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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This: The Ukraine to Issue Two-Year War Bonds… Tell Me, Who’d be STOOPID Enough to Buy ‘Em?

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The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance will issue two-year war bonds worth 1.1 billion gryvnia (3.344 billion Roubles. 92.8 million USD. 102.3 million CAD. 99 million AUD. 67.1 million Euros. 55 million UK Pounds), according to Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr 100-101 dated 1 April, but released only this week. It said, “This proposal is a call to the community to join forces, desires, and intentions to take part in solving national problems and to give financial assistance to the Ukraine’s armed forces, enhancing their combat readiness and strengthening the state’s defence”. The securities are book-entry war bonds with a 7 percent coupon for 1 billion gryvnia (3.04 billion Roubles. 84 million USD. 93 million CAD. 90 million AUD. 61 million Euros. 50 million UK Pounds), and certificated treasury bonds with a face value of 100 million gryvnia (304 million Roubles. 8.4 million USD. 9.3 million CAD. 9 million AUD. 6.1 million Euros. 5 million UK Pounds). The government will pay the yield on each security with a face value of 1,000 gryvnia (3,040 Roubles. 84 USD. 93 CAD. 90 AUD. 61 Euros. 50 UK Pounds) every 6 months. The Ukraine has been in serious financial trouble since February, with extremely high arrears for Russian gas and a military that needs funding, Kiev struggles to make ends meet. Kiev can’t raise funds independently as it is in a stand-by agreement with the IMF to receive rescue money. The only alternative left for the junta is to appeal to patriotism and issue so-called war bonds, with yields exempt from tax, should the government not default before the first payment is due.


Now, I’ve seen it all! Come and get it! Big-time Ukrainian bond sale! Who’s going to be STOOPID enough to buy these? Watch ’em get foisted on two groups:

  • Uniate and “Ukrainian Orthodox” parishes in the diaspora will force members to buy this useless paper
  • the Ukrainian government will force civil service employees, soldiers, pensioners, and wage-earners to buy them through wage/pension holdbacks

The junta’s grasping at straws. This is fuckin’ pitiful… the people suffer under a double-the-trouble combination of pay cuts and price increases, and, now, this. McCain, Nuland, and Zbig cackle with glee…

I believe that the junta’s glomming up “getaway cash”… this isn’t enough to fight a modern war with for even a month. Note this… the oligarchs aren’t buying into this shit. Darlin’ Yuliya the Landshark ain’t buying… neither is Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Avakov, or Klichko. Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…


16 April 2014



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