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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Church won’t Defrock Naughty Archbishop

00 No Tolerance for Child Abuse. 23.10.12


The Orthodox Church of America (OCA) Archdiocese of Canada won’t defrock a disgraced archbishop recently found guilty of sexually assaulting a Winnipeg boy in the 1980s. Instead, the church quietly retired Archbishop Seraphim Storheim. The decision outraged critics who say the decision to spare Storheim defrocking goes directly against the church’s sexual misconduct policy. Melanie Sakoda, the Orthodox director of SNAP, also known as the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, said, “I think they’re being very cautious, there’s a lot of sentiment of support for him in Canada. The thing that bothered me is their policy seems to be very clear… if he’s found to have abused a child, he’s to be defrocked”. The archbishop still awaits sentencing after a court found him guilty in January of sexually assaulting a pre-teen boy in the mid-1980s, when he was rector at Holy Trinity Sobor in Winnipeg.

The church’s sexual misconduct policy, updated last fall, states that the church would depose and permanently prohibit from exercising any functions or responsibilities of parish ministry any clergy found to have committed child sexual abuse. Officials for the OCA, the parent organisation to the Archdiocese of Canada, said that the decision to retire came from a need to replace Storheim as ruling bishop in Canada and that they haven’t ruled out defrocking the archbishop. Archpriest Eric George Tosi, secretary for the OCA, said per the canons, a final ruling on Storheim’s fate would be in the hands of a 12-member spiritual court. The court can’t convene until the church’s initial investigation is complete. This is an arduous process, which Sakoda says isn’t necessary, noting, “The trouble with that, is unlike the Catholic Church, in the Orthodox Church the canons are sort of guidelines, they aren’t law. If they wanted to do this, whether it is a panel of 12 bishops or not, they could. I think that sends a message and it sends the wrong message”.

In a letter dated 21 March, the church decided that they’d retire Storheim and that he’d continue in the clergy, as a retired member, take communion with the clergy, and worship in his choice of a church in Edmonton AB or Spencerville ON. The church suspended Storheim in November 2010 when the allegations of abuse first surfaced, saying that a commission would decide his fate within the church after the criminal procedures were complete. The court will sentence Storheim sometime in June, and after that, his lawyer said that he’d file an appeal.

2 April 2014

Kristin Annable

Winnipeg Sun



Cappy and Mel get a lot of flak from “goodthinkers”… “We shouldn’t complain about the clergy… we should cover up their sins… we have no right to attack such good people”… yadda, yadda, yadda. Let’s be blunt. The OCA First Families apparat doesn’t give a rat’s ass for the victims. It’s one thing to see that Storheim got legal counsel, but I’ll be blunt, I think that his lawyer, Gindin, was an asshole who based his defence on attacking the victims’ sanity and credibility (that’s my opinion, I can state it publicly, and they can’t sue me for so doing). The OCA Holy Synod knew that was Gindin’s defence… they said nothing. Ergo, when Gindin attacked the witnesses’ credibility, the OCA attacked their credibility.

Tosi makes me want to hurl. All that the Church needs is Justice Mainella’s rather long and rather detailed verdict. It’s time for this shit to end. It’s time to depose Storheim, send him to a remote monastery (in foreign parts, if necessary), apologise to his victims, and pay them reasonable compensation for the unnecessarily nasty attacks levelled on them by Gindin (Gindin deserves a good swift kick in the ass for choosing such low and despicable tactics… I know more than one person willing to do the deed… I know some Cossacks willing to give him more than a swift kick). It’s time for the lawyerly shit to end. Real people were hurt; real people had their reputations dragged in the mud… and these jabronies want to spin it out. Pass me the jug… I know that the human race is sinful and full of self-serving tricks, but this is too much. God have mercy on Storheim’s innocent victims… haven’t they gone through enough?


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2 April 2014. No News Nowhere on the “California Fats” Saga

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I’ve fished the official OCA, ROCOR, and MP websites for any word of a canonical release for Fatso. I got several reports that he announced in the District that it was a done deal on Sunday 23 March. Now, his claque has made a 180… now, they claim that he said no such thing. I can report that there’s NO official word on this. NONE. NO WAY. NO HOW. NO WHERE. If that’s so, it means that California Fats is still in limbo. I’ve heard that Lebedeff had to put out a few more fires on this one… look, if Fats were to get a release, it’d be on both the OCA and ROCOR official sites, probably, with a mention on patriarchia.ru, as he was a former First Hierarch. It would probably also merit a short item on Interfax. There’s NO news… ergo, nothing’s happened.

By the way, keeping people in limbo is a shitty way of treating people. Take Dicky Wood… it’s right to have shitcanned him, but he’s been punished enough. He didn’t do anything schismatical or heretical… he did things that were imprudent, unwise, cranky, and stupid, which is something else altogether. There are no grounds to depose him. He’s from the Midwest… his mother is up in years… the OCA Holy Synod should send him to a parish in the Midwest and let him rusticate in peace. He won’t cause any further kerfuffle, to be sure. The same is true for Sir Ray… give him a hearing for due process’ sake and let justice take its course… he did sue a fellow priest in civil court before bringing it up properly in an action in a canonical Church venue (which a canonist told me was a given… priests can’t go around suing other priests). Laicise him and be done with it. The present limbo is fair to no one… including Ray (he does deserve to have this brought to its conclusion… not to mention Ray’s victims).

