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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Crowds Demand all-Ukraine Referendum on Federation

00 Ukraine crisis. Donetsk Kharkov 06. 17.03.14


On Saturday night, local media said that a rally demanding a referendum on making the Ukraine a federation brought together more than 2,000 people in the eastern city of Lugansk. The marchers in downtown Lugansk chanted “Russia”, “Say No to Fascism”, “NATO Go Away”, “Yanukovich Is Our President”, and “Referendum”. The protesters demanded that the junta respect the results of a “Popular Referendum of the Lugansk Area”, held from 16-23 March, involving 173,000 residents. A statement issued by the steering committee of the referendum said that they offered five questions to respondents. Question One asked if they trusted Aleksandr Turchinov, the chieftain of the junta, and the officials he appointed; 96.19 percent said “No”. Question Two asked, “Do you support the slashing of social benefits and abolition of discounts due to IMF demands?” 95.77 percent said “No”. Question Three asked if they supported the status of Lugansk Oblast as a constituent territory of a federation within the Ukraine; 95.54 percent said “Yes”. Question Four asked whether they supported an amnesty for the leaders of the popular resistance in the Lugansk area; 95.66 percent said “Yes”. Question Five asked if the Ukraine should join the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Community (TS EvrAsES); 96.1 percent said “Yes”.

Also on Saturday, a rally demanding a referendum on making the Ukraine into a federation brought together more than 3,000 people on Lenin Square in Donetsk, the capital of neighbouring Donetsk Oblast. Participants in the rally declared their intention to use legal methods for pressing the junta to hold a referendum to resolve the future of the heavily industrialised Donbass. They waved Russian flags, as well as the standards of the Eastern Front and the Donetsk Republic movements. Many wore St George ribbons… symbols of Russian military glory and victory… on the lapels of their coats. One heard chants of “Down with Fascism”, “Free Gubaryov” (Pavel Gubaryov, the “People’s Governor” of Donetsk Oblast, now in junta imprisonment), and “Donbass for Referendum”. During the meeting, activists of the Russian Bloc held an opinion poll related to proposals to turn Ukraine into a federation, on the status of the Russian language, on whether the Ukraine should join the TS EvrAsES, and whether the Ukraine should collaborate with NATO.

On Sunday, 30 March, Lenin Square in Donetsk shall become the site of a many-thousands-strong meeting where the residents will demand a referendum on the status of the Donbass. On Friday, Viktor Yanukovich, the legitimate President of the Ukraine, compelled to leave the country in the wake of the American-fomented coup in Kiev, spoke out in favour of turning Ukraine into a federation. He proposed to hold an all-Ukraine referendum on this question instead of the early presidential election scheduled by the junta for 25 May, saying, “As a President who stands side-by-side with you, you’re deep in my heart and in my thoughts, I call on every soberly thinking Ukrainian citizen to resist the efforts of usurpers to misuse them. Demand a referendum on determining the status of each particular oblast within the Ukraine”.


There’s a short opportunity to hold an all-Ukraine referendum on making the country a federation. It’s more important than the so-called “presidential election” is… the West wants to install one of the oligarchs as “President”… if that happens, the Ukraine as a nation-state will unravel, probably, in the messiest way possible. Then, all bets WOULD be off… the suffering that’d ensue would make the misery observable today look very comfortable indeed. Reflect on the fact that Americans (especially, Republicans) salivate over this and don’t give a good god-damn how many innocents suffer… after all, there’s money to be made, and only “successful” people count, dontcha know. It’s the vilest thing that I’ve seen in my days.

By the way, don’t count out Viktor Fyodorovich… he’s still very popular in the east and south. Here’s a point to ponder… he’s less corrupt than any of the junta members are (especially, Timoshenko, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk, the Unholy Trinity of the American Junta), and he defeated Darlin’ Yuliya in a head-to-head election. He’s a good Orthodox Christian… that’s one of the reasons that the Western media slanders him. He’s the LEAST BAD alternative… chew on that for a while… and reflect on WHY the USA wanted him out so badly. The love of money IS the root of all evil… and the trail DOES lead to K Street (and to evil and ravening poseurs such as Zbigniew Brzeziński, Grover Norquist, Rod Dreher, Rush Limbaugh, Jim DeMint, Pat Robertson, and Terry Mattingly… The tree IS known by its fruit).


