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Friday, 28 March 2014

The Ukraine Jolts Consumers with Massive Price Increase… Russia to Keep Prices Level in the Crimea… Why Does the USA Support those Who Fuck the Working People?

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Ukrainian media sources reported that Yuri Kolbushin, the Director of Economic Planning and Financial Settlement for Naftogaz Ukrainy, stated that natural gas prices for consumers in the Ukraine would increase by 50 percent on 1 May, but increases for utilities and other business users would be only 40 percent. He said, “The increase in consumer natural gas rates would occur on 1 May, and on business customers on 1 July. Rates on businesses will increase 40 percent, whilst consumers will pay 50 percent more”. Kolbushin noted that the government would set the definitive level of price hikes. According to RIA-Novosti, one of the key conditions of the IMF for a loan was an increase in utility rates, especially, state-subsidised rates for consumers. If the Ukraine complied with this, the IMF MIGHT loan the Ukraine 15-20 billion USD (536-714 billion Roubles. 16.6-22.2 billion CAD. 16.3-21.6 billion AUD. 10.9-14.6 billion Euros. 9-12 billion UK Pounds). The IMF put this crippling condition forward before, under an earlier proposal made in 2008-10. In late 2010, this requirement blocked a deal as the Ukrainian government refused to raise rates, and the IMF stopped issuing loans in response.


The stupidity and greed of the Western banksters is beyond all words. This move dooms the junta… apolitical people will say, “These bastards want to grind us down to enrich Timoshenko and her cronies. Russia’s bad, but it’s not so bad. They’d let us keep a little, at least. These scumbags want to take everything away from us”. Russia also offers something that the West refuses to extend… DIGNITY to working folks. No one has illusions. It’d still be a tough slog, but the Russians won’t giggle as they grind their boot into ordinary people’s faces. That’s why Russia has the upper hand in this situation. The USA followed an evil path since 1991… it wasn’t anything to write home about before (Árbenz, Mossadegh, and Allende anyone?). It’s time to say, “NO MORE”… you can start by disbelieving all that you hear from the Western media apparat… little, if any of it, bears any relation to the reality unfolding.

Oh, yes… one last thing… do note that the IMF DEMANDS that consumer tariffs rise at a higher rate than business rates do. After all, we can’t discomfit the oligarchs (and the junta kleptocrats), can we? They’d just DIE if they couldn’t have the money for their tennis courts, foreign holidays, and pricey bling!


28 March 2014

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya



Today, the Republic of Crimea (RK) authorities announced that consumer utility rates, including natural gas, would stay at current levels. The rates won’t increase for two years, after which the RK would move to standard Russian utility rates. In the meantime, the RK would support rates with government subsidies. The Centre would support this move; the RF Russian government will budget more than 13 billion roubles (365 million USD. 403 million CAD. 393 million AUD. 265 million Euros. 218 million UK Pounds) to allow this plan to move forward. Already, the Crimea receives humanitarian aid from the Centre. Now, Sevastopol receives goods for kindergartens and schools experiencing food shortages due to the end of deliveries from the Ukraine. A convoy of trucks arrived from Moscow in the main square of Sevastopol loaded with drugs, medicines, and hospital equipment.

28 March 2014




One of these things is not like the other! One of these things ain’t even kinda the same! The Ukraine FUCKS ordinary people… Russia HELPS ordinary people. If you work for a living, to support the US government’s support of the Timoshenko junta makes no sense. You support those who want the same in this country, who want to FUCK YOU AS BADLY. The Republican Party slobbers its hearty approval of the junta’s war against ordinary people (you should hear their neo-McCarthyite rants in Congress). You know what to do in November… you know who to vote AGAINST. The Democrats are bad, very bad, indeed, but they’re not as bad as the GOP is (do you WANT a return to “extraordinary rendition” and PRISM?)… we have the same nasty and cheerless choice that the Ukrainians have… very bad or outright evil. In such a case, the only course is to choose “very bad” (Democratic in the American case; Russia in the Ukrainian case).  Orthodox people should take note… the Republicans fiercely hate us… the Democrats merely torment us. The rueful Russian saying nails it… “All the options are worse”.


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