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Monday, 28 April 2014

Lugansk People’s Republic Proclaimed

00 Novorossiya map. 21.04.14


On Sunday, Freedom Radio in the Ukraine reported that patriot elements proclaimed the Lugansk People’s Republic. Besides that, they delivered an ultimatum to the Kiev junta. In short, the ultimatum demanded amnesty for all participants in the eastern Ukrainian patriot movement, recognition of Russian as a state language, and an all-regional referendum on the southeastern Ukraine’s future. If the junta doesn’t fulfil these demands by 29 April, they promise that serious actions would occur.


Even if, by some miracle, the junta were to reoccupy the Eastern Ukraine, it wouldn’t hold it in safety. The people didn’t give their assent to the breakup of the USSR and no one asked them if they wanted to be part of a “Ukrainian” state. Guess what? They don’t want any part of the Nazi-loving radical movement from Galicia nor do they want any use of the “Ukrainian” non-language in their areas. The junta lost when it passed its draconian Banderovtsy laws at its outset. No one will forget that nor will they forget the reign of terror of Euromaidan thugs that still prevails in Kiev and parts West.

The “Ukraine” is dead. Full stop. The only question is how much blood will flow before it’s all over. We have the USA to thank for this… THIS is Zbig’s poisonous legacy. There will NOT be World War III… but there WILL be an unnecessary bloodletting, whilst the USA and the EU cackle away.

I call that “Evil”… I’m NOT alone in so doing…

28 April 2014



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