30 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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“The Denisenko Schism will have No Place in the Crimea”

00 Crimea rally. Moscow 02. 19.03.14


We all saw that the future of the Crimea was in the hands of the Crimeans. They freely expressed their will; they chose to reunite with Russia. We should all welcome this. Denisenko’s church scam has no future. It existed only as it had major Ukrainian government support; it didn’t stand upon righteous principles, it had no spiritual foundation or monastic tradition. As a rule, all serious Ukrainian believers expressed abhorrence about Filaret and his schism. Now, since Crimea regained its freedom, it means that Orthodox people will also receive spiritual freedom and be allowed under the Russian authorities’ protection to exercise true freedom of religion, just as they’re now free to use their native Russian language and to be Russian, in the fullest sense of the term. The Denisenko schism will have no place in the Crimea; it’s lifeless, violent, and wretched. How we’d resolve this, God alone knows, but we do know that Crimea will be Russian again very soon… that’s a fact. We shouldn’t prejudge the Holy Synod’s decision, but undoubtedly, they’d have a care for the increase of the flock in the Crimea. Indeed, I think that they’d welcome it.

17 March 2014

Deacon Vladimir Vasilik

Kandidat of Philological Science

Dotsent, Faculty of History St Petersburg State University (SPBGU)

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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As John Robles Sees It… USA Supporting Yarosh and Right Sector: A Victory for Terror

00 Karl Kraus saying. 26.03.14


The US Government, using neo-Nazi extremist elements, carried out a coup d’état against the legitimate Ukrainian government. Admissions, statements, and the actions of US Government officials, along with hundreds reported and released taped conversations, private e-mails, and uncontested facts, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the USA was behind the putsch in Ukraine, yet the “world community” is quiet, and the disgrace and affront to humanity that the West calls the “Euromaidan” continues to blight and sully the concepts of democracy, rule of law, sovereignty, and civilisation in front of the eyes of the world. ​

The geopolitical architects of the Euromaidan

Brzeziński acolytes, neo-conservative PNAC planners, the CIA, NATO, the Pentagon, and the US corporate/military industrial complex, which controls the entire US Government, including US President Barack Hussein Obama (who’s become nothing more than a gas salesman of late) and the entire US foreign policy establishment decided they wanted régime change in the Ukraine. The goal of the western cabal in re the Ukraine is manifold, but it includes:

  • Cementing American hegemony on the former Soviet space
  • Installing NATO military elements to surround Russia
  • Ending Russian influence in the Ukraine
  • Dividing the Slavic world
  • Weakening the Russian Orthodox Church
  • Controlling and profiting off the flow of Russian gas into Europe
  • Evicting the Black Sea Fleet
  • Ending the trade relationship between the Ukraine and Russia

The planners needed a fifth column in Ukraine, one that would hate Russia enough to do anything to bring about the change of government that it needed in order for Washington to continue with its plans of global hegemony and control of resources. They spent at least 5 billion USD and 10 years training neo-Nazis, including the Right Sector, in organising a coup d’état timed to begin with the start of the Olympic Games in Sochi, to lessen the impact of the success that Russia had in organising and hosting the games.

The world knows all of those facts (and more), as is the plain and simple fact that the junta in Kiev is nothing more than an installed puppet show organised by the West, which in no way represents the Ukrainian people. The names and actors behind the coup are also no secret, as is the fact that the Right Sector is nothing but a gang of ruthless lawless Nazi thugs; yet, there isn’t an outcry, there’s no backing off by western politicians, who continue to support lawless Nazi killers. The western media continues to march in lockstep, aiding and abetting what has truly become one of the single greatest disgraces for Washington and the western world.

