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Sunday, 13 April 2014

BREAKING NEWS. Churkin Slams CIA Chief Brennan for Signing Off on Junta Attacks on Patriots in the East



I’m going to let this story “develop”… now, Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin is slamming the USA for sending Brennan, the head of the CIA, to Kiev to oversee the bungled operations in the east that occurred earlier today. Of course, Langley denied it… but did you expect otherwise from the murderers of Diem and Allende? Did you really expect the authors of “extraordinary rendition” to come clean? C’mon! This is the bunch that tortured people in Yushchenko’s Ukraine! This is the bunch behind the brutal beating of Fr Dmitri Sidor! This is the bunch that fucked up royally in the Bay of Pigs! You’re going to believe them, with such a track record? NOTHING that comes out of anyone connected with Langley has any credence (including a priest who’s neck deep with them, I’m afraid). On Russian TV today, legitimate Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich blew the whistle on Brennan’s visit to Kiev. Brennan signed the orders to attack civilians per Yanukovich…I believe him… after the known CIA antics in Greece, Iran, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Indonesia, the fact that Langley NEVER tells the truth is a given. The CIA is a pack of criminals… Brennan, Clapper, the whole lot of ’em. Yanukovich stated unequivocally that the USA, once again, has innocent blood on its hands. Right now, Churkin is eatin’ his Wheaties and kickin’ American ass at the UN. He’s addressing an emergency session of the UN Security Council, exposing the junta Nazis for what they are and warning everyone not to fall victim to propaganda as the stakes are too high.

It’s not just in the Ukraine that Ukrainian “nazi-onalists” operate. In the Midwest, they physically attacked American leftists. However, the American lefties were spunky and frisky… they kicked the fascists’ asses back to where they came from… and they went out for a drink afterwards! People after my heart…

Keep the suffering people of Little Russia in your thoughts and prayers. Their suffering means nothing to pigs like Zbig, Brennan, Nuland, and Clapper… they’re just “little people”, dontcha know! After all, the Affluent Effluent DESERVE what they get, according to these worthies. I beg to differ… and I’m NOT alone in thinking that way.


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