us to peace, not to hatred and fratricidal wars.

You can believe this or you can believe Langley’s lying assertion. It’s up to you. The above sounds like a real bishop’s remarks… the AsiaNews report rings like a fabrication in my ears… what a buncha maroons (but it DOES tell us what some papists really think of us). By the way, Valentina Matviyenko has lived in Piter since 1969 and married a local. That is, she’s no carpetbagger and traitor, like Turchinov, Avakov, and Klichko. Langley should do its homework before trying to stab VVP in the back. I believe that they pulled remarks out of context and when that wasn’t enough, they simply added lies. That’s Langley for you… reflect on the fact that some of our clergy in the District still support them and their evil agenda…


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