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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Putin sez Third Parties Can’t Solve Ukrainian Crisis… Junta Fibs Massively in Genève, Orders Repressions in the Eastern Ukraine

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The face of  the patriot Opolchenie… “Holy Rus, preserve the Orthodox Faith! Down with the Junta!” The patriot fighters are mainly Orthodox and communist (at the same time!)… the junta brings together Uniates, schismatical Orthodox, “Evangelicals”, Sectarians, and New Age crazies. That’s what’s on offer… the KPU/canonical Orthodoxy on one side… heresy/rightwing repression and greed on the other. You must side with one or the other (there’s nothing else). Choose well…


On Thursday, during an online Q&A, President Vladimir Putin said that any solution of the Ukrainian crisis had to home-grown, saying, “Can the USA and Russia reach a compromise on the Ukraine? Any compromise must come from the various political forces inside the Ukraine, not from third parties. This is of paramount importance; this is a key point. All that we can do from the outside is to support it in whatever way we can and go along with it”.


On Thursday, during an online Q&A, President Vladimir Putin said that the current election campaign in Ukraine isn’t kosher, saying, “The presidential race is taking very objectionable forms. If it continues like this, most certainly, we won’t be unable to recognise the events that follow the 25 May [Ukrainian presidential election] as legitimate”.


On Thursday, local media said that the MVDU released 25 out of 63 detained participants of clashes at a military base in Mariupol. Stanislav Rechinsky, advisor to the Interior Minister, said, “Police failed to bring accusations against these 25 people”. Ukrainian MVDU spetsnaz launched an attack on Mariupol in the early pre-dawn hours on Thursday. Junta “Minister of Internal Affairs” Arseny Avakov noted that three people died and 13 wounded in the attack.

17 April 2014


Kramatorsk.info reported, referring to local sources, that junta troops attacked strongpoints held by patriot Opolchenie in Sergeyevka in Slavyanskaya Raion in Donetsk Oblast (17 kilometres from Kramatorsk), “A woman from the village of Sergeyevka told us that she could hear shooting in the area next to the ​​highway”. A helicopter landed, troops debarked, which started the skirmish. Locals said that there men in uniforms about, perhaps, junta soldiers. Some said that a fire broke out at a checkpoint manned by the patriot forces. No one knows what caused the fire. Eyewitnesses said that one person is dead, and patriot Opolochenie forces suffered casualties, but this information lacked official confirmation. Besides this, military helicopters circled Kramatorsk. “The locals got very scared due to all this. Some even began gathering their possessions to leave. However, after 22.00 (12.00 PDT. 15.00 EDT. 20.00 BST. 23.00 MSK. 09.00 18 April AEST) 10 pm the situation in the village stabilised. Junta troops left, along with their armoured vehicles”.


The New York Times is crowing about a bogus “agreement” reached in Geneva. The above is the truth, the Times report is a lie (however, with lapdog “reporters” like Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky having worked for it, does it surprise you?). To put it mildly, the patriots don’t trust the junta pigs, and well they shouldn’t.

For us, take note of the Times lies… NOTHING put out by the Western media machine is trustworthy… NOTHING. Little Russia still suffers… the West is still trying to rape it, the junta sics its fascist bully boys on it… the patriots would be insane to put credence in ANYTHING promised by the likes of Turchinov (a posturing part-time “preacher”), Avakov (a convicted felon), and Yatsenyuk (a goofy Scientologist thief).



So-called “Foreign Minister” Andrei Deshchitsya said that junta troops staging repressions in the eastern Ukraine would continue their crackdown despite international calls to stop the violence. So far, the junta repression targeted Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, and Mariupol with at least three patriots dead and dozens wounded. Deshchitsya boasted in Genève after quadrilateral talks, “The troops deployed are on Ukrainian territory and we don’t have to pull them out. We could limit their involvement in the operation could if we see de-escalation of the situation”. The seven-hour Geneva talks involving Russia, the USA, the EU, and the Kiev junta called on all sides of the conflict “to refrain from any violence, intimidation, or provocative actions”.


This proves that the junta is a bunch of lying sacks of shit. They don’t intend to stop violence on their part… in fact, they intend to escalate it, it seems. The New York Times tells whoppers yet again. It’s time for Potapov to condemn PUBLICLY his former service to Langley in an official venue. Otherwise, one has to conclude that certain elements in the ROCOR still favour Langley and its machinations against the motherland.  Don’t forget… those sorts plunged a knife into the Mother Church’s back after 1991. These people aren’t only quislings in the political sense; they pal around with questionable “Evangelical” enemies of the Church. It’s time that we did something about them.


18 April 2014

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