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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

MID Sez Ukraine’s Recruiting Foreign Mercs Attempt to Suppress Patriotic Resistance

00 US Soldier in Afghanistan. 4 April 2012

This is Kabul… THIS is what the USA wants to create in Kiev. Think on that… Victoria Nuland sticks in her thumb and pulls out her plums… “Oh, what a good girl am I… to hell with the Ukrainian people… I’ve got mine!” Evil walks the corridors of power in Washington… Satan laughs at his victory. Remember, the Axis of Evil is Washington-London-Brussels…   


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) commented on media reports claiming that the Ukrainian junta wants to recruit personnel from private foreign military companies “to maintain law and order” might suggest that they want to suppress patriotic protest and discontent. The MID said, “One can state that, in the absence of popular Ukrainian support, the Euromaidan junta has only one option if it wants to remain in power… to mobilise any support possible from foreign sponsors, including foreign mercenaries. Amongst the candidates for the role of gendarme is Greystone Limited, registered in Barbados, which is part of the Academi Corporation. It’s an analogue, or, probably, an affiliate of the Blackwater private army, whose ‘soldiers’ face charges of committing serious and regular human rights abuses in troubled regions. It looks as though this practise, if they really carry it out, goes against Ukrainian laws that ban foreign citizens from working with private security companies. Such initiatives prove that those who seized power in Kiev can’t guarantee minimal order or even their own security. The question arises, ‘What does this plan cost; where will the money come from?’ To what extent will they the shift the burden of paying for these expensive foreign specialists to ordinary Ukrainians who, besides swallowing a painful tax increase, including taxes on gas, as the precondition for securing IMF loans, will have to tighten their belts even more?”


Not to put too fine a face upon it, there’s no money to pay for pricey mercs. The only way that the junta can get Blackwater muscle is for Langley to front the funds. This is political dynamite. If anything were GUARANTEED to piss off patriotic elements, it’d be importing foreign mercs. Remember, King George III lost a lot of cred in the American colonies when he brought in Hessians… English soldiers were one thing… but foreigners? That, perhaps, gave the rebels enough of a leg up to allow them to win through in the end.

It shows the junta’s desperation. They have less and less connection with reality with every day. By the way, there are plenty of jobs as waiters and short-order cooks on Second Av…


31 March 2014

Voices from Russia World Service


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Western Businesses Sceptical about the Ukraine’s Ability to Overcome Corruption

01 favours from the devil


In the last 20 years, the problem of corruption is on the agendas of all major political actors in the Ukraine. It became a prominent part of international development and assistance to the region, too. The Ukraine is the third-most major aid-receiving country in Europe. Almost half of Ukrainians say that they desire IKEA products more than any other global brand, yet the large home-furnishings retailer hasn’t been able to crack the market in a decade of trying. The reason… it won’t pay bribes.

Stuck between the EU and Russia, Transparency International said that the Ukraine emerged as the most corrupt country on the continent. Analysts said that corruption and “incompetent” leadership are the why a nation endowed with most of the ingredients needed to create a vibrant economy fell so far behind its peers. Nielsen, chief global economist at UniCredit SpA (UCG) in London, said, “Even before this latest crisis, the Ukraine was a mess beyond description. Successive governments must take collective responsibility for what’s been one of the worst-managed countries in modern history, as many officials and their family members became immensely wealthy along the way”.

Lennart Dahlgren, the retired IKEA executive who spearheaded the company’s entry into Russia, said in an interview with Russky Reporter magazine in 2010 that Russia “is whiter than snow” compared with the Ukraine. Walter Kadnar, the company’s Russian chief, said that IKEA plans to invest 2 billion euros (96.8 billion Roubles. 2.76 billion USD. 3.05 billion CAD. 2.98 billion AUD. 1.66 billion UK Pounds) in Russian retail centres, manufacturing, and logistic chains through 2020. On Monday, ITAR-TASS reported that IKEA hoped by 2020 to double the 76.4 billion rubles (2.18 billion USD. 2.4 billion CAD. 2.35 billion AUD. 1.58 billion Euros. 1.31 billion UK Pounds) revenues it generated in the 2012-13 financial year. Currently, KEA operates 14 retail stores in Russia and plans to open 5 to 6 more sites, including several in the Moscow area. The company is considering 25 cities for possible future expansion.

