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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Genprokuratura Claims Right Sector Terrorist Muzichko Accidentally Shot Himself… Let’s Look for the Crack Pipe… What a Buncha Maroons

00 aleksandr muzichko 03. 26.03.14


Deputy General Procurator Aleksei Baganets claimed before a Rada investigative commission probing the death of Right Sector terrorist leader Aleksandr Muzichko (AKA Sashko Bily, “White Al” in peasant dialect) that Muzichko accidentally shot himself whilst resisting police arrest. During the evening of 25 March, Muzichko’s body was found near the village of Barmaki (not far from Rovno) with gunshot wounds near the heart . On the same day, the MVDU stated that Sokol MVDU spetsnaz fatally wounded Muzichko during an attempt to arrest him in Rovno Oblast. After an internal investigation, on 2 April, the MVDU concluded that the actions of its personnel during Muzichko’s attempted arrest were lawful.

Demands of the Right Sector

The Right Sector claims that MVDU spetsnaz “intentionally shot” Muzichko; they believe that junta “Interior Minister” Arseny Avakov is guilty of ordering his death. The Right Sector demanded Avakov’s immediate resignation and the arrest of everyone involved in Muzichko’s death. Right Sector chieftain Dmitri Yarosh threatened to take vengeance for Muzichko’s death. On 28 March, more than 500 people gathered in front of the Rada building demanding Avakov’s dismissal. Most of the mob was from the Right Sector. The junta called the rally a provocation.

Russian Accusations against Muzichko

Investigators from the SK RF in the North Caucasian Federal District opened a criminal case against Muzichko under Article 209 Part 1 of the UKRF for forming and heading a gang to attack Russian citizens. Muzichko and others from the “Ukrainian National Assembly-Ukrainian National Self-Defence” (UNA-UNSO) took part in battles against Russian troops during the storm of Grozny and brutally tortured captives, killing them afterwards. He was responsible for murdering no less than 20 Russian soldiers. A former UNA-UNSO member testified that in 1994-95, Muzichko and other UNA-UNSO members participated in battles with RF forces during the storm of Grozny. In January 1995, the witness repeatedly witnessed Muzichko brutally torturing captive servicemen and then killing them. During these sessions, Muzichko broke fingers, put out eyes, pulled out nails and teeth with pliers, cut throats, and shot others dead.


The junta comes out with another baldfaced lie. As for me, I believe that it’s impossible to pin down who rubbed out Muzichko. Too many parties wanted him dead. It’s so murky that we’ll never know the truth of the matter. However, I’ll be willing to say this… Muzichko didn’t off himself, no way, no how. Hell, even Langley and Tyagnibok wanted his ass “swimming with the fishies”. Of all the possible perps, the junta’s the least probable one. Having said that, the list of probable hit men is so long that it isn’t only pointless to name them, it’s pointless to even speculate on who did it. He’s dead… that’s a fact. That’s the ONLY thing that you can put in the bank from all of this.


22 April 2014



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22 April 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The Honoured Dead of Slavyansk

00 slavyansk 01. 22.04


Three patriot Opolchenie fighters died in the firefight on Easter Sunday with the Right Sector Uniate terrorists in Slavyansk:

  • Sergei Tikhonovich, 57
  • Pavel Pavelko, 42
  • Aleksandr Sigarov, 24

In the above image, we see Tikhonovich (on the left) and Sigarov (on the right). The people are giving them the Last Kiss. Their blood lies on the altar. There’s no going back to the status quo ante now. In their hearts and souls, the Russian people of the southeast have left the Ukrainian non-state behind. They never believed in it, in any case. They were swept up in it in 1991, without their consent, and they won’t let it happen again. The Russian population wants no part of the neo-Nazi Uniate fantasy… their dedes fought the fascists then, they’ll fight ’em now. All good Orthodox Christians have the God-given duty to support the Russian patriot elements and oppose the godless pro-American junta. In particular, Orthodox people shouldn’t support Langley or any of its fronts (such as Radio Liberty)… that’s supporting the monsters who wish to knife the motherland in the back (a particular priest has a pressing duty to disown them, I’d say).

However, we must stand with the people of Slavyansk and remember the sacrifice of Sergei, Pavel, and Aleksandr. Have your priest offer Pannikhida for the repose of their souls and light a candle for them next Sunday. We’re Christians… that’s what we do.