Now, one can have absolutely no doubt (if there ever was one) that the US/NATO/EU are co-conspirators in an illegal, aggressive, amoral, and dangerous project to control the world, its wealth, and its resources. Moreover, they’ll stop at nothing to meet their goal. Obama (as the signatory) and his Washington planners unleashed what one might call the worst scum of the Earth in Ukraine, and they’ll soon learn how ignorant they’ve been in their global régime change campaign strategy. This strategy saw Washington supporting terrorists, creating al-Qaeda, recruiting, training, and financing people like Osama Bin Laden, supporting rightwing paramilitaries, and employing an army of non-state mercenaries and private contractors to complete their “missions” around the world. Only, this time, it won’t stand. Soon, Washington will see how their ignorance of the peoples of the world, and their attempts to shape the world in their own image and to control it will finally cause the end of what we now know as the USA. This end is sure to come because they’ve gone too far, and the people of the world won’t look the other way, and when that option’s gone, those in Washington will finally have to face an accounting for everything that they’ve done, from 9-11 to the 426 children slaughtered in Latakia Syria.

Supporting terrorists and using terror

The “catastrophic and catalysing event” that the neocon planners behind the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) needed as a catalyst for global military domination was 9-11. Since that day, the “War on Terror” paradigm saw the USA literally use terror to conquer the world. First, there were the illegal aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan, then, the surrounding of Russia and China with NATO war elements, along with the global expansion of NATO, which became a global expeditionary force to terrorise the world, to bring it into submission to Washington. We’ve also seen their collusion and coöperation with al-Qaeda and radical Islāmic terrorists; now, they fund, train, and back neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.

The Right Sector is the latest American régime change force, and like the USA using the terror of nuclear attack when need be, the Right Sector used terror to overthrow a democratically elected government in a European country, and it continues to attempt to control and bring the Ukrainian people into submission through a western-backed reign of terror. Broadly defined, terrorism is the use of terror to bring about political aims, which is exactly what the Right Sector did. The believe that they did so for their fascist neo-Nazi ideology and for Ukrainian “purity”, but in reality, Washington just used and manipulated them into bringing about a régime change that’d lead to the complete destruction and enslavement of what’s left of the Ukraine once the West divides up the spoils.

The Right Sector

The Right Sector is a blight and a disgrace against humanity. It and all of its allied groups continue to occupy the Maidan, the central square of Kiev. They hold the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian Government hostage; their reign of terror continues unabated, for the most part, it’s unchallenged. The Right Sector is a neo-Nazi group led by the terrorist Dmitri Yarosh. They’re ideological descendants of Stepan Bandera, a World War II Nazi collaborator. Indeed, even the German Nazi SS considered this Ukrainian fascist leader’s brutality and inhumanity extreme. During their orgy of slaughter and bloodshed, the Ukrainian Banderovtsy killed thousands of Jews and other ethnic minorities in the Ukraine. They slaughtered children, especially small girls, hanging their victims from street lamps and other public fixtures as a warning. Repeatedly, the Right Sector threatened to hang their opponents and placed nooses all over the country as a warning to anyone who opposes them. They’ve openly called for hanging blacks, Jews, and Russians (something also supported by their brethren the Ku Klux Klan and other neo-Nazi groups); they’ve threatened to hang public officials and anyone else who doesn’t follow their whims.

Dmitri Yarosh

Their leader, Dmitri Yarosh, is a known terrorist who fought alongside Chechen terrorists (the same Chechen terrorists that the USA and the UK gave asylum to on multiple occasions) against the Russian forces. He’s a bloodthirsty animal with no scruples, he’ll scream “Glory to Allah” or “Heil Hitler”, so long as he’s playing to the bloodlust of whoever he happens to be killing with. Recently, Yarosh called upon Chechens to rise up and launch terrorist attacks on Russians in the Ukraine, for open warfare with the Russian Federation, and for Crimean Tartars to join his Right Sector in fighting in Crimea. Yarosh is on an international wanted list and several countries and governments sanctioned him for his past activities. He’s on the wanted list for forming illegal armed groups and openly calling for terrorist acts and murder. He should also be there for organising and taking part in an armed coup, which overthrew a democratically elected government but so far, no ones’ filed or called for charges as to the coup. A rabid-dog, frothing-at-the-mouth with hate for Russia, he’s the perfect servant for Washington in the Ukraine, although he hates the West as well, and will bite their hand when the time comes. Yarosh announced that he’s running for president in the upcoming Ukrainian election.

