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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Right Sector Wants to Form “Donbass” Battalion to Attack Patriot Elements in Southeast

mass murder of poles in Volhynia

This is what the Uniates did the last time around (mass murder of Poles in Volhynia)… they haven’t changed… they’re still willing running dogs for the West


On Wednesday, Dmitri Yarosh, a boss of the Right Sector ultra-right terrorist band, wanted in Russia for terrorism in Chechnya in 1994-95, announced plans to create a special “Donbass” battalion, raised from fanatics in Donetsk Oblast. Yarosh, a candidate in the 25 May Ukrainian presidential election, told reporters that Right Sector terrorists wanted to aid the MVDU in cracking down on patriot elements in the southeast, saying, “We coördinate all of our moves with the leadership of the SNBO [National Security and Defence Council of the Ukraine], the MVDU, and the SBU. At present, there are no grounds to fear that Right Sector participation in the operation conducted by the MVDU and SBU in the east might provoke a wave of clashes with Donbass residents”.


If ANY Galician Uniate pig opens fire on patriot elements in the east, all bets are off. There are only 15,000 Uniates in Donetsk Oblast out of 4.3 million residents, less than 0.4 percent of the population (this oblast has 10 percent of the “Ukrainian” population, by the way). If patriots catch any Right Sector or Svoboda filth in the east, trust me, the retribution would be swift and merciless. For 23 years, the Uniate swine have wiped their feet on the faces of good Orthodox people (for instance, the canonical Church had no media access until the time of Yanukovich). The resentment is deep… and unforgiving. I’m not inciting hatred; I’m describing what I’m seeing.

It’s about time that we stopped playing footsie with the Uniates. They’ve been the enemies of the Church since the Unia of Brest… they won’t change their spots. They HATE Holy Rus, the Russian World, the Russian Civilisational Bloc, and the Orthosphere. Don’t forget they sold out to the Nazis willingly… does it surprise you that they sold out to the American neoliberal filth? Put a sock in it, George Weigel… you and your Republican pals have caused enough mayhem.

I fear the worst. Note well who started it… it WASN’T Russia (although Russia will probably finish it).


23 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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