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Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Rule of Bullets and Clubs

00 Right Sector Thugs in Kiev. 06.04.14


The Revolution has begun…. but the Revolution hasn’t ended, as the famous song has it. Unfortunately, the lyrics of songs and real life are a little bit different. People know that from their experience, especially, those who live in the now very “independent” Ukraine. It seems that a bitter moment of reckoning came for the politically naïve, who gaped at the gutted residence of President Yanukovich, who walked on rich carpets lit by gold candlesticks. It turns out that thousands of militants aren’t only in special camps, but these “hot shots” aren’t in a hurry to resign the power and respect that they have through their weapons and willingness to use them. They’re in no hurry to leave, after driving a thirst for régime change and leading the crowd.

You see, having a weapon confers power. Sashko Bily demonstrated this when he brandished an avtomat in the faces of People’s Deputies. Then, he shot himself in the heart with an avtomat after they shot him in the feet and bound him up. Now, his Right Sector comrades, who have real combat savvy, deploy gunmen in the centre of the Ukrainian capital. On the other hand, why shouldn’t they do this? They’re the heroes of the Maidan, they’re organised, so, c’mon, who’s going to stand against such brave guys? The Right Sector suspects that MVDU boss Avakov (whom they hate) murdered Sashko Bily. There’s an investigation, but given what happens during revolutionary turmoil, no one should expect that anyone would ever find the real culprits.

The Right Sector bothers everybody. Arrogant men with guns, who’re outside the control of lawful authorities, are seldom useful in normal life. Ordinary life has bureaucracy, bickering, quarrels, and underhanded dirty tricks, but it doesn’t have shootouts and putting avtomats on the table as an argument. Nobody wants such dashing “Cossacks” mucking about in everyday life. Understandably, they frighten folks. Today, Ukrainians face a difficult bit of work. They need to get rid of the Right Sector somehow, but they want to preserve the heroic flair of the Maidan. That is, they can’t admit that they used these scumbags… they can’t even admit that these characters are scumbags on principle. However, what about the celestial heroism of the Maidan band? Therefore, we need to make sure that these characters were heroes once, but they’re only virtual heroes now.

Adolf Hitler carried out the Night of the Long Knives, where he cut the stormtroopers down to size in a new Massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy. Yet, to arrange a massacre after this extraordinary victory of democracy over common sense would be discrediting the results of the revolution itself. To try to shoot them one by one on the quiet… that’s impossible. The Ukraine isn’t a large country, its people are vociferous, and there’s technology to shoot and record an event and spread it on the internet. As a result, the junta strikes exactly the same rock that the previous government foundered upon… the question of when to use force against militants. However, if Yanukovich hesitated to give the order to shoot, forcing police to stand under attacks of those throwing stones and incendiaries, such prudence won’t work for the revolutionaries. Their grip on power is so tenuous that they can’t allow any “Sashko Bily” to erode it. They need to strengthen their grip on power, and spilt blood seems to them the best solution, not only in terms of deterrence of all sorts of dubious elements, previously known as Maidan activists, but for rallying the ranks of their supporters. You see, none of them would be without guilt; a shameful past would unite and bind them together. What more is there to add? Lucky Ukrainians… they dreamed of a taste of freedom… now, they getting it by the spoonful. However, the Right Sector saga… it’s only at the beginning…

1 April 2014

Mariya Solovyova



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