Aleksandr Muzichko

Otherwise known as Sashko Bily (“White Al” in peasant dialect), Muzichko was also another rabid dog like Yarosh, but with fewer brains; he’s nothing but a ruthless brute. In addition, he’s a wanted terrorist and a leader of the Right Sector. Muzichko fought with Chechen terrorists, and Russia wants him for torturing and murdering captured Russian soldiers. Shortly before his death, Muzichko received a lot of media attention for his storming government offices and for his assault on a local procurator, events filmed and placed on the internet. He faced ridicule for one segment that appeared on the internet, where he challenged a gathering of frightened officials (whose office he’d invaded) to take away his automatic rifle, his knife, and other weapons. He epitomised the image of a brainless bandit, whose only means of attaining power is through violence and fear.

Muzichko’s life ended the way he led it. They shot him, or he shot himself; he died like a dog, with his face in the dirt. After his death, Right Sector “peaceful demonstrators” attempted to storm the Rada building, demanding that junta MVDU boss Arseny Avakov resign. Many of the Right Sector “peaceful demonstrators” called for his hanging for the death of their “brother”. The Right Sector claims that Avakov ordered Muzichko’s killing. It’s interesting to note that the Western-installed junta is ready to arrest, and, perhaps, even kill Right Sector activists who helped them gain power. A recent video released by several news agencies shows Euromaidan activists confronting their paymasters, unhappy because they didn’t get their money. This further emphasises the fact that the West simply used the Right Sector and other groups, and now intend to dispose of them.

Crimes and atrocities committed by the Right Sector

The overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian government and the continuing occupation of the Maidan are a disgrace for the Ukraine in the eyes of the world; it’s a clear and resounding victory for western lawlessness and mafia/terrorist tactics, their reign of terror includes too many crimes to list here, but I’ll attempt to list a few.

Arresting, deporting, and shutting down the press

The Right Sector seized, interrogated, and deported scores of Russian and foreign journalists. They beat, intimidate, terrorise, and even kill Ukrainian media workers, bloggers, and anyone else they can get their hands on who speak out against them or in favour of Russia, or who attempt to report their illegal activities. The Ukraine and the Right Sector shut down all Russian television broadcasts into Ukraine and even attacked Russian television infrastructure and various websites. They beat many bloggers, who’ve been filmed bloodied and on their knees. The Right Sector forces them to “apologise” to the Ukrainian people. The Right Sector has no problem beating and even killing people in front of cameras, as they killed several cops on the Maidan in December by beating them to death.

Terrorising and even killing the public

Before the media blackout hit the Ukraine, there were increasing reports of Right Sector militants killing civilians, and of people fleeing Kiev and the Western Ukraine. One report told of a bus full of Crimeans killed after having gasoline poured on them, many being beaten, forced to their knees, and made to sing the Ukrainian National Anthem. There were multiple reports of (it’s common knowledge that it’s standard procedure) the Right Sector threatening the families of officials and anyone else they target, to steal cars, and even force landowners to sign over their deeds, and to burn down the homes of and kill anyone who’s too loud in their opposition. Recent reports from Ukraine show Right Sector members running rampant in the streets, attacking and beating anyone who wearing a St George Ribbon or anyone appearing to be pro-Russian. Recently, they attacked a motorcade of pro-Russian activists; they threw hammers and other heavy objects through the windows, forcing the occupants out of their cars, where they beat them. They terrorise Ukrainians into silence, and Russians and other minorities, including Germans, continue to flee the country.

Holocaust Denial

The first act of the junta was to outlaw the Russian language, which is ridiculous because even the junta’s presidential candidates now broadcast commercials in Russian and leaked videos of internal Right Sector meeting show that they use the Russian language. The second act, one which the western media conveniently ignored, was a statement to the UN by the junta’s spokesman there, who said that the Nürnberg Trials were illegitimate and that Bandera did nothing wrong.

Obama’s support

Despite all that, US President Barack Obama continues to support the junta and has even had junta leader Yatsenyuk in the White House. To see what appeared to some to be a serious country and serious politicians engaged in supporting the illegal junta in Ukraine is stunning, even mind-boggling, until we realise that the EU association agreement which the junta to passed into law (the reason that the EU/NATO/USA staged the putsch in the first place) includes a clause to transfer 100 percent of the Russian gas pipeline to Exxon Oil, after raising gas prices to “European levels”, of course. Want to buy some gas, Europe? The USA is selling.