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Patriarch Youhanna sez Syrian Christians “Wouldn’t Submit and Yield”

00 Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch. 28.09.13


Greek Patriarch Youhanna al-Yazigi of Antioch and all the East said that Christians in war-ravaged Syria “wouldn’t submit and yield” to extremists who attack “our people and holy places”. In comments to mark Easter, Patriarch Youhanna called on the warring sides to end “intimidation, displacement, extremism, and takfiri (Islāmic extremist) mentality”. Such radicals are increasingly influential among rebels, they attack Christians as they see them as infidels and as punishment for what they consider Christian support for President Bashar al-Assad.

20 April 2014

Associated Press


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22 April 2014. RIA-Novosti Infographics. What’s Changed in Russia since 1 January 2014

00 RIA-Novosti Infographic. What’s Changed in Russia since 1 January 2014. 2014


I wanted a graphic illustration of how much better life is in Russia compared to the Ukrainian non-state (it’s never been a de facto state since 1991… it’s only been a de jure fiction). Just since the coup, the gryvnia has lost a third of its value… Russian inflation last year was about 4 percent, and Russian wages went up by that amount, at least. No, this isn’t life on the American scale… yet, it’s far better than what the Ukrainian oligarchs and the shitbird pro-American politicians offer. The junta cut wages by 50 percent and raised prices by 50 percent… isn’t that peachy keen? Can you see why so many people want to rejoin Russia? I’ve been reading what the American Left has to say, and I must say that it depresses me. Most of it has no grounding in Russian reality, either our history or our present. I’m afraid that some American leftists snipe at Vladimir Vladimirovich… I’d remind them that VVP brought back many facets of the USSR, and he’s on record as saying that the Eurasian Union will offer all the best features of the USSR. I think that Westerners, both left and right, want to ram their notions down our throats. I’d remind them that we have our own history, our own traditions, our own faith, and that we don’t belong to the West… sorry about that. I’m not angry, but I AM tired of having others trying to tell me what my people are really like (we Russians aren’t like you… we don’t hate you, but we’re not like you, so, please, can you halt the snide criticisms?).

The Russian World isn’t just a blank slate for Westerners to write upon… it’s our Civilisation; it’s existed since the time of the Baptism in the Dnepr in 988. Our history is an indivisible whole… Kievan Rus… the Horde… the Smuta… the Empire… the USSR… the New Smuta… the coming Union. V V Putin thinks so… G A Zyuganov thinks so… Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev thinks so. We have our own brand of Marxism… our own homebrew leftism that doesn’t owe much to the West. I don’t tell Westerners what to do about their internal problems, we Russians don’t want to do that. However, do stop the carping and sniping… we’re different, and we’re not going to follow your Western models and example (just as you’d do well not to imitate us… it’s a two-way street).

You’re always welcome… all people of good will are welcome. However, leave your nostrums at the door. We have customs in our house already, ways that we find acceptable. One of our customs is to receive guests graciously… “A guest in the house is God in the house”… truly, I’d rather have that than lecturing. Today, the Russian World stands against the West… I’d like to believe that the Western Left stands against the Western attempt to strangle Russia, but I haven’t seen any evidence of it yet (all that I’ve seen is simply a different form of Western triumphalism). We’re not children in need of instruction by our “betters”… please, don’t treat us as such.



Below are currency conversions that I couldn’t fit on the chart.

Increase in the minimum wage

From 5,205 Roubles (146 USD. 161 CAD. 156 AUD. 106 Euros. 87 UK Pounds)

To 5,554 Roubles (156 USD. 172 CAD. 166 AUD. 113 Euros. 93 UK Pounds)

Increase in the amount of maternity capital

From 408,960 Roubles (11,450 USD. 12,600 CAD. 12,220 AUD. 8,285 Euros. 6,795 UK Pounds)

To 429,408 Roubles (12,015 USD. 13,235 CAD. 12,830 AUD. 8,695 Euros. 7,145 UK Pounds)

The cost of one pre-paid trip on public transport increased

From 25 to 26 Roubles (0.70-0.73 USD. 0.77-0.80 CAD. 0.75-0.78 AUD. 0.50-0.53 Euros. 0.42-0.44 UK Pounds)

The cost of a ticket bought from the driver increased

From 30 to 31 Roubles (0.84-0.87 USD. 0.93-0.96 CAD. 0.90-0.93 AUD. 0.61-0.63 Euros. 0.50-0.52 UK Pounds)

9 January 2014



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