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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Fr Nikolai Balashov Sez Church Schism in the Ukraine would Die without Political Support



Archpriest Nikolai Balashov, the deputy head of the MP Synodal Department of External Church Relations (OVTsS), thinks that political support is the main reason that the church schism in the Ukraine exists. He said on the Orthodox radio Radonezh, “I’m convinced that if political support dried up, the schism would die in a very short time”. He also commented on the recent decision of the UOC/MP to resume dialogue with the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate”, noting that the beginning of a dialogue aimed at restoring Church unity in the Ukraine, “is very important. It’s important that this dialogue developed along the principles laid down by all the Local Orthodox Churches, namely the return to ecclesial communion of those who, unfortunately, had left it”. He also expressed the hope that the topic of schism, including those in the Ukraine, would become one of the topics discussed at the all-Orthodox Sobor, scheduled for 2016.

25 March 2014



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Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev Criticised Uniates for their Connivance in Western Interference in Ukrainian Internal Affairs

00 Uniate icon of Yushchenko 01

A typical Uniate production…


Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev of Volokolamsk, the head of the MP Synodal Department of External Church Relations (OVTsS), criticised Ukrainian Greek Catholics (UGKTs) for meddling in politics, saying on The Church and the World on Rossiya-24 TV, “Both Supreme Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk, as well as former Archbishop Lyubomir Guzar, now retired, took a very clear position from the beginning of the civil conflict, which unfortunately grew later into an armed bloody conflict. The Uniates didn’t just call for so-called European integration; they even called for Western countries to intervene more actively in Ukrainian internal affairs. Archbishop Svyatoslav Shevchuk travelled to the USA with so-called “Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko; they went to the offices of the US State Department and asked the USA to interfere in Ukrainian affairs”.

Meanwhile, he said that the UOC/MP takes the position that the Church should welcome people of all political beliefs, not just the openly radical and chauvinistic, noting, “The canonical Orthodox Church has room for everybody. It doesn’t stand on this or that side of the barricades. It brings everyone together, and, when necessary, it stands between rival factions, as one saw with the monks who came out and stood up, risking their lives, their health, to prevent bloodshed between two warring parties. The Uniates are a special project of the Catholic Church; we Orthodox always looked at them very negatively, because, in fact, Uniates look like Orthodox and follow Orthodox rites, but they’re really Catholics”.

Vladyki Ilarion felt that this peculiar status gives room for evasions by both Greek Catholics and the Vatican, saying, “For example, I had to talk to senior Vatican officials about positions taken by the Greek Catholics. I asked, ‘How is it possible that the Greek Catholic Church is so much in sympathy with schismatics that they have joint actions, prayers, and visits?’ They answered me, ‘They’re autonomous; we don’t control them from the Vatican’. At the same time, the Vatican doesn’t want to dissociate itself from the actions of the Uniates”. Speaking about the beginning of a dialogue between canonical and non-canonical Church entities in the Ukraine, he thought that this dialogue has prospects.

26 March 2014




It looks like Ilarion Valeryovich had a “come to Jesus” moment. I think that some curial snake whom he considered a pal gave him the Italian Stallion with no Vaseline. Ouch! The papists will live to regret that… often, when one feels betrayed, one becomes the bitter foe of one’s former associates. He’s not the first to have a seeming friend fuck him over, and, sadly, he won’t be the last, the human condition being what it is. Shall he persist on this righteous course, or, shall he go back to his vomit after the shit-storm dies down? Only time will tell us…


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Rump Rada Nixes Austerity… Recess Called… Second Vote Approves It… “Vote Yes” Democracy in Action

01 Bully


On Thursday, The Rump Rada voted in favour of an anti-crisis law accepting crippling IMF-imposed austerity measures as part of a 14-18 billion USD (49.9-64.1 billion Roubles. 15.45-19.86 billion CAD. 15.12-19.45 billion AUD. 10.2-13.1 billion Euros. 8.43-10.84 billion UK Pounds) bailout package. Earlier, Rada People’s Deputies nixed the draft law despite the entreaties of the government, but later returned after a recess and approved it with a vote of 246 in favour… 20 more than the number required.


If this doesn’t stink to high heaven to you, you have no sense of morality and decency. The first vote didn’t go the junta’s way, so, they called a recess, brought in Euromaidan thugs, and then, lo and behold… mirabile dictu, a proper result ensued!

This isn’t aid… it’s a loan with onerous conditions attached… most of the money isn’t going to the Ukraine; it’s going directly to Western banksters. The West forgets that the people see an alternative to Western enslavement… they’d prefer a modest living under Russia to Western-imposed penury. When you add to that the fact that the junta’s now reliant on American mercs for survival, its chances of existence in the long term are nil. The USA is attempting a banana republic takeover in territory next door to a rival that has the resources to counter what meagre resources the USA can deploy. Unfortunately, there’ll be much suffering in the near term… suffering that doesn’t bother Zbig, Nuland, Herbst, the IMF, the media apparat (as exemplified by Ms Amanpour), or the Republican Party. They accept it as the price for their affluence… they truly do. It’s the most evil and vile thing that I’ve seen in my 60 years.

27 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Dirty War: Kiev Junta Prepares Law on Preventive Detention Without Trial

01 behind bars in jail



As you read this, reflect on the fact that the strongest supporters of the Timoshenko junta in the USA are Republicans. That is, fatuous phonies like Ted Cruz and Rick Perry wouldn’t mind doing likewise here. In fact, the GOP did give us “no fly” lists, invasive TSA body searches, an exponential explosion in “security guards”, the Gitmo Gulag, and “extraordinary rendition”. Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together.