The poorest EU states, Bulgaria and Romania, and even Belarus, are all now twice as rich as the Ukraine, where total output is about the same as New Zealand, a country of 4.4 million people. Lilit Gevorgyan, senior analyst at IHS Global Insight in London said that whoever wins the Ukrainian presidency in May would face longer-term challenges such as cleaning up the courts and putting in place checks and balances to help eradicate corruption and to attract the likes of IKEA. World Bank figures show that the Ukraine hasn’t yet recovered from 2009, when output in current dollars plunged a record 35 percent from its 180 billion USD peak the year before,. The government expects GDP to shrink another 3 percent this year in real terms, as it cuts spending.


I believe that whoever wrote this piece (it has the “feel” of a piece written by a young staffer smitten with the West) has no clue about what’s really going on in the Ukraine. The Ukrainian economy is at an utter standstill. What’s worse, gas prices just jumped up, and there’s no domestic supply to pick up the slack (the Crimea gas production is now in Russian hands). The junta just jacked up utility rates for consumers and slashed pensions radically… this means less money circulating, which means that the economy will go into further free fall. The only way to mend the situation is to take a fourfold path:

  1. Restore pensions to their former level and announce a tax surcharge on all incomes above 100,000 USD (3.52 million Roubles. 110,000 CAD. 108,000 AUD. 72,500 Euros. 60,200 UK Pounds) a year
  2. Announce a five-year “holiday” on loan payments
  3. Require Yaytsenyuk, Avakov, and Turchinov to resign immediately, as they were major players in political corruption in the past, and declare Yuliya Timoshenko ineligible for all political office in perpetuity due to her former massive corruption
  4. Tell the IMF to go to hell

This isn’t going to happen (especially, not point nr 4)… therefore, the only thing that the junta can do is either to crawl to the EU or to crawl to Russia. It has no other choices. Russia WOULD offer a better deal, but the junta won’t accept it, for political reasons. The oligarchs and Western business interests (aided by soulless diaspora Ukrainians) sucked the Ukraine dry for immediate gain. Today, there’s nothing left. They “ate up all the seed corn”. Actually, what the EU should’ve done was to have let Russia have the whole banana (and the whole headache)… Putin would’ve had to take this raw deal, or lose “face” domestically and internationally. Instead, the EU stuck itself to the Tar Baby. One of two shitty outcomes await them… either they have to funnel billions into this kleptocracy (or lose the game outright) or lose the poker game to Vlad & Co anyway. Put up or shut up time is coming… what sort of hand DO they hold?


31 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Wry Observations from Ivan Ignatyevich Nikitchuk… Do Pass the Jug, It’s GOOD STUFF

00 Makhmud Eshonkulov. The USA. 2013


Makhmud Eshonkulov




Gran’pa, what’s a “legitimate democracy?”

Stary Mudry:

That’s any government that kisses up to the USA.


The Rada adopted the IMF’s conditions for a loan… they’d put the people on bread and water. However, they’re going to do it gradually… at first, the people will get only water…


When the West complains of Russia’s intractable behaviour, always remember a letter from the wife of a German soldier, found on his corpse by Red Army fighters in 1942, “Russian stubbornness and dishonesty really ticks off everybody in Hamburg; they won’t stop their stupid and pointless resistance”.


If local cadres can manage to work things out in the end, then, why can’t whole states solve the world’s problems?


Ivan Ignatyevich has it right… the USA IS too full of itself (especially, that fatuous and self-important scumbag McFaul), the junta doesn’t give two hoots in hell for the Ukrainian Joe Bloggs, the West truly expects us to roll over and ENJOY being gang-raped, and since people normally CAN solve their local problems, then, why can’t we apply the same principles to world peace?