00 John Robles. VOR 06.1230 March 2014

John Robles

Voice of Russia World Service



Be VERY careful with “Ukrainian” diaspora elements, especially, Uniates. No, most of them are harmless. Indeed, over 95 percent of them are utterly without blemish (they have oddbod ideas, but they’re only naïve repeaters of papist propaganda, they’re not violent fanatics). However, do have a care; a small minority sees hurting pro-Russian people as “legitimate payback” for supposed Russian sins against Ukrainians. I can’t emphasise this too strongly. The majority won’t speak up if rabid nationalists attack you, even in public spaces. I don’t know what they’re afraid of… but the fear is there, and it’s palpable.

Please, be careful in any venue where “Ukrainians” are present. The fanatics amongst them are unscrupulous, pitiless, and don’t care whom they hurt. They’re “right”, dontcha know… and that’s the worst sort that you can meet. Some would hurt you (in the literal sense of the term) and feel no pity afterwards. Hate is a VERY strong emotion. Do see what it’s done to Ukie Nationalists… don’t let it enmesh and entrap YOU…


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Russia Fed Up with Western Boorishness

00 Tyagnibok and Nuland. 22.03.14


It hasn’t been that long after the burial of the victims of the Maidan (the traditional forty days haven’t passed), but the supporters of the Kiev junta and biased Western “experts” already are rewriting the recent history of the Ukrainian tragedy. They’re doing it without any regard to the generally known facts and witnesses. What myths circulate in the information war?

First Myth: President Viktor Yanukovich is illegitimate

British political scientist and researcher of fascism Roger Griffin considered the issue of Yanukovich’s legitimacy in simple terms, “From the moment when he ordered security forces to open fire against demonstrators, he ceased to be the legitimate president. Then, he fled the country, creating a so-called power vacuüm”.Firstly, they’ve often opened fire on protestors in the USA, but no president became illegitimate because of it. During an operation ordered by US President Bill Clinton in 1993, federal agents burned a religious community in Waco TX and shot the inhabitants; 79 people, including three children, died. Secondly, Yanukovich gave the opposite order… not to open fire, which is why he’s now in hiding. Thirdly, President Yanukovich didn’t flee, he went on a business trip to Kharkov, and he probably has supporting documents that he could present to a court.

Second Myth: The oppositionist takeover wasn’t a coup

Griffin said, “Yanukovich’s lavish lifestyle (reminiscent of Ceaușescu), his regime’s corruption, and his inability to solve problems in a democratic way and find compromises took away his legitimacy and provoked the seizure of power by the opposition”. However, the Ukrainian people elected Yanukovich and the world recognised the election results. There was no impeachment procedure as laid down in the Constitution of the country, including the Constitution of 2004. Therefore, his removal from power was illegitimate.

Third Myth: Russian citizens in Ukraine aren’t threatened

The US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power said, “There’s no evidence that ethnic Russians are in danger. In contrast, the new Ukrainian government gives priority to reconciliation in the country and allow participation by all political forces in its life {is that why the junta turned over kids’ summer camps to neofascists to train terrorists? Is that why the junta gaols the patriotic opposition?: editor}. President Turchinov {the junta chieftain: editor} made clear his opposition to any restrictions on the Russian language”. However, the President isn’t the legislature, and the Rada hasn’t annulled the law on the so-called de-Russification of the Ukraine. Now, let’s talk about threats. Blogger Arseny Avakov (also known as the junta’s head of the MVDU), the next day, admitted that order in Kiev “was in unprecedented disorder”. It turns out, that in the capital and its suburbs, groups of people in masks, helmets, armed with batons, firearms, and other weapons roam the streets. They identify themselves as the “Right Sector“, “Left Wing”, “Svoboda”, and “Self-Defence of the Maidan”. They act without warrant, stopping and checking everyone who looks suspicious to them, making decisions based on “revolutionary expediency”. As a result, one sees cases of arson, looting, and robbery. What “revolutionary expediency” means is clear… as one could see from the actions of Sashko Bily (“White Al” in peasant dialect), who received a Ukrainian medal from Yushchenko for killing Russian soldiers in Chechnya.