Fatherland bloc {Timoshenko’s toadies: editor} Rada Peoples’ Deputies introduced a bill calling for gaoling citizens simply on suspicion of “crimes against the foundations of the national security of the Ukraine” {sounds like the Great Purge NKVD, eh: editor}. A bill introduced by deputies Oleg Medunitsei and Ivan Stoiko, stated, “The Verkhovnaya Rada of the Ukraine, seeing a real growth in the country of extremism and separatism, which threatens the national interests of the state and society, as well as the territorial integrity of the Ukraine, to ensure peace and security in the country , introduced a temporary order of preventive detention of persons involved in the preparation and execution of crimes against the foundations of Ukrainian national security, public safety, and public order, undermining authority of state bodies, local authorities, and citizens’ associations and other crimes that undermine the integrity and sovereignty of the state”. The Rump Rada’s bill calls for “preventive” imprisonment for up to 30 days in gaol, detention centres, or other correctional facility. The authorities wouldn’t inform family members of the imprisonment.

This bill has three main points that one should reflect upon. Firstly, detention orders wouldn’t come from a court order… the Prokuratura would simply issue a warrant to imprison someone. Secondly, the only right of appeal is to the Prokuratura itself, that is, it’s really nothing but random imprisonment without the real right to appeal, as the appeal goes to the same structure that ordered the imprisonment. Thirdly, according to the bill, one only needs suspicion that someone was up to something to imprison them. The bill doesn’t spell out what is due suspicion, so, therefore, in practise, this law will allow the junta to imprison anyone for 30 days without any evidence and explanations.

A few days ago I wrote that informants told me that Svoboda was preparing a bill on preventive imprisonment based on the famous French Loi des Suspects at the request of the Fatherland bloc. Well, they ridiculed me; why, this couldn’t be, it was impossible, I’d really have to check all my sources before writing anything. They ridiculed the intel and compared it to “Dirty War” tactics. I’ll be… it turned out that I was wrong only in that the bill wasn’t introduced by Svoboda, but this fact only intensified my point, as the junta considered Svoboda too neofascist for the bill to pass, which means that the Fatherland bloc took over control of the junta. Now, if the scumbags (подонок) Yatsenyuk and Turchinov decided to mix in some ideas from their faction… only from those Deputies deemed “reliable” by the junta… that means the law passed has a very shady text, but that’s what the law is now.

Very soon, probably, Tuesday, the authorities could nick any Ukrainian citizen up to a month (with the right to extend that term, if wanted) on any occasion deemed expedient, and that person wouldn’t have the right to a lawyer, because no charges against the person would be available. Moreover, they could nick you for the most passive part in the most peaceful protest (“disturbing public order”), for voicing any discontent about the junta (“undermining authority of state authorities”), and even the extremely vague “involvement in preparations”, under which rubric they could nick all the family members of suspects (of course, his wife is part of it). It’d depend on denunciations… and there’d be denunciations.

Frankly, I don’t want to sneer, saying, “Y’know, they screamed about democracy”. Yes… they did scream. Now, that they’re in power, they’ve stopped ranting. This, incidentally, is a remarkable illustration on what happens when erstwhile “fighters against tyranny” step into authority. However, that’s now, it’s not the past. For the simple reason that it’s the way that the “Dirty War” started, with which some advised me not compare current events to, even in the slightest. First, there was well-ordered “temporary” legal “preventive detention of suspected thirty days without charge and without contacts with relatives”, then, detainees “disappeared”, the standard responses to relatives “released due to the end of sentence, what happened afterwards, we don’t know”.

The Dirty War led to 10,000 people killed, 30,000 disappeared without a trace, and 60,000 spent many years behind bars based on paragraph 5 of the Act, which provided for the possibility “of extending preventive detention at the authorities’ discretion“. Importantly, very many of the dead and missing died for no reason whatsoever, the junta eliminated them only because, as Gonsaro Perez Alvarado pointed up, “They considered them unacceptable to release because of visible signs of torture, approved by secret instructions from the junta from 9 July 1976”. Actually, everything from this period applies to us. It’s redundant to point up that we know that the scumbag Avakov, the MVDU boss (пахан) had personal involvement in the torture of Pavel Gubaryov and the scumbag Nalivaichenko, the SBU boss, signed secret instructions on 14 March permitting his goons to apply “special methods of influence“, but “without causing visible grievous bodily harm” and “exclusively against separatists“. After all, they accuse us of “sensationalism”.

21 March 2014

Lev Vershinin

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



The junta tramples on human rights and tramples on the poor to please the Western oligarchs and their media whores. Marco Rubio applauds them… that means that he stamps his boot into the faces of Ukrainian pensioners and giggles. Victoria Nuland defends them… that means that she approves of disposing of legitimate governments by extrajudicial coup and the anarchic rule of the mob (this also goes for Herbst, Potapov, and all the rest of that scurvy crew in the District). Christiane Amanpour is part of the fawning Western media apparat… she pours out vitriol on Russian journalists (making sure to mention the daughter of Vitaly Churkin).

One can see that no decent person can support those who support the junta. If you support those who support the junta, you bring their sin upon your head. That’s what REAL Christians believe. Stop watching Duck Dynasty and start watching the real world…


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