Hat tip to Ivan Ignatyevich and the KPRF… there’s still sanity in these here parts…


1 April 2014

Ivan Nikitchuk


KPRF official website


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Ideology of Ukrainian Statehood Built on Rotten Spiritual Foundation

00 Kiev Riot. the Ukraine. 05. 19.01.14


With great sadness, I read what the so-called “Metropolitan” of Cherkassky said and Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky’s answer to it. Firstly, both sides used unacceptable methods; they both showed despicable behaviour towards their opponents. It didn’t match the moment’s importance, the rank of Metropolitan’s dignity, or the Minister of Culture’s position. Vladyki Sofrony was utterly wrong when he used the word “thug” in relation to the President of Russia, to which the Ukraine owes so much. In particular, it was reckless to say such at an explosive moment, when one careless word could affect the lives of thousands of people. On the other hand, of course, the tone of the Minister of Culture’s attitude to the bishop was unacceptable. It was openly mocking and anticlerical.

With all due deference to Vladyki Sofrony, one should recognise that when he talks about existing problems that he isn’t right in many respects. Unfortunately, Medinsky is right about that. I remember Bishop Sofrony when he was an Archimandrite… unfortunately, I don’t recognise him today. I remember him in the early ‘90s, grieving over the crimes and iniquities committed by Filaret’s gang. He told his spiritual children that Filaret was a great sinner. Today, rising in the ranks of the opponents of the Russian World, he wittingly or unwittingly allied himself with the Filaretovtsy (“supporters of Filaret” in Russian).

The Minister of Culture was correct to state that the Ukrainian identity, as such, only arose in the twentieth century. This was partly due to the Soviet government, partly due to Austria and Poland. The word “Ukraine” speaks volumes. It means that it’s an outlier of the Russian World. The Power and the Glory of the Ukraine resides in the fact that it’s “Little Rus” (Малая Русь), i.e. “Primary” Rus {much as Slavs use the word “little ones” to mean children: editor}. The word “little” means the metropolis there was the starting point of the movement that created historical Russia. The so-called Ukraine… Little Russia… from time immemorial had inextricable links with the Russian World.

You can tell this from the names of great saints and cultural figures… St Dmitri of Rostov, Bortnyansky, Gogol, Yanovsky, and many others… they show that Kiev is the “Mother of all Russian Cities”, not so much the capital of the independent Ukraine. To forget this is criminal. That tramples on the legacy of those who saw themselves as part of Holy Rus, who saw themselves primarily as native Orthodox and Russian. That tramples on the memory of those Cossacks and peasants led by Bogdan Khmelnitsky and his successors, who fought to be in the Tsardom of Russia. It tramples on the memory of those who didn’t follow Mazepa, who remained faithful to Orthodoxy and Russia. The service in memory of the Battle of Poltava stated, “Yes, the Apostles commemorate those who didn’t agree with the second Judas, Mazepa”. That the contemporary Ukrainian identity builds on the principles of Mazepa, and declares Mazepa a historical hero of the Ukraine and places his picture on Ukrainian money is derisory and criminal. It’s as if Israel printed banknotes with the image of Judas Iscariot. You can’t create a state on a cult of traitors such as Mazeppa. He betrayed the Tsar, people, and Orthodoxy, by letting the Swedish invaders into Russia. A state can’t applaud traitors, terrorists, and losers such as Bandera, who tarnished his hands with the blood of his people and, in the end, didn’t do anything positive and succeeded in nothing.

By definition, a state with such a spiritual basis isn’t sustainable, and the fate of the post-Soviet Ukraine is abundant proof of that. It’s because the Lord doesn’t suffer those who don’t establish him in power and glory, He sends them affliction… all these revolts and revolutions have a rotten spiritual foundation, built upon mutiny and rebellion against their Russian origins. However, Dostoevsky rightly observed that rebellion couldn’t lay down a real basis for life. That’s why the contemporary Ukraine continually faces tribulations, failure, revolution, and upheaval. I say this with full forethought, as a man with Little Russian background, so, I understand and share the suffering of ordinary Ukrainians, of simple Little Russians. Nevertheless, if the Little Russian people don’t return to the Universal Orthodox Church’s unity, if they don’t return to the Russian world, they face an unpleasant future, their troubles will continue until the final destruction of the Ukrainian state, the final destruction of the Ukrainian people.