Fourth Myth: Ukrainians should integrate Russians

Griffin said, “Integrating Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the nation is a very important task that must also be addressed through democratic dialogue and through democratic structures (as was the case with French-speakers in the Valle d’Aosta Special Region in Italy)”, demonstrating a complete ignorance of history and detachment from reality. In fact, the Ukrainian nation as a concept came to life because of Soviet nationality policy. Andrei Marchukov (Kandidat Historical Sciences; Institute of Russian History (IRI RAN)) said, “Historically, it’s correct to speak about Great Russians in relation to current Russians and Rusins, and about Little Russians in relation to those now called Ukrainians. Even after Rus split into sovereign principalities, a cultural, political, religious, and ideational consensus remained. It remained strong for several centuries, until the 15th century. From the late 15th to the early 16th century, the branches began to diverge gradually… into West-Russian and East-Russian branches… but in the context of an all-Russian culture, an all-Russian Weltanschauung. It developed in both parts of divided Russia… both in Russia under Moscow, and in the Western Russian lands absorbed first by Lithuania, and then by the Polish-Lithuanian Rzeczpospolita. This all-Russian consciousness had a basis in literature from Western Russia… mostly polemical church literature there… and upon political treatises written in Muscovite Russia. This all-Russian consciousness allowed the holding of the Pereyaslavskaya Rada. Lenin propagated a division between Russian and Ukrainians, the Belovezhskie Accords consolidated it”.

Fifth Myth: Russia is the aggressor as it occupied the Crimea

Here’s an excerpt from a US Embassy in Moscow statement, “Russian troops moved out of their bases to seize political objectives and infrastructure in the Crimea”. Let’s write it off to due to their ignorance. For example, a Euronews correspondent asked a soldier in an unmarked uniform, “Who are you?” He answered, “I’m Russian”. The clueless Western correspondent concluded, “Oh, you’re from Russia!” He had no idea that this is how Crimeans refer to themselves. According to Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, “Publication of photos and videos showing military equipment with Russian military plates is a provocation”. Commenting on a video where soldiers said that they were Russians, Shoigu said, “This is complete nonsense”. Russian troops are present in Crimea not only in the military contingent based in Sevastopol, but also in other locations, according to earlier agreements between the Ukraine and Russia.

Sixth Myth: The junta in Kiev is democratic, there are no fascists in it, the Rada functions normally

The US Embassy website said, “The Rada is the most representative governmental body in the Ukraine, and recent legislation passed with overwhelming majorities, including from representatives of the eastern Ukraine” {but they’re silent about the deputies kept out of the house and the Euromaidan thugs who “keep order”: editor}. However, the Euromaidan mob is in real power; we described their outrageous actions in previous paragraphs. Mikhail Dobkin, the Chairman of the Kharkov Oblast State Administration, said at a meeting of deputies of all levels from the south-eastern oblasts and the Crimea, “As for the Rada, Party of Regions People’s Deputies vote ‘the Euromaidan line’ as the mob threatens their lives or the lives of their families”. Vadim Kolesnichenko, a Party of Regions People’s Deputy said, “They torch houses, they burn cars, and they take family members as hostages. They hold deputies and their children hostage at gunpoint and threaten to cut them to pieces if the deputies protest”. Furthermore, even the BBC reported “fascist patrols” in the streets of Kiev, publishing video clips from there.

Seventh Myth: International law doesn’t allow the use of force in response to regional authorities

Norwegian political scientist Bernd Nystad said, “It’s odd that when the West goes against these (international) rules, then, that’s fine and good, but when Russia does it, it’s illegal aggression. In my opinion, this is double standards. If the local authorities call on the Russian authorities and say that for us, the situation is very difficult for us, extremists are trying to organise a local orange revolution, in my opinion, this is an emergency. In this situation, I think that Russia has the right to bring in its troops and it should do it”. However, the main objection is that Russia hasn’t applied force, and if it does do so, not at the request of the regional authorities, but at the request of the legitimate president, Yanukovich, the West would consider it illegitimate (see the First Myth). The unfortunate loop of misunderstanding goes on.

11 March 2014

Lyuba Lulko



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