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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Crowds Demand all-Ukraine Referendum on Federation

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On Saturday night, local media said that a rally demanding a referendum on making the Ukraine a federation brought together more than 2,000 people in the eastern city of Lugansk. The marchers in downtown Lugansk chanted “Russia”, “Say No to Fascism”, “NATO Go Away”, “Yanukovich Is Our President”, and “Referendum”. The protesters demanded that the junta respect the results of a “Popular Referendum of the Lugansk Area”, held from 16-23 March, involving 173,000 residents. A statement issued by the steering committee of the referendum said that they offered five questions to respondents. Question One asked if they trusted Aleksandr Turchinov, the chieftain of the junta, and the officials he appointed; 96.19 percent said “No”. Question Two asked, “Do you support the slashing of social benefits and abolition of discounts due to IMF demands?” 95.77 percent said “No”. Question Three asked if they supported the status of Lugansk Oblast as a constituent territory of a federation within the Ukraine; 95.54 percent said “Yes”. Question Four asked whether they supported an amnesty for the leaders of the popular resistance in the Lugansk area; 95.66 percent said “Yes”. Question Five asked if the Ukraine should join the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Community (TS EvrAsES); 96.1 percent said “Yes”.

Also on Saturday, a rally demanding a referendum on making the Ukraine into a federation brought together more than 3,000 people on Lenin Square in Donetsk, the capital of neighbouring Donetsk Oblast. Participants in the rally declared their intention to use legal methods for pressing the junta to hold a referendum to resolve the future of the heavily industrialised Donbass. They waved Russian flags, as well as the standards of the Eastern Front and the Donetsk Republic movements. Many wore St George ribbons… symbols of Russian military glory and victory… on the lapels of their coats. One heard chants of “Down with Fascism”, “Free Gubaryov” (Pavel Gubaryov, the “People’s Governor” of Donetsk Oblast, now in junta imprisonment), and “Donbass for Referendum”. During the meeting, activists of the Russian Bloc held an opinion poll related to proposals to turn Ukraine into a federation, on the status of the Russian language, on whether the Ukraine should join the TS EvrAsES, and whether the Ukraine should collaborate with NATO.

On Sunday, 30 March, Lenin Square in Donetsk shall become the site of a many-thousands-strong meeting where the residents will demand a referendum on the status of the Donbass. On Friday, Viktor Yanukovich, the legitimate President of the Ukraine, compelled to leave the country in the wake of the American-fomented coup in Kiev, spoke out in favour of turning Ukraine into a federation. He proposed to hold an all-Ukraine referendum on this question instead of the early presidential election scheduled by the junta for 25 May, saying, “As a President who stands side-by-side with you, you’re deep in my heart and in my thoughts, I call on every soberly thinking Ukrainian citizen to resist the efforts of usurpers to misuse them. Demand a referendum on determining the status of each particular oblast within the Ukraine”.


There’s a short opportunity to hold an all-Ukraine referendum on making the country a federation. It’s more important than the so-called “presidential election” is… the West wants to install one of the oligarchs as “President”… if that happens, the Ukraine as a nation-state will unravel, probably, in the messiest way possible. Then, all bets WOULD be off… the suffering that’d ensue would make the misery observable today look very comfortable indeed. Reflect on the fact that Americans (especially, Republicans) salivate over this and don’t give a good god-damn how many innocents suffer… after all, there’s money to be made, and only “successful” people count, dontcha know. It’s the vilest thing that I’ve seen in my days.

By the way, don’t count out Viktor Fyodorovich… he’s still very popular in the east and south. Here’s a point to ponder… he’s less corrupt than any of the junta members are (especially, Timoshenko, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk, the Unholy Trinity of the American Junta), and he defeated Darlin’ Yuliya in a head-to-head election. He’s a good Orthodox Christian… that’s one of the reasons that the Western media slanders him. He’s the LEAST BAD alternative… chew on that for a while… and reflect on WHY the USA wanted him out so badly. The love of money IS the root of all evil… and the trail DOES lead to K Street (and to evil and ravening poseurs such as Zbigniew Brzeziński, Grover Norquist, Rod Dreher, Rush Limbaugh, Jim DeMint, Pat Robertson, and Terry Mattingly… The tree IS known by its fruit).


30 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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