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Monday, 31 March 2014

31 March 2014. Do You Want Little Russian Culture to Flourish? Then, Stand for Holy Rus and Great Russia!

00 Glory to God! I'm a Cossack 01. 20.05.13


00 Russian Cossacks at Maslenitsa Carnival in Ismailovo


cossacks for christ


A 52-minute concert by the Kuban Cossack Choir (KKKh)… note the costumes and the songs. If you want to preserve the legacy of Little Russia, one has to support Holy Rus and Great Russia. To support the Galician pipe-dream is to deny your birthright and sell out to foreign and alien ideologies.


One reason why Russia does a better job at preserving “Ukrainian” culture than the Ukraine does is simple. In Russia, the arts receive much more support than they do in the Ukraine… the Ukrainian oligarchs and foreign Western corporate buccaneers stripped away most of the flesh from the Ukraine, leaving little but picked-clean bones. In fact, Russia gives proportionately greater support to the arts than America does… it doesn’t have the selfish crapitalist “Individualistic” mindset of Americans. Here’s the sad part… many of the artists in ensembles in regions near the Ukraine come from the Ukraine, but they can’t make a living in the Ukraine… you see, Yuliya, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk stole away the people’s sustenance (note well that the USA APPLAUDS that)… which leads to Ukrainian intelligentsia and artists leaving the country. They find a welcoming and congenial home in the Russian Federation. It’s time for the rest of Little Russia and Novorossiya to come home. If Galician Uniates wish to rot in Western slavery, let them… but I’ll confide that many Galicians want to be part of Holy Rus, too… that means that Galicia may throw off the chains of the Unia and cultural slavery to the West. I hope that happens…




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