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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Peskov sez Western Ukraine under Information Blackout… Junta Squeezes People with Water Rate Rise… Putin sez No Russian Grunts in the Eastern Ukraine

00 Slavyansk. 01. 17.04.14


On Wednesday, about 60 Ukrainian troops manning armoured combat vehicles sent to Kramatorsk as part of a military operation to quell patriot actions in the eastern Ukraine sided with the patriots. The servicemen struck the Ukrainian flag and headed to nearby Slavyansk. One of the soldiers who rallied to the patriots told a RIA-Novosti correspondent, “We saw seen that [the patriots] aren’t separatists or terrorists, but ordinary local people. We won’t fight against them”. All of the troops are from Dnepropetrovsk. In all, the crews of six airborne assault vehicles, several armoured infantry combat vehicles, and one armoured personnel carrier rallied to the patriot side. Some raised Russian flags and the Russian VDV (Airborne Forces) banner. Several armoured vehicles deployed around the OGA building in Slavyansk, which has been in patriot hands for the last several days.


On Wednesday, Presidential press-secretary Dmitri Peskov told Rossiya-24 TV that there’s a junta-imposed information blockade in the Western Ukraine, “Ukrainians in western regions are critical of us as they fail to grasp the main thrust of current events. They think that Russian behaviour is aggressive. One can feel that an information blockade around them dumbed them down. That’s because they black out Russian TV channels, so, they receive information only from one side, one can feel it in their attitude”.


According to RIA-Novosti, Dmitri Grigori, a forecast member of the National Commission, stated after a meeting in Kiev, “Prices for residential water supply should rise. The economically justified rate for one cubic metre (35.3 cubic feet) of cold water is 4.41 gryvnia (15 Roubles. 0.39 USD. 0.44 CAD. 0.43 AUD. 0.29 Euros. 0.23 UK Pounds). The present water rates in the Ukraine are socially oriented, thus the organisations that supply water, are experiencing great financial difficulties. For now, consumers pay 2.40 gryvnia (8 Roubles. 0.21 USD. 0.24 CAD. 0.23 AUD. 0.16 Euros. 0.13 UK Pounds) per cubic metre of cold water”.


The junta wants to cut wages (inflow) and raise prices (outflow), both in a major way, to benefit the oligarchs and Western investors. This results in major suffering for the ordinary folks of Little Russia… but that doesn’t faze American rightwingers one little bit. Why, that’s just the “invisible hand of the market”. You know what I mean… you’ve felt it around your neck, too…


16 April 2014


On Wednesday, RIA Novosti reported that junta “General Procurator” Oleg Makhnitsky said that former Ukrainian Prime Minister Nikolai Azarov is now a wanted criminal, saying, “We charged Azarov; we think that he abused his power. We’ve finished proceedings on a criminal case; Azarov is on a wanted list”. Azarov headed the former Ukrainian government, resigning on 28 January due to the unsettled conditions. Later, on 22 February, a putsch ousted Viktor Yanukovich as Ukrainian President and set a presidential election for 25 May. At the end of February, Makhnitsky said that the Genprokuratura would check the spending of budgetary funds by the former government. This check-up will cover not only spending of budgetary funds, both wrongful and legal, but the transparency of tendering as well.


My, my, my… this is EXACTLY what Yanukovich did to Darlin’ Yuliya, but on a FAR larger scale. The West condemned Viktor Fyodorovich for that… therefore, logic would impel them to condemn the junta even more. Note well that the Genprokuratura ISN’T going to investigate Yuliya, Yatsenyuk, Avakov, and Turchinov, all of whom are bigger thieves and outright criminals than any of Yanukovich’s entourage ever was (I’ll betcha that Langley recruited Avakov when he was in the slam in Italy). Ostap Bender would’ve found ’em beneath the salt. God DOES see and judge…



On Thursday, during his annual call-in live broadcast, President Vladimir Putin said that the decision by the Kiev junta use force in the eastern Ukraine is a serious crime, saying, “Instead of realising that something went wrong in the Ukrainian state, and attempting to start a dialogue, they intensified their threats to use force, and even decided to send tanks and aircraft against the civilian population. That’s another very serious crime on the part of the current Kiev authorities”.


On Thursday, during his annual call-in live broadcast, President Vladimir Putin said that there are no Russian armed forces elements in the eastern Ukraine, saying, “Such claims are nonsense. There are no Russian units, Russian spetsnaz, or Russian advisors in the eastern Ukraine. All of these people are local people. The fact that they took off their masks in the literal sense of the word proves this best of all. What I can tell my Western partners is that these people have nowhere to go. They won’t leave. They own that land… and it’s necessary to talk to them. We can only settle the current instability in the Ukraine through dialogue, not through military means. One can only establish order only through a dialogue, in the course of democratic procedures, and not through armed force, tanks, and combat aircraft”.

17 April 2014

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