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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A Point to Ponder from “The Global News” in China

00 A Terrible Shadow. Luo Jie. 2014

A Terrible Shadow

Luo Jie



An article appeared in The Global News, a well-known newspaper of record in China, “Support Russia… for the Sake of China’s Interests”. It appeared as an editorial; hence, you can’t see its contents as someone’s private opinion. In brief, its thesis states that China can’t speak openly on the side of Moscow, as it’d be contrary to the principle of “wait in the shadows”. However, the public opinion in the PRC should side completely with Russia, as “the Ukrainian question has long gone beyond the internal affairs of any one country”. In fact, it’s about global processes relating specifically to China, “Today, Russia and China form a strategic buffer for each other, making possible a revival of our states. If Russia, headed by Putin, fell under the onslaught of the West, it’d be a severe blow to our strategic interests”.

Similarly, Xinhua issued this:

From Kosovo to South Ossetia, as well as the Comoros to the Crimea, Western countries apply double standards in international affairs, based only on their own interests. For example, the West evaluates the same fact, declaring independence, differently… sometimes, it calls it “national self-determination”, if the development meets its interests, and, if not, it condemns such actions as “separatist activities.

In short, the only result of American bluster was a strengthening of the de facto Russo-Sino alliance. America’s paying dearly for John McCain’s juvenile macho posturing… he should get over the fact that a Soviet SAM shot him down. He’s a reckless man (indeed, too brave for his own good… he lacks common prudence and good sense… it’s why the US Navy refused to move him on to flag rank) who thought himself “invulnerable”… well, he wasn’t. As a politician, he’s as reckless as he was as a military pilot. In short, he’s blustering blowhard, full of unreasoning and ignorant hatred… and anyone who approves of his “policies” shows their ignorance and stupidity.

2 April 2014



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