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Friday, 18 April 2014

BASTARDS! Junta Desecrates Holy Day… Puts Out “Wanted” Notice on Yanukovich’s Son on Holy Friday… What a Bunch of Godless Maroons!

01 Satan


According to the official MVDU website, on Friday, the SBU put Aleksandr Yanukovich, the son of legitimate Ukrainian President V F Yanukovich on a wanted list. Official reports claim that Aleksandr Yanukovich is a suspect in committing a crime under the UKU articles on forgery by an official, falsification of documents, and drawing up and issuing documents known to be false. This article of the UKU stipulates imprisonment for 2 to 5 years. The SBU said that the court issued a writ of attachment for the suspect.

18 April 2014




They couldn’t have waited for Monday! No, they had to shit all over one of the holiest days in the Christian Year. This shows you that the junta isn’t only a pack of liars whose word can never be trusted; they’re nasty-ass blasphemers of the worst sort. Issuing an APB on Holy Friday on a non-violent “suspect” who’s not an immediate danger to anyone… that’s EVIL.


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