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Friday, 28 March 2014

Thousands of Ukrainians Fleeing to Russia Asking for Refugee Status

00 Svoboda pig in Kiev. 02.03.14


Thousands of Ukrainian citizens can get refugee status if they’re opponents of the putschist junta. Many members of Ukrainian social movements are moving to Moscow. Social networks help the Kiev residents settle in the Russian capital… hundreds of people are willing to help them.

Sergei Khizhnyak moved to Russia “light”… all that he had were the necessary documents. The activist for the movement “For an Honest Kiev” had to flee the Ukraine as the junta brought several criminal cases against him. However, Khizhnyak doesn’t understand why they brought charges against him. He was one of thousands of people who were against violence and bloodshed in the city. At the station, Sergei met a friend, also an activist, Ivan Protsenko. He came to Russia a few days earlier. They had to decide… how were they going to get by? Most importantly, where were they going to live now? Fortunately, groups offer temporary shelter to refugees.

Back in Kiev, a while back, together with other people, they reached the centre of the city… in order to protest against the junta. They brought shovels and buckets… as if it was a subbotnik… to cleanse the blood from the Maidan. Neofascists attacked them and beat them severely. The thugs injured about 50 people in the mêlée; 20 went to hospital with serious injuries, and a few are missing. Nevertheless, the “For an Honest Kiev” activists continue to go out to the Maidan every Saturday. The next action is due tomorrow; activists intend to march to the Rada building. Protsenko, the leader of the movement, tried to dissuade people from rallying tomorrow, saying, “It’s not safe. Snipers control the approaches to the Rada, there are people there with guns and pistols, but to call it off, to tell them ‘no’… I just couldn’t do it. They all called me, they wrote me, saying that they’re coming out, no matter what. They just can’t take it anymore”.

Those who dropped everything and fled Kiev, now collect documents to get refugee status. Many have already decided… they won’t return to the Ukraine. They intend to move here, find a job, and settle their families.

28 March 2014




The news out of the Ukraine is enough to make the stones weep. Yet, no one in the Western media gives a shit for the very real suffering of the ordinary folks in the Ukraine. All that you hear are apologias for IMF strangulation of the little folks so that the rich scamper off scot-free. Such soulless bastards are beyond all human help. They’ve sold their birthright for a higher-than-average income… which they believe that they’re entitled to. One can do nothing to bring such former humans back to decency.

That’s why Sophia Kishkovsky is such an object lesson (not just for Orthodox, for all decent people)… she’s an exemplar of what happens when someone sells out… we’d all do well not to fall into the same pit…


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