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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Peskov Warns NATO “Russia Would Have to Take Measures to Ensure Its Own Security”… The Ukraine to Hold Bogus Elections on 25 May “Even if There’s a State of Emergency”

00 Donestsk Easter 01. 19.04.14

The brave Orthodox people of Donetsk at Easter Vigil services… may God spare them the pro-American hell of the junta… may they hold their referendum on 11 May. That’s their main demand, dontcha know! Do you stand with these good people or do you stand with the pro-American shits? That’s all that’s on offer…


On Saturday evening, Presidential Spokesman Dmitri Peskov said on TVC TV’s Pravo Znat (The Right to Know) programme, “NATO’s further enlargement and one more step towards the Russian border would cause an overhaul of the entire European security architecture. NATO’s further enlargement would pose a serious threat to Russia because NATO is nothing but a military organisation, so, Russia would have to take measures to ensure its own security. As for the military-political future of the Ukraine, we hope it wouldn’t envision such membership for the time being”.


On Saturday, Central Electoral Commission Deputy Chairman Andrei Magera said that the Ukraine may hold early presidential elections slated for 25 May, even if there’s a state of emergency in some regions, saying, “From the legislative point of view, the results of the elections are determinative, irrespective of the number of polling stations or the number of electoral constituencies where the elections took place. However, the upcoming vote is very important because its outcome will eliminate all claims about the legitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities”. CEC Chairman Mikhail Okhendovsky stated the same position in early April, “It seems to me that there are no reasons to speak about a possible disruption of the elections except for two barely possible possibilities… introduction of a state of emergency or a state of war. As for a state of emergency, I think our politicians would have enough wisdom not to take such a step during the electoral process”.


It doesn’t matter if there’s a “state of emergency”… it’s gonna be a fixed race… the Americans want Poroshenko the oligarch shit to be President… and that’s what the results will show. It’d remove all legitimacy from the junta… they’ll be shown up as obedient little American toads… whose only impulse is to smash their boot into the faces of the Ukrainian working people. No one in the southeast trusts this election… no one… except for Uniates, Proddies, and schismatics (who’re in the minority). Shall the junta even last until 25 May? I have no idea… nor does anyone else (Langley could tire of the present lot and replace them with more-obsequious quislings… remember Diem?).


19 April 2014




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