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Monday, 31 March 2014

Patriots in Kharkov, Odessa, and Donetsk Oblasts Demand Autonomy in a Ukrainian Federation

00 kharkov patriot rally. 30.03.14

“No! To fascism! No! To the Junta! For the TS (Customs Union) and a Referendum!” Note well that you didn’t see this in the Western lap-dog media… Also, note that the statues of Comrade Lenin are a rallying-point for patriots throughout the Eastern and Southern Ukraine… fancy that. In the East and South, the Cross and the Red Banner march together… isn’t that a hint for us?


On Sunday, demonstrators at a patriotic rally in central Kharkov called for establishing an autonomous republic within the Ukraine of the oblasts in the south and east. Similar actions in Donetsk, Odessa, and Lugansk occurred simultaneously with the rally in Kharkov. The protest leaders urged patriots in the southeast to unite against the Kiev junta. Yuri Apukhtin, a Civic Forum leader, told the crowd, “We’re the successors of the Soviet Republics of Donetsk-Krivoi Rog and Odessa. We aren’t the remnants of Banderovtsy. We’ve been and will be the pillar of our country”. He urged patriots in the southeast to unite, create a coördination committee, and fight the Kiev putschists in a Popular Front, saying, “We see our place in the Ukraine in a historically shaped southeastern autonomy”. He related that agreements exist with leaders of similar protests in Donetsk and Lugansk to coördinate joint efforts. The patriotic resistance demanded the release of well-known activist Ignat Kromskoi, who the junta put under house arrest “on charges of organising mass riots” for taking part in a 1 March action that whipped Euromaidan terrorists who came from Kiev and other non-local parts, which seized the Oblast Administration’s office. Participants in a similar rally in Lugansk demanded a Federal Ukraine and protested the junta’s suspending rebroadcast of Russian TV channels in Lugansk Oblast. Several demonstrators wiped their boots on a Ukrainian national flag.


Do notice that nearly all patriots are Orthodox in faith and respectful of the Soviet legacy… at the same time, and without contradiction! As for myself, I’ve come to see that Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was a better choice than the bourgeois plotters of the February Revolution. They were much like the Kiev putschists… without a programme, only intent on enriching themselves. Ilyich wasn’t corrupt… he was an honest man, without many personal vices. Yes, he was nasty to his enemies, but then again, the Whites acted likewise, in similar measure. Ilyich did bring in the NEP, after all… he WAS flexible. The Civil War ended in 1920, Ilyich suffered his strokes in 1922… that is, he was head of the USSR for less than two years in peace. We don’t know what might have occurred had he lived to his full “three-score-and-ten” (1940). His flexibility in the NEP hints of great leadership, as his opponent Churchill admitted:

He alone could have found the way back to the causeway… the Russian people were left floundering in the bog. Their worst misfortune was his birth… their next worst his death.

Even his enemies admitted his ability… mistrust all those who paint him as a soulless devil… indeed, Pyotr Veliki wasn’t much different. Indeed, there are glimmers of Ilyich in VVP. Last of all, do note how patriots in the southern and eastern Ukraine defend his monuments. Reflect on the fact that most of them were at liturgy that morning, and many communed (and their priests were in the crowd with them!).

There’s a three-fold “glory” to bear in mind:

Glory to Grand Prince St Vladimir! He brought us the ideals of the Orthodox faith!

Glory to Vladimir Lenin! He brought us the ideals of universal social justice!

Glory to Holy Rus and to ALL of its history! ALL of it or NONE of it!

If you hear someone dissing ANY of the legacy of Holy Rus, be it Kievan Rus, the successor principalities, the Tsardom of Russia, the Empire, or the USSR, you’re listening to a traitor, a sell-out to the Individualistic West (often, they suck up to Langley for filthy lucre). The universalism of both social justice and Orthodox faith are, in the end, quite compatible… in fact, I’d say that when you combine them, you multiply their strength exponentially. Remember, we of Holy Rus are confident and stirring MAXIMALISTS… we aren’t wimpy and smarmy compromising temporisers, as the Westerns are. That’s why we’re not as nasty and violent as they are… grounded people who know who they are respect all other decent people. Reflect on that…


30 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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31 March 2014. Do You Want Little Russian Culture to Flourish? Then, Stand for Holy Rus and Great Russia!

00 Glory to God! I'm a Cossack 01. 20.05.13


00 Russian Cossacks at Maslenitsa Carnival in Ismailovo


cossacks for christ


A 52-minute concert by the Kuban Cossack Choir (KKKh)… note the costumes and the songs. If you want to preserve the legacy of Little Russia, one has to support Holy Rus and Great Russia. To support the Galician pipe-dream is to deny your birthright and sell out to foreign and alien ideologies.


One reason why Russia does a better job at preserving “Ukrainian” culture than the Ukraine does is simple. In Russia, the arts receive much more support than they do in the Ukraine… the Ukrainian oligarchs and foreign Western corporate buccaneers stripped away most of the flesh from the Ukraine, leaving little but picked-clean bones. In fact, Russia gives proportionately greater support to the arts than America does… it doesn’t have the selfish crapitalist “Individualistic” mindset of Americans. Here’s the sad part… many of the artists in ensembles in regions near the Ukraine come from the Ukraine, but they can’t make a living in the Ukraine… you see, Yuliya, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk stole away the people’s sustenance (note well that the USA APPLAUDS that)… which leads to Ukrainian intelligentsia and artists leaving the country. They find a welcoming and congenial home in the Russian Federation. It’s time for the rest of Little Russia and Novorossiya to come home. If Galician Uniates wish to rot in Western slavery, let them… but I’ll confide that many Galicians want to be part of Holy Rus, too… that means that Galicia may throw off the chains of the Unia and cultural slavery to the West. I hope that happens…




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