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Saturday, 19 April 2014

19 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Blessing the Patriots in the Southeast

00 Blessing the Patriots in Lugansk 01. 19.04.014

Blessing the patriots in Lugansk


00 Blessing the Patriots in slavyansk 01. 19.04.014

Blessing the patriots in Slavyansk


00 Blessing the Patriots in Donetsk 01. 19.04.014

Blessing the patriots in Donetsk


Life goes on in the patriot-controlled areas, as you can see, and there’s LESS disorder than in junta-controlled areas. I fully expect the junta to desecrate the feast… after all, Yatsenyuk is a SCIENTOLOGIST, a filthy cultist! The rest of ’em are heretical Evangelicals, schismatical Orthodox, and treacherous Uniates… not a savoury lot, are they? I fully expect them to blaspheme yet again. Reflect on the fact that the USA supports such shit and that American Evangelicals slobber their approval of it!

Pray for these brave people. May God grant them the victory over their godless foes. What courageous wonderful people… they do show us that there’s something other than “success” and filthy lucre in this world, don’t they?


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19 April 2014. This Year in Jerusalem… The Holy Fire Appears, Yet Again…

00 Holy Fire in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. 19.04.14


In Jerusalem, at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Holy Fire appeared yet again. Every year, delegations from Orthodox lands take the fire back to their homelands. Russia is no exception. HH will light his Easter Candle from the Holy Fire brought by plane from Jerusalem. It’s coming… ever the same and evergreen at once.


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Shades of 1612! Polacks Trained Uniate Euromaidan Trash in Vain Attempt to Revive “Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth” under Godless Neoliberal/Neocon American Tutelage

Pavel Chistyakov. Patriarch St Germogen Refuses to Sign the Polish Decree. 1860

Patriarch St Germogen Refuses to Sign the Polish Decree

Pavel Chistyakov


This is what happened when the Poles invaded Russia in 1612… they starved Patriarch St Germogen to death for refusing to support the Polish puppet on the throne and for refusing the Unia. It’s why no Orthodox Christian can trust any Uniate… they’ve held a knife to our backs ever since the Unia of Brest.



The “Polacks” are the neoliberal Free Market filth in control in Poland now, NOT the ordinary Polish people… many are like Leszek Miller, aghast at what their country’s become under the Western corporate boot. A dark night lies over Poland… the rich and their toadies party… the rest of Poland lies in chains. Ordinary Poles emigrate because of what their country’s become under the West… they don’t tell you that, do they?



Polish media outlet Nie published a bombshell account about direct Polish involvement in the Ukraine’s destabilisation. Its source alleges that the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited Ukrainian militants into the country and trained them outside of Warsaw in September 2013. Considering the destructive actions and fatalities they’d later be responsible for during the Euromaidan riots, such a connection would directly link Warsaw to the pandemonium. It’d also implicate Poland in being the “Slavic Turkey” of NATO in Eastern Europe. The impact of Nie’s reporting can also affect domestic Polish politics, as it’d prove that the political élite misled members of the Sejm, which could later have direct political repercussions for Tusk’s ironically named “Law and Justice Party”. This scandal serves to highlight that Poland is starting to emulate the methods of its invited neocolonial headmaster, the USA, thereby deepening the puppet-master relationship between Warsaw and Washington.

According to the report, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs invited 86 Euromaidan militants, some of whom appeared to be over 40-years-old, to come to Poland, . The pretext for plausible deniability was that they were in the country to promote coöperation between Warsaw University of Technology and the National Technical University in Kiev. In reality, however, the Poles whisked them away to Legionowo, a town on the outskirts of Warsaw. There, at a police training centre, they spent four weeks engaged in a regimen of destabilisation training.

The source goes on to state that pictures of the participants show them clothed in Nazi regalia and tattoos, with their Polish military instructors lacking any outward identification as such. At the facility, militants learned the following techniques:

  • crowd management
  • target identification
  • tactics
  • leadership
  • behaviour management under stressful conditions
  • protection against police gasses
  • building barricades
  • importantly, they engaged in shooting classes, which incidentally included sniper rifles

Quite clearly, the “students” who came to Warsaw were there for war, not academic work, and their training there resulted in a christening of Bandera’s spiritual descendants.

These revelations emphasise how the Euromaidan militants had earlier Western-backed training, and that Poland was the venue for their instruction. Through its direct involvement and support in training the radicals, Poland is quickly living up to its reputation as NATO’s most important frontline state. When the Polish Sejm voted in early December, 2013 to show its “full solidarity with the citizens of the Ukraine, who with great determination show the world their desire to ensure their country’s full membership in the EU”, little did they know that the violent vanguard which had just days before thrown Molotov cocktails and attacked police officers likely acquired their tactical training less than an hour’s drive from where they cast their vote. Likely, most members of the Sejm likely didn’t have a clue that their government trained those violent elements and would be shocked to know that this was the case.

The ultimate irony is that Poland trained fighters who honour a man who glorified in ethnically cleansing Poles from the Ukraine in the most horrendous ways imaginable during World War II. For all of its blaring patriotism and nationalist sentiment, the Polish government is actually working against its long-term interests by backing such radical anti-Polish elements right next door. This “Bandera Brinksmanship” reminds one of the American foreign policy mentality of allying with and building dangerous radical forces that may later come back to harm them (i.e. al-Qaeda in the Soviet Afghan conflict and the Libyan and Syrian-based international jihadis of today). Through its greedy and nationalistically-minded coöperation with the USA in seeking to de-facto resurrect the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Poland abandoned its European principles and blindly set itself on becoming America’s bulldog in Eastern Europe.

17 April 2014

Andrew Korybko

American Master’s Degree student at Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO)



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Junta Puts Ban on Russian Men in Place… IN TIME FOR THE EASTER HOLIDAYS!!


The Ukraine forgets… Russia has border guards, too… better-trained and better-paid than theirs are...


On Friday, the Ukrainian State Border Guard Service (GPSU) told RIA-Novosti, “Over the last 24 hours, we denied about 600 Russian citizens access to the Ukraine”. On Thursday, the GPSU announced that it was banning Russian men aged 16-60 from entering the country. Earlier, Aeroflot announced it’d received an official letter from Ukrainian authorities notifying the company of the restrictions. Aeroflot stated that exceptions to the ban include passengers traveling with relatives who’re women or children, or those who have documents confirming invitations from close relatives, or serious illness or death in the family. The GPSU said that the final decision on banning the entry of a particular person would occur at the border, saying, “I can say that we’d be particularly careful with Russian citizens of the indicated age. For example, if they’re well-built, they’d undergo a second screening”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested an official explanation from the junta on the restrictions and said that it didn’t rule out retaliatory measures following the move. On Thursday, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, “We drew attention to the decision banning Russian men of a particular age from entering Ukraine. This is outrageous and doesn’t correspond with the atmosphere our Western counterparts aimed to create during the meeting. Obviously, this move is discriminatory and unfriendly”.

18 April 2014




They put this ban in place JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER to cause the greatest upset and mayhem. The junta’s not only a pack of lying sacks of shit; they’re juvenile bullies! What do you expect from a bunch that has Uniates, Evangelicals, New Agers, and schismatical Orthodox in it as its leading lights? They’re not only nasty mofos, they’re clueless as all hell.

JUST IN TIME FOR EASTER… shall the blasphemy of the junta NEVER end?


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