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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Junta Sending Mercs and Armoured Vehicles to Lugansk

00 Riots in Kiev 02. 06.02.14

THIS is the face of the junta… the US State Department and the Uniates APPROVE of such indiscriminate terrorism wholeheartedly… nasty sorts, aren’t they? After all, the Uniates supported the Nazis in the VOV and the USA engages in drone attacks on civilians throughout the world… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together.


The Opolchenie in the Southeastern Ukraine are readying for an armed attack. Yuri Germes, a Opolchenie leader, told LifeNews that tanks were on their way to Lugansk right after negotiations with the MVDU ended, saying, “People are all wound up. Lugansk residents demand a referendum on self-determination. It was hard to negotiate with the MVDU. We just got info on six armoured vehicles and soldiers heading for Lugansk. We won’t give in. We must have a referendum!” Germes pointed up that the Opolchenie got the update from colleagues in other parts.


Six ACVs!? What a show of strength! I believe that the only reliable forces the junta has are the American mercs. It’s trying to shift them from spot to spot. The so-called “National Guard” has no training, no discipline, and no unit cohesion. Eventually, the junta will use them. However… that’d lead to massive bloodshed. The junta has to win every encounter… and that’s statically impossible. The USA is desperately trying spin the situation, but it’s a no-winner. For Russia, the Ukraine must either be friendly or neutral… and it has the power to mandate that, and the USA doesn’t have the power to stop them.

I still say that things are so murky that no one knows what’s coming down in the next 24, let alone the next month. Stay tuned… this satanic kerfuffle is still rolling on, brought to you by Vicious Vicky and Smilin’ Yuliya… two ”Dragon Ladies” if there ever were such…


8 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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