It’s the usual slo-mo disintegration… pass the jug, it ain’t over, yet, and I fear that the “best” is yet to come…


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Who the Neocons Really Are…

00 Uncle Sam ravaged by GOP... political cartoon. 07.12



A good priest commended the last three paragraphs of this long piece to me (I broke the first paragraph in two for stylistic reasons). After reading it, you can see why. If you want to read the whole piece, click on the link at the end, I don’t have the time to translate it all. Radonezh is very well-known and reputable; it’s a major Church media outlet… quite unlike that unrepresentative crowd in the District that hangs around Radio Liberty, the Washington Times, and the American Enterprise Institute (one of the neocon groups rightfully excoriated in the article below). One of these things is NOT like the other!

A hat tip to my clerical friend… without my Cabinet, I’d be nothing.



Maybe, the American goal isn’t just to destroy our Union, to tear the Ukraine away from Russia and undermine Russia, but to lick Europe at the same time. Indeed, if we look at who affects decision-making in America and how they do it, it’s not difficult to see that a handful of excessive radical extremists, so-called “neo-conservatives”, see the world through the prism of a war for to establish the global domination of an exclusive group of American oligarchs. It’s kind of fascism, however, not on a national basis, but based on a global hegemony. That is, they’re attempting to put a small clique of oligarchs in control of the whole world.

Since Russia, Russian culture, and the Russian World are an obstacle to this satanic threat posed by the Neocons… yes, they’re very real Satanists, misanthropes… they’re prepared to use the atomic bomb! They shouted and tried to convince American politicians to use nuclear weapons in the Crimea! That would put them in power… they’re worse than Banderovtsy are! That is, they nurtured the Banderovtsy in the Ukraine because they’re close to them in spirit. This misanthropic group, these “neoconservatives”, who’re superficially very respectable and influential, relies on the support of big business, so, they largely represent the interests of the American financial oligarchy. Today, the goal of this American financial oligarchy is to destroy not only Russia’s financial system, but also, and above all, that of Europe. You see, for the American financial oligarchy, to destroy Europe’s financial system, to collapse the “Euro Zone”, would write off a huge amount of debt… it suits them! Therefore, they push American politicians into this adventure.

However, if you look at the USA, you’d find many sober people. In general, Americans aren’t enthusiastic about the idea of ​​sanctions against Russia. All normal American businesses are against these sanctions (that is, those who aren’t involved in financial speculations, who don’t profit on the destruction of other countries, but who actually make things and engage in real trade). Most American citizens also don’t understand why one would want to go to war in the middle of Europe, so further developments will largely depend on how much good sense prevails in Washington.

Today, what we face isn’t America, nor is the American people. We face those who organised a whole procession of wars (Iraq… Yugoslavia… Libya… North Africa… Syria… and now, the Ukraine). We face a group of manic-misanthropic Satanists, the “neoconservatives”. They’re ready to plunge the whole world into chaos to establish themselves in power, in a maniacal quest for world domination. Of course, this is from Satan, and we must understand that our faith and our spirit will protect us from that!

23 March 2014



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A Point to Ponder from “The Global News” in China

00 A Terrible Shadow. Luo Jie. 2014

A Terrible Shadow

Luo Jie



An article appeared in The Global News, a well-known newspaper of record in China, “Support Russia… for the Sake of China’s Interests”. It appeared as an editorial; hence, you can’t see its contents as someone’s private opinion. In brief, its thesis states that China can’t speak openly on the side of Moscow, as it’d be contrary to the principle of “wait in the shadows”. However, the public opinion in the PRC should side completely with Russia, as “the Ukrainian question has long gone beyond the internal affairs of any one country”. In fact, it’s about global processes relating specifically to China, “Today, Russia and China form a strategic buffer for each other, making possible a revival of our states. If Russia, headed by Putin, fell under the onslaught of the West, it’d be a severe blow to our strategic interests”.

Similarly, Xinhua issued this:

From Kosovo to South Ossetia, as well as the Comoros to the Crimea, Western countries apply double standards in international affairs, based only on their own interests. For example, the West evaluates the same fact, declaring independence, differently… sometimes, it calls it “national self-determination”, if the development meets its interests, and, if not, it condemns such actions as “separatist activities.

In short, the only result of American bluster was a strengthening of the de facto Russo-Sino alliance. America’s paying dearly for John McCain’s juvenile macho posturing… he should get over the fact that a Soviet SAM shot him down. He’s a reckless man (indeed, too brave for his own good… he lacks common prudence and good sense… it’s why the US Navy refused to move him on to flag rank) who thought himself “invulnerable”… well, he wasn’t. As a politician, he’s as reckless as he was as a military pilot. In short, he’s blustering blowhard, full of unreasoning and ignorant hatred… and anyone who approves of his “policies” shows their ignorance and stupidity.

2 April 2014



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