It’s impossible not to worry about the fact that this filthy Russophobia infects some Ukrainian clergy, who’re too close to the schismatical Filaretovtsy. They organised a joint conference between some members of the UOC/MP and the so-called schismatic “Archbishop” Evstraty Zorya, where they criticised the idea of the Russian World, where, in utter insubordination, Fr Georgi Kovalenko slammed Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias. It’s a highly disturbing symptom when inopportune nationalism dominates some Orthodox clergy to the point that certain members of the UOC/MP are in danger of succumbing to the heresy of phyletism.

What is this “open evil” by Russia that ”Archbishop” Evstraty speaks about? For over 20 years, the Ukraine violated the rights of Russian people; it flouted and ridiculed their language, it contemptuously called them “Katsap”, it defamed VOV veterans and tried to equate the SS and Banderovtsy to them. It spat on the memory of the heroes of the VOV, who shed their blood in the in the name of the Russian World’s unity, for the sake of Ukrainian and Russian unity, it defiled the memory of hundreds of thousands victims killed by the Germans and their nationalist collaborators simply for being Russian or supporters of the Russian World, along with thousands of Jews and Poles… shouldn’t we call that evil? If during 1989-91 nationalists undermined the USSR with the slogan, “The right of nations to self-determination, including secession”, one wonders why, now, when the same principle that established the modern Ukraine now turns against them, when it brought those in the southern and eastern Ukraine to the point that they no longer want to live in such a state, why do they deny it?

In 1991, the founders of the new Ukrainian state made a fundamental error. They should’ve built a state as a Russian-Ukrainian federation, based on equality of languages, with an identity within the Russian identity, an identity within the Russian world. Instead, they chose the aggressive shtetl identity of Galicia, the Banderovtsy’s identity. Now, they reap the fruits of the evil they sowed. The fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin wishes an ingathering of the Russian World, that he didn’t hinder, indeed, he helped the peoples of the Crimea enter into the Russian Federation… how was this illegal, how was this evil? This is the same principle that the “Ukrainians” used in 1991; we’d note that they implemented it against the will of the majority of the Ukrainian people. In the Ukraine, 75 percent voted in favour of keeping the USSR.

Therefore, the question is, “What is evil?” This is especially relevant, since in canonical terms, the Local Church there is the MP. A “Ukrainian Orthodox Local Church” doesn’t exist; what’s very sad and disturbing is the fact that it they’re now trying to create one at any cost, even at the cost of reconciliation with evil, which is certainly what one should call the Filaretovtsy schism.


Deacon Vladimir makes a good point here. There are standards for public discourse, which differ according to one’s place. Clergy must follow certain norms (which get stricter as one moves up the line) in their public utterances and writings. As a priest once told me, “As a laywoman, you’re freer to state what you mean than I am. I’m a priest, which means that I must be more diplomatic”. Deacon Vladimir was right to castigate “Bishop” Evstraty and his UOC/MP cronies. Government officials must follow a different set of standards (again, which get stricter as one progresses up the chain of command). Thus, Deacon Vladimir was right in criticising Medin… he stepped outside of those bounds. Diplomats, scholars, bureaucrats, and journalists all have their “codes of conduct”. As a journalist, I can be more combative than a priest, official, bureaucrat, or diplomat can be. I can’t be as nasty as scholars often are (they have the loosest canons of all (or, are the “loosest cannons of all”… I couldn’t resist the pun)… they cover it up with “speech codes” and whatnot, but they’re the least inhibited of all in the public sphere, as academic infighting testifies to).

Deacon Vladimir makes interesting points on Ukrainianism… I’d say that the recent crisis did one thing, it ended the period where Russians stood silent before Banderovtsy lies. We punch back… and we punch harder. The bear IS back… and he ain’t pleased…

31 March 2014

Deacon Vladimir Vasilik

Kandidat of Philological Science

Dotsent, Faculty of History St Petersburg State University (SPBGU)

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


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